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Scorpion Food

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I'm trying to get the scorpion food at the Half-atholon. I've already gotten across once, and I'm pretty sure the point is to get Strong Mad to toss the checkpoint. I just don't know how to do that.
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  • poohead900;106286 said:
    Easy enough. I'll keep this dumbed down, I don't know exactly where you are or how far you've gotten in the game.

    After traversing the course for the first time, pick up the trophy sitting on the other side.
    Use the trophy on Strong Mad to get him to join your party.
    Use Strong Mad (he's in your inventory now) on the checkpoint so that he throws it to the other side of the course.
    After Coach Z tosses the scorpion food (after using the medikit from the Peasantry Inn on him), traverse the course.
    Pick up the food.
    Click on the checkpoint (in its new location) to "save" your progress.
    Use Strong Mad on the checkpoint a second time so that he throws it back to the its original position.
    When you attempt to go back across, you'll get attacked by the scorpions.

    But no worries, since the checkpoint "saved" your progress you will respawn near the beginning of the course with some scorpion food tucked into your pants.

    Hope this helps.
    I would put that in spoilers.
  • Gman5852;106297 said:
    I would put that in spoilers.
    I would be happy to spoilerize.

    But, um....

    Your quote of the post won't be in spoilers.
  • Where's the trophy? It disappeared from my inventory when the scorpions attacked, and it's not at the end anymore.
  • Did you give it to Strong Mad already, or is he still shot-putting on his own?

    If he's still shot putting, then I dunno. I think you may have found the way to die in SBCG4AP
  • He's still shot-putting, and the trophy is missing.
  • Ummmm I have no ideas then, except to restart. I wanna check this out too. A for real game over if there's no way around it.

    Edit: I tried to replicate this (by getting the food thrown before I had the trophy or Strong Mad in my party) and each time I got attacked, the trophy put itself back in its position.
  • Trophy should be back. You could try leaving and returning, or getting killed by scorpions again. Also double-check your actual inventory, since I'm pretty sure the trophy doesn't show on the checkpoint's list.
  • You shouldn't be killed by the scorpions unless you're carrying the scorpion food. So don't pick it up, but pick up the trophy.
  • Yeah, I had the exact same thing happen to me; I took the trophy and it never ended up showing up in my inventory, and I have no way of resetting it so it shows up on the track. I originally grabbed the trophy before getting the scorpion food thrown, so I think that may have had something to do with it. Looks like I'll have to restart :mad: , although if anyone can figure out a way to hex edit a save so I can either reset the trophy or have it show up in my inventory, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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