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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Trailer Analysis

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  • The Mirror is destroyed, waiting to be "repaired"
  • Bigby says he doesn't have time to wait for the mirror to be repaired, he will go look out for [HIM] himself.

Probably referring to Crane, but what about the Crooked Man?

  • Snow and Bigby aren't sure about Crane being the killer.
  • Bigby is seen looking at this picture
    Alt text

In the picture you can see : Nerissa, Faith and and unknown girl. In the background there's Tweedle Dee/Dum wich i circled. LOCATION UNKNOWN

Nerissa, Faith and The Unknown girl were friends? Could the Mysterious Girl be Lilly Glamoured?
And why was the Tweedle stalking Them/Her?

  • Bigby takes a cab and arrives under a bridge.
    Alt text

  • The bridge is the same seen in Next Time on The Wolf Among Us when Dee us pointing his gun at Bigby.
    Alt text

  • Tweedle Dee and Dum are seen pointing their guns at Bigby
    Badass Music Starts kicking in

  • The Trailer shows this :
    Alt text

  • A shield with rocks and sticks of wood..

I need your opinions on what THAT could be

  • Again, the unknown voice from the start, it says "You have no idea what's going on do you?" could it be a Witch?


The Location where the shield is situated is THE BRIDGE, so what does something like a shield from a fable do in a "Mundy" location?

  • Woody's Axe is seen, probably being holded by the Woodsman himself, looks like he's up to something
  • Georgie is speaking at the phone, mentioning having "Problems" then Bigby and Snow Walk in The Pudding and Pie
    Could he been speaking with the Crooked Man? Who else could Georgie been speaking to? We don't know him really well so..

  • Looks like Jack knows something about all of this and tries to reach a deal with Bigby, like "Give me that and i'll give you this"

  • Flycatcher is shown, cleaning a floor, when the elevator closes. I don't know if Bigby knows him, but Snow does, bacause she talk about him in Episode 1. Will he have an important role?

Alt text

  • Bigby is angry at Jack for the "Deal"
  • The next scene is particular, we see Bigby (Should be him, same clothes) knocking down a door..inside the room there's a little girl (Do you know who that could be?)
  • Next scene shows Grendel possibly taking Bigby's side knocking down the Tweedle, the location seems to be "The Bridge"
  • We see a woman screaming "They took everything from me!" in a room.
  • The Room looks pretty messed up, like SOMEONE was searching SOMETHING in that room

Could this Woman be the "Queen" found in the game files?


This is the little girl shown in the trailer :
Alt text

Then, in the room where the Woman is shown there's this little, very very little particular :
Alt text

The Photo shows the Woman with the Little Girl next to her, Mother and Daughter?

  • Gren and Woody start a Fight, why? We can't really say anything from this Trailer
  • Next scene shows a shocked Snow, looks like she's in an alley and i'm pretty sure Bigby's transformation happens in an alley... 2+2?
  • Snow is apparently mad at Bigby (?)
  • Bigby returns to the Motel.
  • Bigby's Wolf Form Claw is seen.. who is Bigby Fighting?
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