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Just wanted to start thread about making your own TWD storys as can't find one on this forum

Inspiration for the thread

Credit where credit is due ^

I'll start off and make The Last Of Us and Walking Dead Crossover tribute to my favourite games and characters ever throw in few easter eggs with game quotes and TWD forum inside jokes lol.


Set after the conclusions of both games except Lee survived and is now with a mature Clem hunting through forest for food when find Joel and Ellie both experienced similar journeys and everyone they love is dead and they will protect Clem and Ellie to the death.

Ellie and Joel(spoiler)?

For people who haven't played the game basically at the conclusion of The last of Us found out Ellie has the cure in her brain but before doctors could operate Joel murdered everyone in the hospital and escaped with just Ellie shared similar Journey to Lee and Clem and have same unbreakable bond.

More in depth look at Ellie and Clem for people who haven't played ^

Full look through ending of the last of us in this thread for users haven't played ^

FULL STORY BELOW(contains 4 chapters) hope you enjoy!!

Alt text

A New Dawn

Lee and Clem were walking through the forest after just surviving Savannah but food was running short needed to find a base to find supplies. Suddenly he saw a light they spotted a camp they sneaked up to catch the bandits off guard lee loaded his gun and asked Clem to stay back. Lee saw his chance sprinted into the camp and shouted “DON’T MOVE” lee was about to shoot when small girl ran out of her tent shouting “WATCH OUT JOEL!!!” Lee backed off realising this was family similar to his group and felt ashamed of himself. Joel jumped up about to shoot when Clem jumped in front of lee. “Stop this we are both small group with kids and its late can we just stay the night please” lee said. Joel looked at Ellie she nodded her head and agreed. Suddenly a walker covered in muck and blood appeared Lee deep down knew was Ben he survived covered in blood but shot him in the head anyway he looked at Clem she understood the decision. They sat around the camp Clem and Ellie were telling each other about old days how Clem put bug in ducks bed and Ellie told few bad puns first time lee and Joel seen them laugh in weeks, it warmed their hearts but unfortunately talking about the past dug up some bad memories about duck and Riley (Ellies dead friend) this brought them to tears but for once they had someone who could relate to them and they hugged. It was clear this was helping them mourn and heal from the past.

Lee and Joel on other hand was different you could cut the tension with a knife, they just stared at each other with a dead a stare for an hour without a word being said, out of nowhere Joel spoke. “YOU TOUCH A HAIR ON ELLIE’S HEAD AND I’LL KILL YOU AND CLEM!!” Joel said to which Lee responded “I WOULD KILL YOU AND ELLIE FOR A FUC**** SANDWICH” Lee smiled didn’t mean it but wanted send a clear message they were both alpha males looking for control of the pack. They fell asleep with guns in hand just in case the other tried anything. Clem and Ellie couldn’t sleep they were too excited to finally find somebody around their own age with the same sense of humour. “Hey you have crossbow too, cool!” Clem said “I’m the best shot around come on let’s have a competition” Ellie said. They ran into the forest to see who can catch the most birds suddenly in the shadow two soldiers appeared and knocked Ellie and Clem out with back of their guns straight to the back of Clem and Ellies heads, and then they tied them up and brought them back to their base.

Alt text


Lee awoke to a gun to his head “WHERE IS SHE!!” Joel shouted to which Lee responded “PUT THE GUN DOWN BITCH”. “The bandits took them! Your bad luck, knew it every time I try to help someone they fail me last time I let my morals dictate my decisions, it’s just Ellie and me from now on” Joel said. “Look at you I was talking to Clem your bad luck a failure letting your morals get people killed look at ben saved him who indirectly killed the whole group, Didn’t shoot that kid(duck) got another person killed, face it I knew I should of killed you when I got the chance” Joel said. “ME? Ellie told me she was the cure and you killing all them innocent people in the hospital with your lack of morals damned the whole human race killing billions when you saved her instead, she could of went down in history as a saint that saved the world BUT NO her life will just be remembered as the next zombie meal you, YOU failed her!!! Lee shouted. “WHAT IF IT WAS CLEM?” Joel asked, which lee refused to answer, you could see tears in their eyes Clem and Ellie was the only thing that makes they’re life’s worth anything they are the only people that give them hope to survive each day. “You're treading on some mighty thin ice here” Joel said. Lee threw a punch knocking Joel down. Joel jumped up and head butted Lee, blood was pouring out of each other’s mouths, they pulled their pistols out at each other. “Kill me, I don’t want to live without Clem” lee said. He earned Joel’s respect, they dropped their guns and shook hands "I would rather die killing the men that took them" Joel said and lee agreed then they headed for bandits camp.

