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Start a Story, be your own Fable. (Create a Fable Thread)

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The Introduction:

(smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?

(silence fills the air)

Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?

(you sit suspiciously as I grin, while handing you a blank page book with the title: "Your Fable, Your Destiny")

Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. To create a Fable that best describes you and how they blend in with the Fabletown community.

But, you don't have to be entirely honest if you don't want to, as you have the option to create a Fable character that doesn't even relate to you in the slightest, human or not.

Anyways, be creative! And you are more than welcome to draw a picture of your custom Fable if you'd really like! You are my guest after all, in this spacious manor.

P.S. - Newcomers and veterans to the Fables series are welcome to post in this topic too! Or if you are a stranger to the comics but love the game! Don't forget to use your creative juices, the lot of you! :D

Appreciation Speech: This is for everyone who has contributed to this topic, new, old, heck, even future storytellers that are inspired by this thread!

It has been a great honor to read all of your stories so far. Every sentence, every little detail, every emotion-induced moment included with the literary package you've brought to the table (or book, in the matter).

Wanted to say my thanks again, to everyone that has made this possible.

You can view the following Fable 'award ceremonies' for 2014 down below. Any potential future ones probably won't be created by me since people aren't all that interested in them anymore.

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  • Hmm. Now this is interesting. You see, I've read all the comics, but never thought of making myself a Fable. It would be totally possible, considering not every single Fable is linked with a story known to the Mundy world. I've always thought of being other Fables (Mostly Snow White, since my personality reflects hers the most, with her motherly attitude and strategic thinking, as well as her values for her friends and family.) So where should I start? Well, I'd like to be unusual, something that has to be at the Farm because of non-human qualities. Maybe an unusual skin color? I'd also like some kind of powers associated with me; Maybe I could be Jack Frost Two's daughter. Although he is about as innocent as a child when it comes to adult things (If you know what I mean). I could also be one of the North Wind's servants (They're absolutely adorable.) Sigh.....You sir, have created a monster. I'll have to check back later with more detailed thoughts. To the Comic Rack! Flies away with powers she may or may not incorporate into her character

  • I was Bigbys forgotten brother Wolverine and was sick of all the admiration for him the jealousy poisoned my thoughts i didn't want to kill him but for him to simply disappear. Then suddenly news came threw bigby was dead and no one knew who did it. My first reaction was shock but apart from that i was emotionless and ashamed because of that. See never knew my brother that well to feel big loss in my life. Suddenly uncontrollable anger filled my head and knew whoever did this will only face judgement by my blade so went to Fabletown.

    Looking to edit this soon and write full story definitely going to be murder mystery, learn more about Bigby and appreciate his brothers work and epic fables v wolverine battles looking forward to it.


    I arrived at Fabletown to complete silence everyone stared at me but everytime looked back they diverted their eyes to the ground I was being watched. I arrived at the Crimescene to see my brother the cops,fables and snow tried to stop me see the body for legal reasons till seen my blades rip out of my skin swore to myself if anyone touched me it would be the last thing they do they soon backed off. Bigby had claw marks all over his body none of this made sense Fables can't be killed. Looking at the big bad wolf before me now just looked like road kill. My anger intensified the other fables failed to protect him after all they treated him like monster still he tried to help them a true hero. A crazy thought entered my head Fabletown has a low population if I kill everyone at least I would have chance of killing the true suspect detective work never suited me. But wasn't my decision this wasn't way Bigby would of wanted his whole life would of been wasted protecting Fables only for them to be killed.

