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Make Your Own Videlectrix Game!

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In case there ever is a season 2, post all of your suggestions/ideas for future Videlectrix games here.
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  • GaryCXJk;106486 said:
    How about Dangeresque Roomisode? Sounds kind of fun, a point-and-click-em-up inside a point-em-click-em-up. Then, inside that game, Videlectrix added another Videlectrix game, to mimick that of Telltale's Videlectrix mini-games. So, instead of having one mini-game, you'll get one mini-game and a micro-game!

    Or, "Continuously tap this button", in which you will need to tap a certain button continuously in order to win. No time limit, just keep on pressing until you've reached the end or something.
    A Micro-Game? then it'd only last five seconds!

  • Ugly Bird;106418 said:
    game name: RPG

    premise: a two minute RPG where the entire goal of the game is to make it to level two AND collect an item (check it out: this is so awesome. You have to look BEHIND something! Brilliant!)

    Enemies: just one. He is called THE DOT. It looks like he's only made of one pixel, but if you look closesly you can see that he actually also uses half of another pixel. Brilliant!
    That would be an awesome idea, but I don't think the technology needed for a game that awesome will be developed any time soon.
  • Oh, I've got a great idea!

    Whaddaya Know Haddi-man?

    The goal is to navigate Homsar to whatever he needs to be, may it be the letter G, a house or a boat full of trucks. Then, on that boat, you'll need to find the correct answer to the question that is imposed. Or something.

    Like, Homsar needs to cross a large sea of something, and you'll have the choice between a white square, a black circle and a brown patch of whatsit. Of course you'll have to pick the white square, since that's actually a sheet from which you can make a sail.
  • A game where there's only four buttons, each one causing a different crazy elementally oriented thing to happen, and you can create multiple combinations of them as well as background objects for different effects, and there can be two game modes: 1) A story mode that both introduces and innovates the usage of the events on different objects and 2) a "freestyle'' mode where you can experiment with your events and a wide array of different objects.
  • Here are some ideas that I have for some season 2 Videlectrix games.

    1. Space West Cowboy: A western style light-gun game that takes place in outer space. It would have Robot Gun Fighters, Alien Indians, & Mutant Space Bank Robbers.

    2. Terror-Man 2: Revenge at Hot-Teenagers Camp: A horror game where you play as a Monster called The Terror-Man and the object of the game is to "Terrorize" the Hot-Teenagers at a Camp. This would be a parody of the old 1980's horror movies like Friday the 13th.

    3. Zit Poper: A medical game were you play as a small space ship that pops zits & black-heads.
  • Chuck;106419 said:
    Nah, Mark's space shark-jumping game was really cool at the beginning, but it got really lame about halfway through.
    How exactly would it be good at one point and bad at another? The Funmachine games don't generally ever have any change in the gameplay apart from getting harder.
  • Mabye a game called Driving 101 where your driving in the Gremlin. And there are like ramps in the road to speed you up, bumps to slow you down, artifacts to give you points and stop signs or stop lights at which you have to stop or you will drag the polices attention and if they catch you you lose a life. Also there are weapons that you use to kill people around the street like Strong Sad, Homestar, Marzipan, Coach Z or pretty much anybody who is lame, or a loser to kill them and give you points but if you shoot someone like Strong Mad or The Cheat you lose points and the goal is to collect car parts to improve the Gremlin and when you upgrade it you go to the next level and the backround changes each level. Or a game like Midtown Cowboys where we need to collect items and use them on stuff to make a successful movie.
  • And it can be released trackisodically, too! You could have Driving 101, Driving 102, Driving 103 and so on.
  • Title: Revenge of Burt the Butler

    Premise: You play as Burt the Butler, Super Guy's sidekick, who gets fed up with waiting on him.

    Gameplay: You drive a hijacked semi, chasing Super Guy wherever he flies while avoiding other cars, pitfalls and giant robots. You get speed boosts by collecting double rings and progress to the next level by catching up to Super Guy. Every five levels is a boss battle between you and him where you have to avoid energy balls and collect missles to launch at him.
  • Title: Board Game: The Video Game

    Premise: The official video game version of the popular Boardelectrix board game, Board Game!

    Gameplay: Board Game is a two-player board game that, like snakes-and-ladders, depends entirely on chance. Like any self-deserving board-game-to-video-game conversion, Board Game: The Video Game takes all of the work out of playing the game, leaving only those tasks involving choices and skill. Thus, the game requires no player interaction once the game begins. Ironically, it still requires two controllers to be plugged in. Doing anything with either controller during the game will result in the virtual board game being bumped, knocking all the virtual pieces off and causing a premature Game Over to be declared.

    Nobody has ever successfully completed a game of Board Game: The Video Game. Just like the real thing!
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