Carver saw Ellie and Clem arrive at the camp and he smiled, they were covered in bruises” lock these filthy animals up” Carver said. You see Carver tracked Joel for a while, he knew Ellie was the cure making her priceless to any group that had her, she was the whole worlds hope and power. Carver walked up to the cell Ellie and Clem were in “What’s that, daddy’s not here save you?” Carver laughed “What rhymes with lock” Ellie said, Carver looked at her confused “ROCK” Clem shouted and through a rock straight at Carver which was hidden in her pocket, blinding carver in one eye. Ellie and Clem grabbed Carver and pressed his head against ceil door then whispered in his ear “who’s your daddy? We will be the last two people you will ever see. That’s not a threat but a promise” and let go.

Alt text

The Walking Dread

Lee and Joel were spying on the base ready to attack when suddenly something grabbed Lee. He froze in fear and turned around it was Kenny! The only words that came out of Lee in shock was “HOW” Kenny looked at Lee and said “I got lucky” they all nodded at each other happy with the answer.

The prison base was heavily guarded, the plan was simple: Assassinate guards at the gate quietly without raising any alarms. Once we get the gate open we only have limited resources so we have to use glass and rocks to attract the group of zombies. Inside the unexpected attack will guarantee success. Kenny’s job was to set explosives up around the camp with charges. They will blow the place upon mission completion. Lee and Joel saw two guards patrolling the forest wearing military suits with guns they nodded at each other then sneaked up and then twisted their necks, they needed quick and silent kills to avoid suspicion so they hid the body’s in a bush and changed into their gear also taking their weapons. The three turned and nodded at each other again. They walked up to the gate with the keycard and walked in. They walked into the main base knocked on the door and called all the soldiers out. The door was specially locked so once you’re locked inside you can’t get back in from the outside and it’s bullet proof. All soldiers came running out Joel and Lee gave Kenny a thumbs up and ran inside and locked the door. All soldiers were unable to get back in. Kenny threw rocks and glass inside the base and shot a few sniper rounds. Hundreds of Zombies entered gate then Kenny locked the main gate. The soldiers were trapped few just shot themselves because they knew they had no chance of escape. The zombies killed all the soldiers till it was just a stack of body’s on the battlefield.

Lee and Joel see Clem and Ellie, tears fill their eyes. They run over to embrace them, then they see the bruises and they fall to their knees “SO SORRY WE FAILED YOU” they cried grabbing the keys and opened the prison door then hugged them again. They were about to leave but didn’t know Carver and a few guards were still in the prison. They snuck up and put a gun to Lee and Joel’s head and were about to shoot when Carver shouted “STOP I have a proposition. Give Joel and lee a gun. If Joel shoots Clem or Lee shoots Ellie I will set everyone free and the rest will live, if they dare to turn and try shoot us we will kill them all.” Joel and Lee accepted there faiths refusing to shoot each other’s only hope for bright future and were about to turn. Clem glared at Carver and said “THAT’S NOT NICE!” she looked at Ellie and nodded. They both had rocks hidden in their pockets then threw them at the lights till everything went pitch black. Lee and Joel just smiled and said “that’s our girls”. Ellie had a backpack with a flashlight, Joel gave Clem a Cross bow “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel” Ellie lit the target up and Clem shot it, the soldiers had no chance with all the headshots. Then they came to Carver. Clem and Ellie shouted “remember we told you we will be the last people you will ever see” Ellie lit him up and Clem pulled back the bow and shot Carver straight through his last remaining eye. They left the camp then went up and sat on top of mountain together with them all drinking Juice boxes Kenny let off all the explosions in the prison like a firework display for them. Clem and Ellie highfived, Joel and Lee bro fisted and Kenny rubbed his Stache they found the perfect family.

