Are the fable comics good? And ou they still making new issues/volumes?

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I loved the walking dead tv show and the game and started reading the comics and absolutely loved them, I'm really liking the wolf amoung us game and considering reading the comics, are they any good? Are they're plenty of suprises and twists?


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    Oh yeah, they're still making issues and are definitely worth your time reading! Lots of surprises too, considering that I've only read the first 3 volumes!

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    I highly recommend the comics. They're really good with plenty of plot twists. :) There's roughly 138 issues out now along with a few spin off comics involving Jack & another with Cinderella that you can also check out. Plenty of issues to keep you busy while waiting for episodes.

  • They are definitely worth it. You should start from the first volume and from there the story gets better. At first, I went to read the comics, half-expecting Snow White and Bigby to be the main characters. While they are important, there are other important characters that are just as compelling and rich in back-story. If I have one nitpick about the comics, it is the changing art style. Once a story arc is finish or they decided to put the main plot on hold and tell a side story, they change artist and at first, I have a difficult time adjusting to the characters sudden slightly changed look. However, I got used to it.

    Look it up! It is definitely worth it!

  • I've read the first 19 issues, really enjoyed them:) I bet you will too

  • Thanks everyone:) You got me really excited to read them!

  • I tried The Walking Dead and found them boring. Fables on the other hand is great. There's like 139 issues out right now + several spin-offs. Fables will end in early 2015 with issue 150

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    I was put onto Fables by a friend of mine last year and got hooked. I have all the trade paperbacks (up to vol 19, or episode 120-ish), the Jack spinoffs and Fairest spinoffs and keenly waiting on more! Also reading Walking Dead and similarly waiting on more to be made. But here's the (slightly off-topic) question: Other comic series of similar quality to read? Any thoughts? Tried Deadpool but wasn't interested. Batman, Superman are kinda Meh, too. Note sure where to turn. Will happily take advice from Fables readers!

  • Invencible is cool and is written by Robert Kirkman so i could say it's worth the read.

  • They are really good ive read them but theyre not making more

  • The creator of Fables said that the series would end at issue 150. There are about 138 issues right now, so there's still roughly 12 issues to go.


  • Y: The Last Man is similar I suppose, it's also won many awards. Try Sleeper and Incognito if you like noir

  • I've read up to the latest issue (139) And the comic is monthly. They're ending at 150 because the author is retiring. They're so good (And I'd have to say, better than the game). You won't regret picking up and issue.

  • Yes Fables is amazing. I'm up to book four, so I'm not that far into it, but I've loved every second I've spent reading them. So yes, I do think you should pick it up especially since you love this game. The surprises and twists are plentiful and great. You can get them in issue form or volume form (which I recommend because they're longer and have interesting little short stories in them about some characters). I really can't recommend them enough.

  • yeah i meant after 150 i know my comics

  • I've heard they have a somewhat obnoxious right-wing political slant. Anyone found it to be too overbearing?

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    There is one issue where some right-wing politics are thrown around pretty heavily. It really didn't bother me. It's just the way that the character feels about certain things. It bothers some readers, though. I'd say that although there are some conservative themes throughout the series, it's only that heavy-handed one time.

  • mehhhh.... deal with it. I don't really care what kind of slant there is as long as it's the opinion of a character. it's not my opinion, so whatever.

  • I don't care about an individual character's opinion. I care if a comic becomes a thinly veiled political diatribe for the author's opinion. You can get away with it if it's done well otherwise (see: the original comics of Watchmen or V for Vendetta), but political propaganda gets tiring fast.

  • I hear Saga (Image comics) is good. Got the first #1 free on my amazon kindle app and it seems to be great.

  • I can't remember the exact issue, I read the TPBs. I think it would have been around issue #50. It's TPB #8.

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