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Spoilers - Completed the game: Bug(s)

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Hey there, firstly thanks for an excellent game - really enjoyed playing it and will certainly give it a going over again this weekend to get all the stuff I missed out on (where's the 4 others ghosts?? + should I have used the metal detector more, or at all really??)

But here is one MAJOR bug on my system:

In extended play I can't get to leave the booth with my alternative clothing on. It does the usual clockwise wipe that you'd get in regular play and Strong Bad goes back to being, well, normal Strong Bad again. I'd love to have wore my Blue Hair or pixel shoes back at the House of Strong, but alas cannot whatsoever.

Also, when Strong Bad has his first set of dialogue with Trogdor after seeking him out in the corridors - I can't hear the voices, only the sound effects - the actors 'speak' as it where and I can read Trogdor's speech pop-ups, but nothing from Strong Bad or Troggie's lips.

Finally I got the 'invisible T-Shirt' by doing the move from Homestar Ruiner where you fall thrice from the photobooth platform, but I can't seem to either get it again or put it on again - it's a one wear only kinda deal for me.

Loved the game, I'm really hoping that the Strong Bad costume from the big fight scene idea (genius guys! - seriously well done!) will be available to use for extended play and not just in the dungeon.

Overall top marks for the full series and I hope when you find the energy and have relaxed after all your hard work you can bring us a 2nd season.

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  • The costume things are both as designed.There were too many problems associated with wearing costumes outside of the booth in this episode (though maybe I'll post some humorous screenshots later). The invisible shirt is actually a shirt of invisibility.

    For the missing sound bug, could you post your system specs? Also, I'm willing to bet if you tried to replay the scene now, everything would be fine.
  • Cheers Will, shame about not getting my outfits outside of the booth, but not a problem to the overall game.

    I just run off the chipset from my motherboard, it seems I'm not the only person to have noticed the sound bug - perhaps as more people complete it there'll be others.

  • Yeah I got the no sound thing too.
  • hmm, bother. I believe it should only affect people who play through the whole game in one sitting, as it is likely a problem of filling up your audio buffer. I don't like it and I'm looking into it.
  • Thanks Will, and for the record I did play the game through in one sitting and this was the only occasion where sound, or lack of, was an issue.

  • Yeah, always seems to happen to me to, almost always during the end sequence(which is also the worst time for it to happen) which makes perfect sense since I always play through in one sitting and exiting the game fixes it.
  • Hi, I got the same issue. I happened to read the forums prior to reaching that part so I was expecting it.
  • I had the same problem with the sound, and also had a similar problem at the end of Baddest of the Bands. Both were fixed by just reloading the game for me.
  • SOmetimes for me the sound skips and it also repeats itself sometimes.
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