Alt text


The group walked through the forest. They felt invincible after recent events, so they sat around the fire telling stories and laughing about all the tales. Lee pointed north and told them of the settlement full of food and shelter just 5 miles away, it seems like finally they have a happy ending. Suddenly everything went in slow motion, a zombie jumped out and bit Lee Clem shot the zombie in the head “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Clem screamed with tears in her eyes. Lee sat against the tree dying and told Clem he would miss her she responded “ME TOO” Ellie put her hand on Clems shoulder and said “I Know how it feels” Clem turned angrily pushed Ellie over and put gun to her head.” YOU COULD OF ENDED THIS HELL I WOULD DIE FOR HIM IF I WAS THE CURE!!” Clem said with tears in her eyes. Ellie was silent still in shock” HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU COULD OF STOPPED THIS NOW MY LIFE AND EVERYONE’S IS OVER!!” Clem Screamed “IM SORRY” Ellie burst out crying Joel then put a gun to Clems head “I love you Clem but you even touch that trigger I’ll shoot! Joel said “SHOOT” Clem responded Joel then ran over to lee and asked resident doctor Carlos to cut off his hand to try save him, he picked up a Spoon and started cutting his ear Joel look confused “GO AWAY NOT REALLY A DOCTOR ARE YOU” Clem said so Joel ran over with pocket knife and cut off Lee’s hand and bandaged him up time will tell if he survived.

Clem tried to sleep that night but couldn’t, her pillow was soaked with tears. She looked at the tree the next morning Lee was gone full of blood Clem dropped to her knees screaming Crying Lee’s dead she realised. “What’s wrong my little sweet pea” she turned and saw Lee and ran over then hugged him with a big smile.


Alt text

Apologize for any bad grammar

Thanks for reading took me hours lol what do you think?

Also make few story's yourself on this thread promise to read, review and thumb



  • PLEASE listen! i know of a perfectly amazing fanfic but isnt that popular and not that many people have seen it but its such a perfectly done fanfic. its called: The Walking Dead: A Saving Grace Part 1

    ther is also: The Walking Dead: A Saving Grace Part 2

    and also: The Walking Dead: Nowhere To Run Part 1

    they are all made by the same person and all of them are a masterpiece

    they were all created by: Tyler_Durant

    he was going to stop making them because no one has seen it. even though alot of people didnt see it i though it was magnificent, along with another user that also wants people to know about this thread.
    so PLEASE go to that thread and check it out... i loved it so much and so will you!

  • haha thanks, hopefully people see it...

  • Loved this good story man

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    Great story, but still no match for Tobis comic book series! :D

    Alt text

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    Cool thread.

    This is a story about Lee's brother and his story. Lee called him bud but I don't think its his name. So since we only know that his name starts with a B I will call him Brice.

    Alt text

    Chapter One : Almost Time

    It was another regular day at the pharmacy. Brice was usually at the drug store, with his parents. If no customers were in he would watch TV with his dad, and talk with his mom. Right now he was dozing off at the counter, wondering what Lee was doing. They were open on weekdays 7:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m, they closed on weekends, and when Brice was free he hung out with his friend John usually playing video games, playing cards, and cycling through the neighborhood.

    The news came that day. It was about Lee and how he murdered someone. It hit Brice hard. How could he do that? He thought to himself. They didn't talk about Lee much that day, mother seemed to have wanted to visit him but father seemed angry and she didn't want to agitate him, and the day went on.

    John came to visit that afternoon and Brice wanted to tell someone. He decided he would and said with grief "My brother got convicted for murder..." Brice said sadly. John looked shocked. He looked down and then back at Brice "I'm sorry..." John said feeling speechless. "How about we go biking?" John said breaking the silence hoping to cheer him up. Brice agreed and they went on their way. They went their usual route, down a couple blocks towards Travelier Motel, the wind against their backs. It wasn't as tiring as it was before but nevertheless they still sweat buckets. "Thanks for that" Brice said as they returned 10 minutes later at the drug store. "No problem. I'm sorry about your brother. I'm with you though, by your side no matter what happens" John said with a smile as he went to his home.