    Alt text

    I started at the bar knew Gren wanted Bigby dead knew he ripped Grens arm off and I swore if he showed any cheek to me I'll take his legs and last arm off for the way he treated my brother. I looked at Gren even his eye contact made me want rip his head off. "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BROTHER GREN" Wolve said "HIS DEAD don't need to do anything" Gren said My blades ripped from my skin and I pinned his hand to the table as my blades ripped his skin through his hand. "WHO DID IT" Wolve said. "WHO CARES" Gren replied then Gren transformed into a massive beast Wolve didn't expect this and sudden growth threw him against the wall. Wolve smiled I love this job and his claws ripped from his skin. Gren threw tables and chairs at the Wolve he simply ripped them apart as reached him with his blades. Wolve ran at Gren screaming like made him stronger ran with such conviction feel even bullet wouldn't stop his pursuit. Gren laughed bad dog and put his claws straight into wolves stomach blood was pouring out of him like a tap. "Heard you brother begged for mercy before he died be last bone he ever catches stupid lapdog" gren said. Wolve was weak but the anger gave him power and Gren words seemed like gasoline to his fire. Wolve pulled his blades back then straight through eyes of gren then cut his last arm off "fetch" wolve shouted and left felt like life of external darkness and armless was faith worse then death so left him there. He then found a note in his pocket paying a hitman to kill bigby and went to that address.

    Alt text


    I arrived at the office where the hitman hid and went into the room. There he was in his chair suddenly he turned his chair around "BROTHER" I froze the shock I nearly fainted there sat bigby. "You were dead" wolve said " No some glamoured troll is dead" laughing to himself. "WHY" Wolve said Suddenly his voice changed to more serious tone. Let me tell you a story years ago first murder in Fabletown happened to a girl named Faith all my close friends followed I followed the law by the book resisting all temptations to kill or torture to get answers ignoring my natural instincts while law waited for me to make one step wrong to lock me up. Through investigation and law by the book answer pointed to crane I locked him up "problem solved" NO everyone i knew and loved got murdered by the time found out it was his monkey framing crane. Should of killed everyone crane knew and loved to make sure the job was done but no law would not of allowed it. So I faked my murder now I can follow my own rules without any consequences or ruling by law or fables and no one will ever kill AGAIN unless it's me. Bigby said. No Bigby you were hero savior of this family everyone was proud and looked up to you for your work you were inspiration wolve said. You hated me the fables hated me and the police hated me i'm simply becoming the detective they deserve not want bigby said. YOU CAN'T BECOME A MONSTER LIKE ME YOUR A HERO wolverine shouted. I was a hero everyone i loved died and everyone hated me never again my morals got them killed never again join me brother Bigby said. Wolve was silent his mind could not process at all so confusing, But knew next decision was kill him or join.

    Alt text


    I ran into the forest to gather my thoughts for about a week found myself the more thought about it more confused I got my brother was my hero and became like me a monster a tear filled my eye as knew i was really jealous of him because always wanted to be like him but to see what he has become was my worst nightmare only good person left in a evil world. I returned to Fabletown I couldn't move like a horror movie fear and terror filled my head for the first time in my life there was blood everywhere i was shaking. Bigby just murdered everyone he stood there in the middle of the street silent with blood soaked clothes breathing heavily. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" i screamed dropping to my knees. "JUSTICE" Bigby responded. I howled my blades ripped from my skin Bigby then transformed into a wolf. We sprinted at each other i no longer saw my brother but evil spirit who possessed his body. I ripped my blades straight at his head but was blocked with his own claws we were evenly matched. He barked so powerfully blew me against the wall I saw petrol beside me and poured it over my blades and lit it. He tried to block but burned his claws and cut them off. He was at my mercy tears filled Bigby eyes sorry let you down brother. Me too wolverine said then cut his head off then brought his body to witching well and threw it down in a bag his last words were Remember me as a hero when the bag flew down the hole.You Always were wolve said as tears filled his eyes he went on to be as promised to be Fablestown new detective just like his hero Bigby the worlds greatest detective.


  • (scratches head) I'm surprised there's no one else that posted a story for themselves or explained what their own Fable might look like so far. I'll assume that everyone is hard at work at creating a tale for their character! So I'm going to make mine for now, don't laugh, or giggle! Well, maybe you can giggle and laugh at the same time since it might appeal to the little kid inside you, as I'm trying to make it like a nursery rhyme! ;S

    Alright, here it goes... (clears throat)

    'Dragon In Manhattan', by: DragonButter (currently done!)

    "There once was a thief who was very greedy,

    He was also quite needy,

    Stealing this, stealing that, heck, even various hats!

