What was he potentially doing?

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When Bigby noticed the picture and took a good look at it, he saw Crane touching Snow or the troll (Lily that was glamoured - please tell me whether it was Snow White or Lily because I sort of misunderstood).

What do you think? How is Crane involved? What was he doing? Why did he meet her?

Excuse me if the answers were already said in the episode because I played it while half-asleep lol.



  • I think Crane was framed. I heard he had an obsession with Snow, but murder doesn't seem like something he would do. I think some of your questions will be answered in Episode 3.

    And yeah it was Lily glamoured in the photo.

  • If he was framed, why did he break the mirror?

  • Good point. I have no idea, maybe because he knew he was a wanted suspect now.

  • That was Lily's room so Crane was with Lily glamoured as Snow. She was even wearing the dress in the wardrobe and snow white book in 207. It seems Crane has an unhealthy obsession with her. I never trusted him as he was suspicious the moment I met him but I don't think he's the killer though he definitely knows more than he's letting on. Also when he comes to see the body and we first find out it's a troll, Crane automatically says she must have been seeing another troll but if that was the case, surely she wouldn't need the glamour in the first place?

    None of those questions have been answered yet but it's implied Crane is using Lily to fulfil his unhealthy Snow White fantasies.

    Crane definitely knows more than he's letting on. The fact that Crane lets Tweedle go and is so keen on you arresting Woody (who if you do arrest proves to be innocent/has an alibi.) also raises suspicion but we do not yet know just how he is involved.

  • Or maybe it was because he's been discovered to be a philanderer that has an obsession with a coworker to the point of stalking and paying Snow-glamoured prostitutes. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I were in his shoes.

  • Well said! While I am not saying that Crane is innocent on this and I won't deny the fact that he does have an unhealthy obsession toward Snow, some part of me thinks that he was framed. Mostly because the way the photos are planted. Firstly, why would someone leave a bunch of photos, one involving yourself being with the victim, on a murder site? Why didn't he go back and remove them when he had the chance? Is it because he has forgotten about the photos? Who took the photos? There are a lot of questions that needs to be answered.

  • Thank you :) Exactly. You wouldn't leave the photos behind. I believe whoever took the photos is the killer. It's quite possible Crane knows them quite well (how else would they know where he would be?) and that Crane is getting closer to finding the truth so they've framed him to take the heat off themselves. Either that or Crane knows who the killer is but he's being blackmailed with his sordid secret and the photos were a sign to Crane the killer wasn't bluffing to expose him.

    Either way Crane's hiding something but that doesn't necessarily mean he's guilty. At this stage I wouldn't be surprised if Crane is working with Crooked man and the Tweedles and that's why he released the tweedle. I don't trust the Tweedles but I don't think their guilty either (if you go to Lawrences apartment first, you get proof that they didn't kill Lawerence afterall.) however we know nothing about the crooked man at this stage. Who's to say the Crooked Man is using them to cover his tracks? Him and Bluebeard and top of my list right now. We've already seen Bluebeard likes violence and he seems to be making himself quite comfy at Cranes desk with him gone..

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