    The next day

    It was a cool autumn evening and Brice was on the evening shift by himself. Not much happened as usual... But then a gunshot was fired coming from across the street. Brice rushed outside and saw a young asian man with a gun in hand running down an alley. Before Brice could say anything the man had escaped out of sight. Brice ran to where he heard the bullet. It was in the apartment John was staying at... Brice climbed the fire escape with ease and got into Johns room through the open window. Brice gasped and fell onto his knees. Blood was everywhere and someone lay on the ground in front of him. It was John.

    Alt text

    Chapter 2 : Sorrow

    The death of John and the conviction of Lee made Brice feel so many emotions. He knew them all but hadn’t faced them all at once, anger, frustration, sorrow, grief, sadness, and pain. Soon some cops came by to check on everyone. One approached me and I described the appearance of the killer to him hoping they would catch the bastard. The next day they found him and the gun on the roof and he was arrested. Brice was in his room most of the time trying to forget everything. One afternoon when he was listening to the radio in his room, the news said to stay indoors because of some... infection. The reporter Steve said people that are infected would try to eat you and, staying away from them should be your number one priority. Brice put on his pharmacy clothing and went to find his parents at the drugstore to bring them to safety.

    The streets were filled with the monsters. They roamed around, some of them chewing on the guts of some poor guy who Brice saw at the drug store once. He managed to get in the pharmacy with his keys and went to the office door. When he tried to open it, it didn't budge. He looked through the small window and saw a desk pushed up against the door and… blood on the floor. Brice felt a shiver down his spine and as he looked closer and he saw their bodies. He cried and fell to the floor hands in his face. He punched the walls, and kicked the door only hurting him self. It was too much to handle and he began to go outside to let the corpses eat him, and end his pain

    It was maybe 4:00 p.m and the few zombies that were outside walked toward him. But suddenly 2 bright lights shined at them. The monsters turned and walked toward the light. Seven people emerged from two pickup trucks and began to shoot them. The zombies fell one by one the bullets piercing their brains. The people’s shots were not very accurate and Brice was pretty sure they wasted all their ammo, but the leader approached Brice a fist in the air signaling not to shoot. "What the hell are you doing?" He said in a deep tone.

    Alt text

    Episode 3 : The End Of The End

    "I... I..." Brice cannot think of what to say or else the man may think he’s crazy. "Its fine. Were a group and we can help you out. I'm Steve,” the leader says. He has a big black beard, short messy black hair and is wearing a red sweater, and jeans. He points to a tall man in camouflage jacket, pants, and hat, and a teenage girl wearing a pink shirt, and jeans, with long black hair. "That's Garrot, and his daughter Vanessa." Next he pointed towards a muscular bald man in a tank top and green shorts, a slim, brown haired woman wearing jeans and a yellow short sleeve shirt, and a fat guy wearing an officer's uniform "Tony, Lisa, and Harry" he said. "We need another group member because 7 people has kept us alive so far. There was a guy named Patrick who was with us but he ditched us.... So what do ya say?" Steve said with a grin. Brice knew that this must be a sign to stay alive and agreed to go with them "Sure name's Brice." Brice replies.

    “Cool. Lets search some of these buildings. Were running low on supplies." Steve said. About 50 zombies had shown up from behind the pickups. "Steve... You brainless buffoon... Look what the shooting brought here" Harry the officer said. They began running and got into a building, which looked to be a jeweler’s store. Steve began barking out orders. Tony, Lisa, and Vanessa were barricading doors and windows, Garrot was searching the room, and Harry was holding the door with Brice. "Clear" Garrot says. "Good. Were going to have to wait until the lurkers clear out." Steve said with a sigh. The door was getting harder and harder to hold, finally the door was blocked well by a desk. "We don't have much ammo, but we can survive the night for now. Better get comfortable. Were going to be here for a while,” Steve states falling into a chair kicking his feat up Everyone is now settled down.

    Everyone is now settled down. Harry is sleeping in the corner his snores loud. Tony and Lisa sit in the corner talking, huddled close together. Garrot is on watch with the only gun with ammo. Steve is still sitting in the chair, leaning on the back legs, looking like he could stay awake forever. Vanessa was sitting by herself at a table. Brice goes to talk to her. "Hey. Want some?" Vanessa says offering him some crackers. Brice accepts and sits beside her. "So..." Before Brice could speak Vanessa begins to talk "Don't trust Steve. If I were you I would leave." She whispers. Brice is confused "What's wrong? Steve seems okay and if he’s bad why haven't you left?" Brice replies quietly. "Steve will come after anybody who leaves and kill them. Patrick got lucky and escaped. You should go and I'll come with you." Vanessa says.

