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Clem's Future Question

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Some people are saying that Clem will lose her insanity or more of that things. I don't know what is gonna happen to Clem. But, I think that this of insanity is comming to probable. Telltale likes to twist things and suprise people. So I'm starting to think that Clem may had a ending that no one espect, like, she being bitten in episode 4 and discovering in episode 5 that she's immune (just a example).

Edit: The immune thing is just a example, not what I think that is gonna happen or what I want to happen.

  • I wish people would specify more when they talk about Clem "going insane." There are lots of ways to go insane and lots of degrees of insanity. I can't imagine Clem going completely off-the-wall batshit crazy. I can maybe see her having mild hallucinations or going catatonic or just talking to herself a lot, but that's it. It's very rare that someone just completely shatters, even if they've been through severe amounts of trauma.

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    She's not gonna go psycho insane like Nate is , she's just gonna get very depressed and possibly haunted by the voices of the past.

    There will be no remains of Clem's bubbly and hopeful personality from Season 1 by the time Season 2 ends.
    She'll be somewhat bitter and cynical like Christa at the start of EP1.

    Her childlike hope and innocence will have finally died.

  • What if she doesn't go insane but wants revenge?
    Carver kills the most of the group and the rest is taken over by the walkers who break into Carvers community but Clementine escapes, Carver also makes it out (Ep3). She finds Luke and finds out he accidently shot Christa who he thought was a walker in (Ep4) and can choose to kill him or go to Wellignton with him (but he'll die) and in episode 5 Clem makes it to Wellignton but find out that everyone there is insane and just decides to kill everyone there with her pent up anger. The ending would end with a cliffhanger of her going to search for Carver so she can get her revenge. (She'd still be good but would definitely lose her innocence)

    • Wel, she already lost her innocence. But, everyone dead ? Maybe Clem wil want to revenge of Carver and maybe she'll do it in episode 5, but I don't think that everyone will die.

  • Immunity is not possible in TWD universe.

  • Clem being immune would be ridiculous. She would be the same as Ellie from The Last of Us.

    • That's exactly what I was thinking.

    • It was just a example of a ending without she going insane, i don't think she is going to be immune. :S

    • Yet The Last Of Us made more sense because it was 20 years after the Cordyceps started, and The Walking Dead is roughly 2. I know this may sound stupid, and I might get a lot of down votes, but maybe in the near future in The Walking Dead, someone, might, be immune. The human body, might (not saying it would) learn to fight the infection or mutate, like Ellie. Again, I am not saying there will be someone immune, besides that would be a very low chance, especially in The Walking Dead universe.

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    ItsGabee BANNED

    Even if you're immune, that doesn't stop you from dying due to the zombie biting you.

  • The ending will be a big surprise,and with 100% possibility it will be a tearjerking one,that's for sure.

  • I would actually like to see a scene where Clem just loses it! As much as i love the kind, gentle, sweet Clem we all know and love from S1, times have hardened her and we can already see this in S2. I think it would show a big character change if say she got in a rage because something happened and she ends up killing someone good or bad? But its unlikely i guess.

  • I actually just thought of this a few minutes ago, and I got on the forums just to mention it to you all. What if, at the end of Season 2, it bridged Clementine into the Comic Universe? We've seen characters from the comic such as Glenn and Hershel already, wouldn't it be about time for the opposite to happen?

    It would make sense on both a continuity and business sense. People who played the games would like to know what happens to Clem after Season 2, and it may get those same people interested in reading the comics if they didn't read them beforehand. Also, it gives us an opportunity to continue following Clem after the game ends, so Telltale wouldn't need to be pestered about when Season 3 is expected; and if she appears in the comics, wouldn't that be a guarantee that she'd show up in the TV series? It gives everyone a satisfied conclusion to the 2nd season, in which Clem just lives to see another day, and that's all we really want for her.

    What do you all think? Could Clementine exist in the Comic Universe between Season 2 and 3?

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    "I can't imagine what's it's like, growing up in the middle of all this"

    Another dark Clem picture, courtesy of that cool Tumblr.

    Whatever's awaiting Clem in the future, it's not pretty.

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