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How do you get 100% on Ep. 2. And please don't give me a link to a WALKTHROUGH. I hate it. Just, y'know, I want a whole buncha spoilers.


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    That's a whole lot to ask, and this is the 3rd thread you've started asking the same basic question.

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    Strong Badia the Free: Maximize your Awesomeness

    Time for another installment of the Awesomeness guide! This section provides solutions on how to complete your overall Awesomeness Chart and achieve the highest possible rank in Strong Badia the Free. Once a statistic in your chart turns green, you've reached optimum awesome levels for that section. While several aspects of your overall awesomeness deal with uncovering and collecting hidden items, this guide does not reveal every hidden joke and Easter egg in the game; for that, you might want to try out the "Did you try" section. It also does not provide hints or a solution to the story part of the game; that stuff is all in the walkthrough.
    Things set on fire

    Once you win the Cheat over to your side, you'll get your lighter back, which you can then use to set fire to a few things around the Free Country USA. Here's everything that will burn:
    Strong Badia:

    * Maps and Minions Box

    Bleak House:

    * Smoke detector in the main room
    * Strong Bad's Bed
    * Strong Sad's Flag
    * Strong Sad's Bill of Rights
    * Strong Sad's Constitution


    * Pom Pom's Kimono (the one closest to the exit door)


    * Papier-mâché skull by the flagpole
    * Other Papier-mâché skull, after Strong Mad becomes Taranchula monster (or after you defeat him)
    * Pile of Papier-mâché bones on the bridge

    Homsar Reservation

    * Mysterious Bush

    The Castle

    * Unlit Candle Holder (next to Maps & Minions Deluxe)


    * Model UN / Draft Board (only possible in Extended Play mode)

    Calling Strong Sad names

    Go on, let him have it! Note: You must call Strong Sad most of these names during normal play, and some during specific moments in the storyline. For this reason, the task might be the most challenging element to complete for maximum awesomeness in Strong Badia the Free. Here's one way to get them all:
    Prior to Escaping

    * "Little Lord FATleroy" — Talk to Strong Sad for the first time.
    * "Dumplo" — Talk to Strong Sad about the invisible security fence two times.
    * "Obsessio Depressio" — Examine the shower in the bathroom. This should work at any time during the game.
    * "Dumplestiltskin" — Use the pillow on Strong Sad before you add it to the effigy.

    After escaping, but prior to conquering Bleak House

    * "Doo-doo-ronomy" — Talk to Strong Sad about Strong Badia (the flag icon) once
    * "Your Dumpiness"/ "Your Dumpness" — Either one of these will work: Talk to Strong Sad about Strong Badia a second time, or use the pilot wings on Strong Sad
    * "Your Grayness" — Talk to Strong Sad about Bleak House (flag icon)
    * "Sir Dumpsalot" — Use the fake LARP sword on Strong Sad in Bleak House. This works after conquering this area as well, as long as you still have the fake sword

    After conquering Strong Sad's nation, but prior to Extended Play

    * "Lumpy" — Talk to Strong Sad about Strong Badia (while in Bleak House)
    * "Dumpenheimer" — Use the fake LARP sword on Strong Sad at the Homsar Reservation
    * "Dr. Dumpington" — Use the tuning fork on Strong Sad at the Homsar Reservation
    * "Dump-tenant" — Talk to Strong Sad in Marzistar

    In Extended Play

    * "Dumpling" — Chat with Strong Sad one last time in Bleak House.

    Souvenir Flags

    There are eight flags scattered throughout the divided political landscape. All of them are attainable in extended play, if you missed a few during the story. Here's where they're located:

    * Strong Badia — Examine the Brick Wall in the exterior area around Strong Badia and Bubs' Concession Stand
    * Concessionstan — Take a look at the bush next to Bubs' Concession Stand
    * The Cheat and Tirerea — Click on Tire after the Cheat agrees to join Strong Badia
    * Bleak House — Look under the cardboard box on Strong Sad's bed
    * Pompomerania — Order a Bull Honkey energy sauce from Bubs two times
    * Homsar Reservation — Look in the Mysterious Bush next to the rock formations
    * Country — Use the metal detector near the flagpole
    * Marzistar — Use the metal detector in the back yard, close to the onion patch and front fence