    Brice is unsure but after a few minutes he is convinced. "Okay we need a plan to distract them." Brice says. Vanessa agrees, "Tony and Lisa don't like him either. My dad, and Harry though won't leave Steve. Tony and Lisa can distract Steve and I can distract my dad while you get the door open,” she says. Vanessa nods to Tony who looks at her and he nods back. As Garrot and Steve are distracted, Brice removes the desk against the door and opens it.

    Steve yells, "What are you doing?" Zombies pour in. Everyone begins fighting the zombies with pieces of glass, and sharpened sticks. In the heat of battle Tony, Lisa, Vanessa, and Brice run for the door. Garrot fires his last bullet into Lisa's leg and she falls to the ground in the doorway. Tony cries out her name and runs toward her. Steve appears and punches him down beating on his face. Harry had awoken and was trying to punch Vanessa, and Brice was fighting Garrot.

    Garrot tackled Brice to the ground. Tony came and kicked Garrot off. Garrot was severely kicked in the ribs by Tony and he lay on the ground in pain. Steve was gone. Tony carried Lisa, and they all ran for the exit. They got outside and Brice was relieved they had made it. "Watch Out!" Vanessa screams as a large wooden pole falls on top of Brice. One of the pickup trucks driven by Steve knocked it over crushing Brice in the process. The pickup backed up and sped off down the road. "He's gone.... We need to go" Tony says pulling Vanessa. Vanessa looks at Brice smiling and crying at the same time "I'm sorry Brice..."
    Darkness comes over Brice. He sees light for a minute. He sees Lee's face a frown on his face. He says some words and looks at Brice. Brice tries to say something but cannot and instead of darkness, light comes descends on him. It was over. It was The End Of The End.

    Alt text

    Made some adjustments so if anything is wrong please tell me. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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    Love this can't wait read rest when your finished then do full review of it

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    Just say few bonus things that didn't make my story but were considered or forgot to add them

    Quotes: Kenny "Urban" Rick "Stuff and Things" Joel "Your not my daughter" etc

    Story arc at the end Kenny would remove his stache and Lee would say we were double crossed because of such a fine stache that's his evil brother lenny but though make story to long and wanted to keep some element of realism lol etc


    Well, I might as well shill this thing again. I wrote this fanfic back in September about what might have happened to Clem if the two people she met on the hill weren't Christa and Omid. It's in script form so it might be a bit different than what people are used to but I'd appreciate if you guys could check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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    Loved this story some things I liked

    • Realistic
    • Builds tension slowly with good foundation at the start
    • Easy to read and layed out great
    • References to Walking Dead when he said Russel and Lee etc the fanboy in me went crazy so cool
    • Descriptions are very good felt right in the moment
    • Big twist at end shocked and delighted me very unexpected with Brice
    • Never got boring or felt to long


    Overall think was great and hope write more love to read them

  • Thank you so much :). I really like references to the game so I knew its around the drugstore in Macon so lets throw in the motel, Vince, guy who Vince shot, Russell and his old group, and all based around Lee's brother.

    You deserve a bro speech.

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    Enjoyed this story was very weird reading it in that way but was unique loved it.Tension build slowly also love seeing all little interactions between characters all little jokes and reactions to events really felt in the moment really was easy to get into each characters mindset seeing way they spoke good descriptions and loved twist at the end also had nice mystery's element where always wanted to know what going happen next overall say 9/10 can't say more without giving out spoilers but recommend read this link everyone it's brilliant

    Hope write another one here love to read it

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    what think of my story bro lol

    You wrote such long story and it was great least you deserve is decent review bro thanks for the story I actually really enjoyed it and hope write more for me to review bro.

  • Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your feedback on the plot and characters, especially on what you thought of Zheng and the whole set up at Sundown. I've spoiler-tagged this post so if there's any spoilery stuff you want to say, you can just reply to me here. :) Thanks again for the read.