    But one day, he had heard of a rumor of a cave filled to the brim with gold,

    And figured, that this is a job for the bold!

    While eventually setting out for the vast wealth,

    He would soon be in danger concerning his health,

    As he made his way to the cave,

    He soon realized, that he needed to shave!

    He laughed to himself and said,

    'I don't need to worry about that this dread,'

    'As I'll be having an ice cold mug instead!'

    Finally making it to the cave, he took a peek in

    Complete with gold galore,

    He literally could have sailed in a Galleon to El Salvador,

    So then he tried to make his way down the piles of gold carefully,

    But little did he realize that each step would cost his life dearly,

    While all of a sudden, a guardian rose out from one of the gold piles and scolded,

    'Who would dare steal this poor dragon's gold, among the days of old?'

    The thief said,

    'Oh mighty guardian, please don't scold, please let me take some of this gold!'

    The dragon laughed heartily,

    'Scold? No, I've to curse you into a permanent dragon form,'

    'It is what the prophecies foretold'

    The thief pleaded and begged, as his human body began exploding like a powder keg,

    The dragon did his magic true, to start his thieving life anew,

    'I hereby banish you to the Mundy city of New York, little thief,'

    'From there, it will most certainly fill you with grief'

    As the guardian hissed,

    The thief was transported into the abyss,

    Dark alleys all around,

    Soon realizing, that he was in the area of Fabletown,

    News spread fast of his sudden arrival,

    In which he was in complete denial,

    Trying to piece together what was happening,

    He found the city lights rather dazzling,

    A few ah's here, a few ooh's there,

    Sheriff Bigby Wolf himself came out from the clear,

    His sheer presence instilling fear,

    'Those witches better be right about this', saying as he throws down a spirit bottle

    In which she gave the thief a sudden kiss, feeling absolute bliss,

    Indeed, the dragon did faint,

    While Bigby put his hands and wings under restraint,

    He was then taken to the farm,

    Later saying that he didn't mean no harm,

    Nobody saw him again,

    Rumors have still been present that the dragon still plans to escape the farm someday,

    But for right now, this is a tale that has to end for today."

  • I want to contribute to this thread by sharing my fable character. I intended to do a fanfiction with this but never got around to doing it but I did write the fable backstory for this character. She's a human character who looks Twenty years old. I'll try to post my drawing of her. So here's the short backstory of my character when she was living in the homelands.

    Back in the homelands, I was just an ordinary girl living a normal life in a village. But one day when I went on an errand. I came across a witch who gave me a free charm necklace. I didn't know better and put it on my neck. The necklace glowed in red before my very eyes and I thought it was beautiful. The witch then told me that the charm necklace has chosen me as the host and its impossible to take off. I didn't believe her but when I tried taking off the necklace I couldn't. I tried ripping it off but it didn't work either. The witch laughed at my efforts and revealed to me that the necklace will grant immortality to anyone that I fell in love with. The witch then disappeared without a trace and left me with the charm necklace. I told my family about what happened but they didn't believe me. So I just continued living my usual lifestyle with the necklace hidden under my shirt so no one gets curious about it.

    But after a couple of weeks have passed, a man came to my home in a carriage and said that Bluebeard has offered to marry me and live with him in a castle. I hesitated and told him that I decline the offer but my family interrupted and told the messenger that I will marry Bluebeard. Seeing that I didn't have a say in this I told them to hold on because I wanted to pack my clothes and other personal belongings. After packing my stuff, I decided to escape through the back of our home and run off into the woods where I lived in isolation from everyone. No one has ever found me ever since I left my village. I adapted to living in the woods as a hermit. All because of the charm necklace! Bluebeard must have found out that I had the necklace. I don't want anyone to have immortality so therefore I'm robbing myself of finding someone to love which is my sacrifice...

    Here's my drawing of my fable when she's in Fabletown.
    Alt text
    I'll try to add to her story of being in Fabletown, could take some time.

    • Absolutely breathtaking, it certainly piqued my interest!

    • I think your story is kinda the most awesome one here.I really love it!Plus,the morality is obvious here,and her sacrifice is impressive.Your fable is wonderful!

