Who's this ... guy?

Flycatcher.... I'm guessing he's from the comics by the way people are talking. What fable is he from exactly?


  • I believe that he's the Frog Prince.

  • He is the Frog Prince.

  • Yep, he's the Frog Prince. I'm still hoping for Boy Blue and Pinocchio to make an appearance as well, those three were always together in the comics.

  • He's the kawaii frog prince. And the janitor.

    He's such a great guy, he's adorable, he's just so awesome in the comics! I'm sure you'll love him!

  • Flycatcher started off in the comics as a lovable oaf. Then we found out his backstory and he became tragic. Then he took several levels in insane badassness and now everyone loves him. So yeah...even if he only has two lines in this game it's pretty awesome that he's showing up at all.


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