    Finding the Costume Items

    There are seven costume items that count toward your awesomeness in the game. Here's how to get them:

    * Camouflage pants — Examine the dryer in Strong Bad's basement
    * Eye patch — Take a look at the Cheat Commandos cereal box in Strong Bad's kitchen
    * Strong Badia shirt with medals — use metal detector to the left of Strong Badia in the exterior area
    * King's beard — Look at the right-hand door of the fridge-throne in the castle
    * Crown — Look at the plug on the Snacky 186 in the castle's computer room
    * Beret — While playing the Maps and Minions game, have The Cheat walk onto the space marked "An Open Field"
    * 'Lectric boots — Using the Snacky 186 in the castle, send a food order to "thepizz@virtualpizz.biz", requesting any amount of "'Lectric Boots". A cardboard box labeled "Special Delivery" will appear next to the computer table, and it will contain the boots.
    * After you reach the rank of Lord High Fantasticus, you'll be rewarded with the Max and Crossbones shirt!


    Algebros Manual and High Score

    Here are the locations of the hidden manual pages:

    * Cover — Look in Strong Bad's Mailbox.
    * Page 2: Logarithm attack — Look under the cardboard box next to Front-au-Fence in the exterior area.
    * Page 3: Polar Coordinates attack — Look in Marzipan's Mailbox.
    * Page 4: Divide By Zero attack — Look under the cardboard box in Pompomerania, next to the bar.

    Finding these pages might not directly impact your Awesomeness score, but they'll unlock some cool special attacks to use in Math Kickers. You'll need to score 2000 points or more in this mini-game to get the maximum benefit to your Awesome level. Just keep the ninjas equal on each side, and watch out for flying operands and the boss's attacks!

    Teen Girl Squad — Hidden idea cards and high score

    As in Homestar Ruiner, finding the hidden Teen Girl Squad ideas will help out your score when playing the mini-game located in the Homsar Reservation.
    Finding the Cards

    * Dinosaur Egg: Use lighter on barred window in between Strong Bad's kitchen and living room.
    * Alien: Use the metal detector in Homsar Reservation. Search near the exterior cave paintings.
    * Tar Pit: Look at Strong Sad's bookshelf.
    * Darwin: Look at the "ex-fish" in the castle hall, next to the Maps and Minions board and the door to the computer room.


    Getting the High Score

    There are a few ways to get Strong Bad to award the maximum score (6000 points) in Cave Girl Squad. The goal, as in the first game, is to get SB to laugh heartily (some might say "crack up") at the gruesome fate that each girl meets. Here are some ways to get that result:

    * Give the Egg to one teen girl as your first move, and make sure she survives until the end.
    * Use the tablet, and then the chisel (or the chisel and then the tablet) on the same teen girl.
    * In the Pyramid scene, use the dog on any teen girl.
    * Also in the Pyramid scene Use the wheel on So and So (the teen girl with long hair and a skirt).
    * Use Darwin on any teen dinosaur girl after the meteor hits.

    Tip: The ideas in this episode seem to be a bit more deadly than in the first game, so here are a couple of items you can use to stall the action (if, say, you're waiting for the egg to hatch). For instance, in the first scene, you can use the alien or machine gun on any teen girl to stall (however, you should probably use the egg and either the tablet or chisel for your turns here). In the first or second scene, you can use the ribbon on any teen girl to get a non-fatal result. In the Pyramid scene, you can use the alien, machine gun, or wheel (except on So and So) to burn one turn.


    Maps & Minions Best Game

    To maximize your awesomeness score for this item, you'll need to get the king over to the castle in 10 moves or fewer while playing the Maps & Minions mini-game. Once you solve the puzzle to complete the game, you should have a pretty good idea of how to move your characters when you replay to try for fewer moves (you can play it over and over in Extended Play). However, if you're having trouble with this section of the game, try checking out the walkthrough for some tips and screenshots that might help you.

    You're now optimally awesome, and with only a little bit of cheating. See you next episode!
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