    • I'm glad you guys like the backstory! :) Thank you for the comments.

    • Moar storys your great writer

    • ==-

      I am currently in graduate school majoring in writing and we have to critique each other's stories (which takes more time than writing one). I can officially say you're an excellent writer, Cordelia!

      But that's just the beginning of a good story! Continue it. You might want to consider bringing her back into fabletown. I can attest from personal experience that after a few years of being a hermit in a cave the woods, it gets boring (see my profile). I suggest changing it so no one knows about her necklace and having her work in town. She tries not to love anyone, and rejects a couple of guys when she starts to have feelings for them. Then she meets this guy...

      It would make a sellable romance novel, literally. But maybe change it so the first man she loves DIES, because it makes absolutely no sense not to want someone you love live forever. If I were critiquing it for Advanced Creative Writing (which I'm taking now) I'd point that out as a big plot hole. The character has no visible motivation NOT to fall in love, only to make sure it's with someone who deserves to live forever. But that's such a unique story, it could work in any way you want to do it.

      I'm not kidding about expanding and publishing that as a romance novel, BTW. Lots of people do that, publish on smashwords or Kindle, and make a few thousand dollars. I did it (book link on my blog. It's porn though). When people buy your book it feels like free money raining from the sky (don't expect to get rich, though).

      You have what it takes, both writing-wise and unique plot-wise.

      ...But as much as I like your drawing, you might want to get someone else to do the cover art! (joke—it's actually a very nice drawuing)



      As for me, I'd love to write a fable. It would start with Blackbeard capturing me stripping me naked and chaining me to his huge, expensive bed while I blush. But with school, writing that here would be like the girl who tests pie flavor quality at work all day coming home and making pie.

  • Okay,i'll just start with the basic shit,the appearance and personality and hobbies,then i'll write (Fuckit,imma use my username)Azlyn's whole story.

    • Appearance:tall,slender(Oh,look!It's reference o' clock!),red curly shoulder-length hair,green eyes

    • Personality:smart-ass,funny,creative,intelligent,sarcastic,brave,doesn't trust anyone(not even herself),BUT she IS trustworthy,laid-back,hard-working,ambitious,distant,tough

    • Hobbies:reading,drawing,creative writing,extreme sports

    Okay,story time!Once upon a time(because everybody knows there's no story without that beginning),there was a girl named Azlyn.She was living alone in a house at the peripheries of a small town.If you've read what i said up there,you already know the essence about her.Since she liked to read and draw,her imagination was off the effin' charts.She was waiting for an adventure,one that would take her away from the monotone life.But just waiting for something to happen doesn't always guarantee its happening.Not always.But there are some exceptions.And hers is one of those rare exceptions.

    She didn't have friends.So,when she was feeling down,she used to take long-ass walks in the woods.During one of those walks,she met,in one little meadow,an old goblin,whose only possession was a paintbrush.When Azlyn saw it,she immediately felt like she needed to have the brush for herself.It was a strange feeling she couldn't overcome.So she asked the goblin where he was staying,to which he answered:

    "Right here.In the forest.I am leaving tomorrow morning."

    Azlyn planned to return there at night,when the goblin was asleep,and steal the brush.Yes,steal it.Why?Well,why not?

    Anyway,she came back at midnight,and sneaked up to the goblin,picking up his brush,which he was holding at his chest,and turned around to go home.BUT,right then,the goblin awakened and turned into a great wizard(Yeah,with the long white beard and the blue cloak and shit)

    The wizard took back his brush and told her that he traveled the Homelands with that cursed object,that made everybody that laid eyes on it want it terribly,in search of a person that wouldn't fall for its curse.He also told her that everyone failed no matter what,and he turned them into foxes,into thieves.

    And so he turned Azlyn,too,into a small fox,like this one:

    Alt text


    But yeah.She fled to another forest,where she lived for a few years,before coming upon another wizard,a friendly one.So she told him her story and he listened symathetically.When she finished,he agreed to turn her back into a human IF she helped him with an errand.He told her to go to the nearby dragon den and destroy the sleeping dragon's heart of fire.Heart of fire?Does that make sense?Probably not.But STFU and continue reading.