    I wrote this one a little while back. It's about Roman and what happened to him at the river before Nick, Pete, and Clem find his body. I tried to match up the bodies to where they were in the game, but I wasn't entirely successful, I don't think. Still, overall I'm pretty proud of it. If you do check it out, tell me what you think and how I could improve.

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    Love it! Even though i already knew, that you are a talented Fanficer! :D (you know what i'm talking about!)

  • That's a lot of bros. :D.

    Yours was good here are some things I liked

    • Cool Crossover
    • Humorous
    • Tense moments
    • Cool references
    • Very detailed and descriptive
    • Easy and fun read
    • Well delivered and pictures :D


    Awesome that you made a thread like this. We must keep this thread alive! I really like writing and I'm thinking of maybe continuing with the other members of Steve's group or starting a new story. I hope more people write!

  • You are awesome as well. I swear you inherit Kenny's stache power of awesomeness.

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    Just got back now to the forum must say I DEMAND A SEQUEL PLEASE!!!

    My thoughts I'm massive anti-villain fan governor, joker etc I love villains with a method to their madness and Zheng was this he was perfect leader for me keep everyone concentrated and working at full capacity also helping them be good with weapons basically making them perfect survivors and giving them safe place to stay my favourite character

    Loved Clem the way she stayed true to her character when she said don't swear etc little references to prove same girl from game really helped me see this character as Clem I know very well written in terms of her character and her bravery at the end to leave made me smile just beautiful ending

    Loved the lottery with the burdens when get over the capacity of people because makes sense and genius way to keep everything running plus is fair just genius and very intelligent writing love it.

    Loved the flow and pacing was superb nothing was rushed sudden change in chapters 6 and 7 when got really intense enjoyed

    Loved chapters names to really smart

    Anyway love to see another story know I'm only one user but can tell you definitely have serious talent and if write anymore demand to read lol

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    Thank you this made my day please write more love to read and as always give good depth review and thumb bro

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    please make a story stache love to read thanks

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    Very much enjoyed also give improvements don't usually like doing that because just arrogant on my part to in any way criticise story when mine are not perfect lol and don't want users to get nervous and not write story in cause to harsh but will because you asked


    • Realistic within TWD universe no plotholes
    • Loved action sequences well described felt in the moment
    • Love little describes like "speaking his words like venon" and "Predator met his prey" just epic love that
    • Roman like Rambo when got up fearless for fight not caring about death my heart raced just such badass moments the descriptions there just brilliant
    • References to Carver love haven't played ep 2 yet so might miss few
    • Ending made me have so many feels
    • AK 47 nuff said
    • Just deliciously evil and violent with dark moments my favourite
    • For long story hooked on every line especially big battle so intelligently written

    Cons( hate being harsh thanks for story)

    • So long I don't mind but know once users see long story they think won't read this even though awesome that's why my story used pictures but recommend using chapters in future story's if you want
    • For me with story like going through many different areas in a story but in this story stayed in same spot for whole story

    Sorry that's really all I can think of other then that brilliant and recommend writing more have talent love to read them more violent the better lol love the way you write not afraid to show gruesomeness of actual battle and goes in depth through scenes brilliant on right path to be superb writer


    Recommend all users follow the link and read this story in Rock114 comment gets Markd stamp of approval just awesome

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    I plan on writing one where my character meets Clem and Christa during the 16 month timeskip. I'm supposed a total mute.

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    Yes please write here Tobi love to read and review it COME ON TOBI!!! just one little story

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    Alt text

  • Please visit our thread on this forum, it is about continuing upon the end of Season 1 and we are already in our very own SEASON 3! We seriously want more writers to share the fun with, so I hope you will at least read it. : )

  • If TellTale refuses my storyboard, I'll definitely submit it here (though its pretty long).

  • Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

  • Love this brilliant concept definitely be writing bit here in next day or two right now my head melted after writing my fanfic, But say what great idea going be fun lol

  • Longer the better please do

  • Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you on the thread!

  • Yeah, I looked at the story and thought "Holy shit, it's the Text Wall of China," but I wrote it all in one go and put it up as such. Chapters WOULD have been a good idea, but I admit to being lazy.

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    lol still brilliant story though thanks for the share

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