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Post Season Questions

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Now that the season is over, I have a couple of questions for Telltale, and others may want to ask more. Firstly, is there the slightest chance that there'll be a second season, or did you and the Brothers Chaps agree to only make a single season? Secondly, is there any chance that the bugs in the episodes will be fixed? Will Nintendo allow you to fix the bugs in the WiiWare versions, and will you guys ever fix the bugs in the PC versions (like how the unlockable costume items in Episode 4 don't carry over to Episode 5 except for the Dangeresque glasses) by the time the PC disc version comes out?

Edit: I've just thought of another question. What are your chances of continuing to release games on WiiWare?
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  • None of these are questions with absolutely definitive answers, but I'll answer them to the extent that I can. :)

    Regarding future games, I think we're all in the "Wow, did we really just pull that off?!" phase and too busy catching our breath / getting our heads on straight to make any decisions about that. :D We had put out monthly games before with Sam & Max but doing simultaneous Wii and PC releases was a different beast and the people involved need a well-deserved break. Same goes for the Chaps - they put in a lot of work with us throughout the season, and we definitely strained Matt's vocal chords! Plus we have the collector's DVD for our website to worry about, so there's still work to be done!

    Regarding bugs, I have no idea what the process is for WiiWare titles, but sometimes we do have the opportunity to make fixes in the PC versions. It all depends on the severity of the problem and the resources we have available to fix it in the timeframe for the disc release. If we are able to tweak anything for the DVD we'll keep you guys posted.

    To answer the last question, I think the chances are pretty high. :) We learned a ton in the five months SBCG4AP was releasing on WiiWare and Nintendo has been great to work with. I think we'd all love to see more Telltale games on WiiWare in the future.
  • I'd really like for there to be a second SBCG4AP season but since 2009 looks set to have both Wallace & Grommit and Sam & Max Season 3, I'll be okay with it skipping a year.

    Edit: When the time comes to consider which bugs to fix, the Goofs and Glitches sections of the main SBCG4AP episode pages on the Homestar Runner Wiki are a great quick reference. God bless those obsessive nerds.
  • Maybe a bit too soon, but are there plans for a season 3?


    No, seriously. Are there?

    Anyway, how much is shipping outside the US? I mean, that's a question you can answer, right? Right? Because I really can't wait a week after the DVD release just because it takes Paypal a week to process my money transfer, so adding some cash now saves me some time. I'll even take into account a possible raise in shipping cost as well, so that won't be too much of a problem. I just don't want to put too much money on my account, for the reason that any internet account can be hacked, and I really don't want to take too many risks.

    Plus, then I know how much I can donate to somebody without worrying about money for the DVD.
  • Is there going to be a fancy official thread for the DVD just like with the individual episodes?
  • Are there plans for a season 26?
  • I don't mean this to sound rude in any way, but why is it SBCG4AP seemed so much more glitchy than other TTG stuff?
  • Simultanious Wii and PC release and development.
  • delimew;105682 said:
    I don't mean this to sound rude in any way, but why is it SBCG4AP seemed so much more glitchy than other TTG stuff?
    Did S&M have costumes? Did Bone have an Extended play? Did CSI have... Umm... Comedy? Yeah. The reason is because There weren't collectibles in the others.
  • Ah-Ah-Ah! Don't forget the desoto.
  • delimew;105682 said:
    I don't mean this to sound rude in any way, but why is it SBCG4AP seemed so much more glitchy than other TTG stuff?
    With everything else, Telltale had more control - hell, they had control period - over how long they spent fixing bugs. With WiiWare games, if you don't submit an episode to Nintendo quickly enough, you can kiss your chances of timely monthly releases bye-bye.
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