    Okay,Azlyn went into the den,where the dragon,as the wizard had promised,was sleeping heavily.She looked around,but she could only see gold objects and bones.She didn't even know what the wizard meant,and was confused.But then she looked at the dragon.It was range with some iridexcent blue scales and big yellow teeth,and,right in the middle of his head laid one beautiful diamond-shaped ruby.It shined like fire,and Azlyn realized that must be what she was looking for.But how could she get it,without waking the dragon?For a huge dragon like that would smack the shit out of a small fox like her.

    She went close to him,pondering on which way she should approach her problem.She touched the jewel shyly,and right at that moment,she felt it move under her paw.She backed away,and the ruby kept shaking,until it came out of the dragon's head,leaving one hole in its skull.The ruby flew and planted itself in Azlyn's head painfully.Her squeaks alerted the dragon,that rose and roared,but no fire came out.The fox quickly scurried out of the den and dissappeared into the forest.

    She noticed that the jewel on her forehead was doing things to her...Her fur was becoming flames.Lively flames,but ones that did not burn her,nor the things around her.She met up with the wizard,who told her that she wasn't supposed to steal the heart of the fire for herself.He was mad,and wished to kill her,so she ran away again,this time followed by a crazy-ass bitch with a staff and a beard.

    Everything went bad.She refuged in the mountains,again living like an animal.Only she wasn't a normal fox.If she wished for it,she could burn the heart out of...

    Alt text

    ...The predators she encountered.But,every once in a while,she had to flee to some other mountains,because she wasn't safe in one place for too long,because the wizard was still following her.

    Years had passed since she stole the heart of fire from the dragon.She was just moving to another place,to a forest,when she came upon a talking turtle.Yeah,a talking turtle.The turtle knew her whole story,and Azlyn felt that she had answers.So she asked her if she knew why the wizard was following her.

    "Of course."the turtle said."The heart chose you as host,and the wizard wanted it for itself.Now,the only way he can get it is by killing you.But you mustn't let that happen,young one.For the wizard would only spread chaos wherever he goes.You must destroy him,only then will you get what you want.You have learned how to control the fire,you have the power to kill him.That's your destiny."

    Deep shit,man.Anyhow,Azlyn realized that the only way she could become human again was to destroy the wizard.So she waited for him to come.And he did.That's when a battle so magical happened,that it shook the whole forest,the trees were burned and animals escaped,scared.Seriously,that bitch was more magical than Harry Potter,more impossible than James Arthur!

    (Alt text)

    But Azlyn won,and she got the wizard's powers for defeating him.She could now turn from human to fox whenever she liked.

    When the Adversary came,she managed to get to the mundy world.Her ending was happy,but it wasn't an ending.

    So yeah,here went everything.This fable was from Europe.I won't mention the country,'cause nobody even gives a shizzle!But yeah.Hope you liked it,because it took me a shit-ton of hours to write.Well,mostly because i pressed the wrong button and my comment got deleted.But,hey.I figured i should give it a shot.

  • I Demand more story time!!!

    • Me too, dude, me too. And if anyone else doesn't bite for the time-being, feel free to post more stories if you wish. That also goes for previous posters as well!

      • you might regret saying that lol

      • Origin story of my Character which Tobi made just for bit of Fun

        Alt text

        The Beginning

        As a kid i was expert hunter in fact with my trusty rifle my dad gave to me after war with fables i caught all the family's food i loved a challenge bear and lions alway's had best fight but learned know you opponents weaknesses and your strengths. For bears was simple dig a large hole cover it with leaves. Bears are to impatient simply get his attention and run till reach the hole and bear falls down. Lions were trickier smart animals can be as quiet as mouse but as dangerous as well lion. So simply set out meat trap cover it in poison but then will damage meat so simply just sniper beast from tree always felt like rambo or predator a master of woods. But then came a day faced a foe who looked like like animal but could talk and had powers of a god my first defeat haunts me to this day.
        I was up in the tree suddenly wild animal appeared but lucky had my rifle "BANG" headshot. I couldn't believe my eyes a bullet pierced straight through it's head and simply turned and started laughing hysterically. "Fly Away little Birdy" the animal said whipped out a pistol and shot me through the head everything went black.

