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    ... do you seriously think that TellTale will accept a storyboard from a random guy on the internet? I keep seeing you go on and on about some sort of storyboard, but there is 0 chance that they are going to take your story over a professional writer's story.

    EDIT: I don't mean to sound rude, but I really don't think that this is going to happen.

  • Wow pics just added even more awesomeness to this story love the pics my rating goes up to 9.5

  • :D. Thanks! I remembered that your had pictures and it made it more cooler and gives the reader a visual. I decided I should do the same :D.

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    Alt text

    lol agree MOAR STORYS

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    lol But come on I applaud Clayton sure it's ambitious but fair play have a dream go for it and hope telltale accept it. I really wish Clay best of luck

  • just seen the edit agree see what you mean spend hours making a storyboard and most likely won't get accepted would actually be very disrespectful to the writers if got accepted but never know

  • My short stories usually last for several pages. XD

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    lol Only several pages bit short TOBI MOAR!!! no serious love reading stories longer the better love to read it

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    I'm glad that my 'Create a Fable' thread inspired you to make this one, Mark. I seriously appreciate it, for giving it a mention and everything. While I don't normally post in the TWD forums or even look at it regularly, this thread will be an exception. As I'm eager to see what stories people will come up with concerning the Walking Dead universe. Again, thanks again Mark, for letting me inspire you and for commenting on my recent thread as well! :)

  • No problem love see story from you to dragon love to read it

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    Cool story love the TLOU should write more

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  • Like say read this recommend all users follow this link quality story won't regret it

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    I'm going to do story soon here be crossover of Walking dead and Bioshock Infinite

  • Cool can't wait read it lol not sure how but whatever

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    Thanks for the story

    Things I liked

    TWD with Lee and Clem Love this

    Whole concept was just genius getting sucked into the game and meeting lee,clem just genius

    Described each scene well felt in the moment


    Short and feel story not complete yet as just met lee and clem




    Really enjoyed this story and recommend do more chapters love see the rest your very good but its very short so hard do a big review but bit you did very good love to see more also write few storys here love read more from you.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna write a lot more chapters as well as a Skyrim story with the same premise as my Walking Dead story.

  • Sounds cool when your finished share link here love to read it and as well can write story here whenever you want thanks for the share.

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    Finished all edits on my TLOU story reread it few mistakes couldn't believe I missed anyway all completed enjoy

  • That was brilliant loved it

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    Do a practice chapter to start off with Carlos, Sarah and Clem


    Clem walks into the forest the wind is ice cold making her shiver it was night weird noises haunted the forest. Clem looked around she could swear the shadows were watching her Carlos and Sarah could sense her fear. Suddenly a Walker appears it runs at Sarah everything seems to be going in slowmotion it was covered in blood and Muck it was about to kill Sarah. Clem looked at Carlos he shouted "SHOOT". Clem took out her pistol and with one press of the trigger "BANG" got the walker right in the head. Clem was proud made her remember her lessons with Lee how proud he would be she though to herself and smiled. But what happened next haunted Clem dreams for the rest of her life. A little girl runs out of the forest screaming crying "NOOOOOO DADDY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!". Clem eyes started tearing up Clem responded "NO HE WAS A WALKER". The little girl turned and looked Clem in the eyes with a glare Clem has since mastered the look of true pain with tears and said "My group ran out of medication for my dad so he went crazy but before we got supplies he escaped he was covered in muck and blood because he probably fell in muck and cut himself on tree branches as he couldn't control his mind or body without medication YOU MONSTER!!!". Carlos looked at Clem and said "YOU REALLY ARE A MONSTER!!!". Flashback occured in Clems head about the final moments with Lee her hero. She was after damning this little girl to the same faith as what happened to her becoming the monster she swore to stop. Clem dropped her gun ran over to the dead body and started punching the chest screaming with uncontrollable tears "NO HIS OK NO HIS OK HIS ALIVE PLEASE WAKE UP!!". Little girl looked at Clem in anger and said "To late damage been done my life's over". The little girl picked up the gun and put it to her head and said "I'M COMING DADDY!!" while tears were running down her face. Clem looked at the girl while tears ran down her cheek the shock and grief made her stutter " PPPP.....LEASE DDD...ON'T SSSS...HOOT MMM...E Instead" Clem screamed begging on her knees. "BANG" Clem fainted in shock all the events and the noise was to much for her to take. She awoke seeing the Little girl laying down in the tent. Tears drowned Clems face seeing little girl. Sarah ran over and hugged Clem tightly as Clem screamed in tears "IM SORRY" it's ok your gun was out of bullets she survived with all the stress she fell asleep in the tent.

    How will Clem explain what happened to the little girl if she just waited 5 seconds more he would of got his medication like her thoughts hated her she would never forgive herself.

  • Very dark but good story liked it

  • Might expand it do a full story and add more chapters

  • Have Idea next story will be Dark Knight and Walking dead cross over be finished in next couple of days

  • OMG, one of your stories names is 'A New Dawn'!

    That's the name of my fanfiction aswell!


    Mind Blown

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    It's in German, though...

    Still want a link?

    It's canon to the game and the comics/show, so no main characters fanfiction, but a whole new story with whole new characters

    Sometimes game characters show up, like what happened to Mark before he met Lee and stuff like that

  • Thanks for the share love to read it but can't as can't read German but thanks for the share

  • Well, i'm currently writing a fan fiction that's the TWD universe but different settings and characters, i thought it was interesting how Clem is young yet such an important character, so I made 3 kids the main characters. I DO have canon characters, though i won't say who as that will spoil and they won't be in the story forever, as of now i'm writing chapter 6.

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