My Theory(Spoilers)

So anyone who has played episode 2 knows Carver has brought the group back with him. Clearly none of them like him or want to be with him, which could spark a fight. The end of the preview also seems to hint at some kind of fight, whether it be between people or between people and zombies.

My theory is in episode 3 a large fight of some kind will break out and not many people will survive. Nick and Alvin will likely die in an episode or two anyways, based off the fates of past characters, which supports this. That'd be an easy opportunity to kill them both off. The end of the preview seems to hint at some kind of big fight. Last but not least, the episode 4 name and slide seem to hint at the aftermath of a fight. "Amid the ruins" with Clementine seemingly putting on warpaint.

So, episode 3 - there is a huge fight involving Carver's settlement. Episode 4 - the survivors have trouble continuing to survive with wounded people and a shortage on supplies. Episode 5 - nearly everyone is dead, if not everyone. Que depressing episode of Clementine being depressed and wandering through the snow with only hopes of salvation driving her.

And that's my theory. What do you think? Leaving an opinion would be preferred over just downvoting and leaving. :D


  • My bet is the Episode will end with Luke and a group of survivors ( Including Eddie) rescuing Clementine, Kenny, and Sarah from the Wreckage and Episode 4 will start a couple of months after that Which is why we see Clementine with what looks to be longer hair.

    Watch out Nick Breckon :p

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    What about giving an up vote and leaving? Anyways I think you theory could quite possible happen. However perhaps the warpaint Clem puts on could mean chaos during the first half of episode four (a fight of some sort) and then being amid (omid) the ruins in the latter half.

    P.S Congrats you just got an upvote.

  • I dont see why it is such a dead cert that Nick and Alvin have to die.

    We've only had two determinant characters Caroug and Ben. Seeing as Mark, Larry, Kat,Duck, David,Travis, Brenda,Danny,Andy,Stranger, Chuck, Omid,Pete,Walter,Matthew all died and wern't determinant (at least wern't not already dying when we chose them) its not certain that the determinant characters have to die.

  • ya, look at my profile pic, its of episode 4, Clem has longer hair and no hat, wonder why she dosnt have her hat though...

  • Well, I have no complaints against giving an upvote and leaving, but knowing why is still nice. Yay, an upvote. :D

  • Ben and Pete are determinant. You can save Pete and he probably could have lived in a better situation by amputating a part of his leg. You can drop Ben or bring him with you. Doug, Carley, Ben, Pete, are the only determinant characters we've gotten so far aside from Nick and Alvin. All previous determinants have died, so based off what we know, it's not unreasonable to suspect all determinant characters will die. But that's not the only reasoning for that. It'd also be a lot of work for Telltale because they would have to make separate storylines for more than just an episode or 2 and 2 determinant characters means 4 different storylines(Alvin lives, Nick lives, both live, both die), so that's why a lot of people think they're probably going to die anyways.

    I personally think Alvin will die anyways and Nick will live, at least longer than Alvin, but there's no evidence to support either of them living the whole series.

  • So Rebecca, her baby, Carlos, sarita, nick (determinent), Alvin(determinent),'and most of carvers camp would die? I disagree

  • Well, Clementine's had a good run so far. d:

  • I never said you had to agree with it. Its an IDEA, Our imaginations is the only choice we have this early there's no way to support our opinions with facts knowing absolutely nothing about the future.

    If you have a Different scenario on how Two Determinant Characters and a pregnant lady about to give birth can or will survive an all out war Im all ears.

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    Spoilet Alert...Watch the Season4 Slide very carefully and you gonna find out a terrible truth. Look to the left behind Clem, the person we see their is obviously Kenny. Now comes the suprise, he also lost his hat.

    They are both " Still wearing this dirty old things " in episode2. Maybe them losing their hats might be symbolic for them finally beeing able to leave their pasts behind and move on?

    Or maybe i am just thinking this though to deeply? :D

  • World War 3 !!

  • I agree with everything you said so far Bro...exept for one part. I think Rebbecas baby gonna make it! (yes, i'm an optimist!:)

  • Maybe the baby does make it, I just don't see Telltale holding on to him for too long even though some people think he will be like a new protagonist or something. Can you imagine if when Rebecca has her baby Carver realizes its not his and.,. You know something bad happpens ? That'll make us hate Carver even more.

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    Yes, you are right once more. The baby probaply won't make it for to long and will most likely die during episode4 (if it even survives episode3, who knows...). And yes, Carver is a evil son of a bitch and will do even worse thangs and stuff in episode3, i'm sure about that!

    By the way, please give me a reply on the comment i wrote about the hats aka " Those dirty old things ". I wanna hear my community Bros honest opinion about it!

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    For me that seems like Kenny as well. And Yes I agree Maybe them losing their hats could mean finally letting go of their past experiences and starting a new life. For Clementine specially the hat constantly reminds her if her parents nd Lee though there's a difference between moving on and forgetting your people, She will still remember Lee and Kenny his family but not in that sad, depressing way.

  • Still though Carley and Doug were just one charcater

    Ben was only a choice in the finale

    Pete was already bitten when some people picked him.

    Also not to mention but Doug and Carley lasted two episodes not just one and you actually had to have one alive. people now can have four variations of Nick and Alvin from both to none at all. It s a completley different scenario to what we've seen recently.

  • Carley and Doug are completely different though. You just get to have one with your group a lot longer than the other one.

    Ben was still determinant. He can be saved near the end of episode 4, but he dies in the next episode anyways if you save him.

    Pete could have been saved, if the situation was better. Amputating the wound CAN work.

    Yes, Carley and Doug lasted two episodes, I don't really see how that's relevant though. You had to have one alive, but they're still both determinant.

    My point is that in the past, all determinant characters have died, and it would be a LOT of work for Telltale to make four separate storylines. I hope at least Nick or Alvin can live the entire series or at least for more than one more episode, but based on what I know, I personally think it's unlikely. Not impossible by far, of course, but unlikely.

  • I actually don't think the group will be rid of Carver and his flock until partway through episode 4. My guess is that a serious attack will happen at the end of episode three and leave us on a cliffhanger. I bet episode 4 will deal with the bloody aftermath of the attack. A time skip is still possible though, after all Clem looks different in the episode four slide.

  • She looks like her hair turned into a bush. xD

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