Game artwork?

Where can I find the game artwork and drawing board ideas like the pencil drawings and ideas of the delorean and the characters, some rare game art stuff?


  • Gee, I don't know, Bttf isn't as focused on as other games like Twd. I guess you could find SOMETHING at, y'know, scraped caracters (Tiff Tannen for example), actual concept art, early screenshots, but I don't know, you'd have to do some searchin' bud

  • Ok, thank you my friend. i'll try and see if I could pull anything up.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    edited April 2014

    The collector's edition DVD had some on the disc in digital format, the deluxe collector's edition had some of this stuff in print, and there was an art portfolio available at one time, but unfortunately none of these are available for sale anymore. :(

    There are a few things online, like concept art, and has a picture of the portfolio, but unfortunately only Trixie Trotter is shown clearly.

  • Thank you kindly Jennifer.

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