        Chapter Revelations 2

        I Awoke couldn't see anything there was blood everywhere suddenly everything cleared up one of my eyes were missing first time tasted defeat and at such great cost felt like such a fool so ran home tell the story to my family of this mystic beast who has powers of god but can talk and our epic battle which i will exaggerate to make me seem better when in reality i never had chance.
        I arrived home i froze all doors were open that's so weird i was shaking in fear but knew i was acting stupid. "OH GOD NO" i said. I arrived home blood everywhere my whole family death all set in weird positions. My dad holding the paper sitting at table reading the paper with headline FABLES ARE COMING he was clearly put like this after he died.
        My brother sitting on the couch watching the news again headline Fables are coming i dropped to my knees as tears filled my eyes and screamed "WHERES MY MOTHER AND SISTER" found message in blood on wall saying "WELCOME HOME MUNDY". Checked my room and found letter it read. Dear Mundy sorry about family i know they were dieing to see you. We were monitoring you for while looking for new leader to be mundy of small gang they will never expect you. Unfortunately entry fee is your family we don't like loose ends we have your mother and sister come and get them i will leave the address at the end you wouldn't dare try any thing were fables your mere mortal should feel honored and we accept your thanks and don't worry you paid in full come and join us yours sincerely TOBI.
        My sadness and tears suddenly turned to anger and bloodlust "we will see who gods are because i only believe in one" i said I put on my eyepatch took my sniper and equipment as my dad was in army i took his army suit and gear i headed off


        I arrived at destination went into the warehouse they were waiting the whole room applauded "welcome home brother" they said i could see my mother and sister tied up behind them. "I know what your thinking i'm evil but no Tobi is a good boy he said". I couldn't see his face through mask but knew he was laughing to himself underneath it. !Join Us mortal bow before me work for me i promise you all the riches i even can make you fable invincible like a god but first and last test must kill your mother and sister need my soldiers to be 100% committed to my leadership my word is final" tobi said". Your know tobi your really bad boy i ripped two AK 47's hiding my back and started shooting through two smoke grenades. Tobi backed off and his army suddenly attacked then knew why fables monitored me couldn't believe my eyes hundred of bullets were raining down on me moving so slowly like snails coming at me i looked around all soldiers were moving so slowly like shooting fish in a barrel all headshot's couldn't miss every kill didn't disturb me but seemed make me grow stronger. Suddenly everything was silent looked around all hear was whistle of wind body's stacked up like connect 4 everywhere. All that was left was Tobi i could sense his fear under his mask he knew i was special. "YOUR PLAYING MY GAME NOW TOBI" i shouted Tobi simply clapped "you would of made good soldier you don't relish since day we met your were always playing my game oh yeah game over" tobi said. He shot pertrol tank in the room massive explosion everything went black again even in slow motion i had no chance.


        I awoke in a room i had nothing else to live for. Everyone i love is dead sort of wished I dead in the explosion just to never feel this pain.
        "Hi im eddie and this is gulity king our families were murdered to wanna have a little fun" they smiled Then realized my destiny to kill all fables and mundy's who failed to see the threat never investigated my family's murder simply wiped under the carpet. "LET THE GAMES BEGIN MUHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA" i said

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    Nice thread loving all the stories

  • Dear god...people are SUCH Mary Sue's.

    P.S: I'm honestly laughing my ass off over here.

  • There once was man named Bob Saget..
    He really loved to jack it
    He once was on a show called Full House
    In this show he lost his spouse
    He screamed why oh why me?
    As he was left with children of 3
    He couldn't raise em alone
    That clearly was shown
    So his brothers came to help
    and Bob couldn't help but yelp.
    And really wished he was by himself.
    Moral: Don't be Bob Saget
    Character: terrible actor Bob Saget
    Powers: Jokes bad enough to put people to sleep
    Appearence: Google Bob Saget
    Tell me what you think.

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