I realized *S2 Spoilers*

That christa looked after Clem for sooo much longer then anyone else. Lee was with Clem for a few months, but christa was with her for about a year and a half or a bit less. I now haven sudden high amounts of praise to christa.


  • Yeah, and the Lee inside me will always be thankful to her for that.

  • Lee was definitely longer with clem than just a few months.

  • Nope, it was approximately three months, a week and about two days that the pair had been together.

  • he was with her for only about 4 months all together

  • 4 Months give or take. Metaphorically, though, he is still with her.

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  • Gotta give her even more respect when it was Clementine's gun that was used to kill Omid. It was pretty obvious she was sore with her about it, but she still stuck with her.

  • I'm hoping Christa returns later in the season, that 16 month gap just left so many unanswered questions.

  • well in any case, undoubtebly Lee left a far bigger impression on her than Christa did, although I'm sure that's not entirely Christa's fault.

  • she will be back in some way or another. I don't see telltale just forgetting about her and not bringing her back would leave to many open questions.

  • Yep this is true, also it was off screen and usually they always come back when that happens haha.

  • It's actually true, Lee was only with Clementine a few months. The events of the first season didn't take place over a very large scale of time.

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    The 16 month gap really took me aback as I knew then that Clem was with Christa longer. And even though Lee will always be number one and have a special spot in Clem's heart, despite being there for a shorter amount of time, I give major props to her for taking care of a little girl for all that while. It's must have been awfully tough without Omid. Not to mention whatever she went through with the loss of her baby...

    I hope we'll find out more about what happened during the time skip soon. She deserves that spot light at the very least.

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    After the death of Omid, Christa and Clem's relationship was strained a lot, so Clem was never as close to Christa as Lee was. My point is that Christa may have been with Clem for longer than Lee, but Lee had a much bigger impact on Clem than her. Basically Christa was just a friend, while Lee was a father.

  • Yeah no matter how much you like or dislike her, you gotta agree that girl deserves some sort of medal. It can't be easy for a pregnant lady in the zombie Apocalypse especially when your left to raise a little girl single handily because her gun gets into the wrong hands... we all know Crista blamed Clem - at least partly- and then she lost her baby aswell. Yet still she tells the bandits she's by herself. Girl deserves respect!

  • It is pretty awesome of Christa for taking care of Clementine for so long. I think it is also because that she lost Omid and her baby that Clementine is all she has left in the world. She may be bitter and perhaps blame Clementine for what has happened, but in the end it shows that she still cares for her.

    But regarding how long Lee has been with Clementine, I don't think it really matter that Lee spend only fours months with her. What matter is that during the time that they had, they cared about each others as close as family and the impression he has left on her. What I am trying to say is, that a meaningful and deep impact lasts longer.

  • Telltale needs to bring back Christa, Molly, Lilly, and basically everybody whose fates were left unknown.

  • Lee is always with Clementine!

  • My original playthrough is all about Christa. Everyone's like "hey, wonna join our group?" and I'm like "NO, I want Christa!"

  • Lee got pretty unlucky. He only made it bout 4 months into the Outbreak, but that's one of the risks that comes with taking on a child and not being able to turn away from people who need help. The guy put himself in a lot of danger for the sake of others, as did Omid. Christa was very much in the right mindset, even back in Season 1. She thought it was better to stay in a small group, outside of cities and away from people. That's how she made it so long with Clementine.

    It felt like she resented Clementine a bit at the end, or maybe she was just bitter over their situation and the loss of Omid. I wonder what really drove her to take care of Clementine for so long. Was it because she cared for Clementine? Or was it out of respect for Lee, who she watched walk through a horde of walkers to save her? I think it was a bit of both, since til the end she tries to protect Clementine by lying about her presence when confronted by the scavengers.

    I really hope there's a chance to reunite with her. I asked both Carver and Matthew if they had seen her, and I'll keep asking whenever the opportunity pops up.

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    Christa made a promise to some guy she barely knew. She can't just break it!

  • I've thought about this a lot too. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized the purpose of the 16-month skip and what Clem/Christa's relationship is compared to Clem/Lee's.

    So Christa and Clem's relationship has obviously been strained because of what happened to Omid. I do believe that Christa partially blames Clem for Omid's death, but I don't think she hates her for it. Christa cares a lot about Clem. Her concern for Clem goes beyond feeling a morale obligation, or feeling that she owes it to Lee or Omid or whomever.

    Losing Omid and her baby completely broke Christa. She's a strong woman, so she continued on, but just barely. I actually see a lot of parallels between Christa's loss and Kenny's loss. Both of them lost the most important people to them, but both of them kept fighting on because they didn't see giving up as an option. Kenny motivated himself by his boat quest, and Christa does the same with her trek to Wellington. Like Kenny, Christa was not in a good place mentally. While Kenny succumbed to his alcohol and anger issues, Christa completely shut down emotionally and became very bitter.

    What do I think happened during that 16-month time skip? Honestly, nothing. Christa obviously lost her baby and it's hinted that Clem had to help with that. Besides that, they scraped by and started traveling to Wellington. Christa was too emotionally shut down to provide any real sort of companionship to Clem. Clem would have probably been the one to try to reconcile their relationship and build an intimacy similar to what she had with Lee, but I doubt she had much success. Christa probably taught her some useful skills, but not in the same capacity that Lee had. I feel like most days were spent walking in silence and most nights were spent sitting in silence.

    Clem only knew Lee 4 months, but she had a stronger connection with him and learned more from him in those 4 months than the 16 months she spent alone with Christa. I love Christa and I think she did all that she could do physically and emotionally for Clem during that time. Granted it probably wasn't much, but I don't blame her given the circumstances. I do really hope we see Christa again and I would love to see her make it out of this season alive and see her heal emotionally.

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    Neil Patrick Harris can say this better than I.

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  • I'm glad we got that 16th month gap honestly, because that makes a smarter, more capable Clementine when you start into the action. Although I do need to know what all went does in 16 months, dammit.

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    This is pretty much me playing Season 2

    Christa doesn't nearly get as much recognition as she should. It's kind of Telltale's fault for making the time skip so sudden.

    Takes one helluva strong person to keep a little girl safe for over a year even after losing her husband and baby.

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    We didn't see them reacting that much to realize that! Lee had impact in Clem, but maybe Christa had too, it was more than 16 months !! I don't believe that Christa and Clem didn't make a strong friendship, maybe lee was more friendly, but it was a long time to not to make a impact... (just my opinion)

  • I agree with you but what i'm saying is that Lee had a larger impact on Clem than Christa.

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