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  • Thanks to A live _ Clem I have seen the video. I have not researched the subject, but for you to claim the facts are fake you must have, so I ask, what facts in the video are actually lies?

  • Yes.Even sadder. Could you please tell me when she said " Everything went wrong... "? I didn't notice this when I played the game so I want to play again. I'd appreciate it if you can tell me the chapter :)

  • You probably won't, but maybe a future generation?

  • You'll believe what? Taking into context the post you replied to then there is already undeniable proof of CannibalCarl's statement. Muscles are in fact stimulated via electrical impulses from the brainstem. This can been seen quite evidently on cadavers. And if a virus could gain control over this section of the brain then it/ they would have, at least partial, control over the muscles of the body. Now if we are going to talk about reanimated bodies then there are a plethora of other problems the virus would need to face, but the above is no less true.

  • Its an option when you're talking to Kenny by the fireplace.

  • The ending will be a big surprise,and with 100% possibility it will be a tearjerking one,that's for sure.

  • Got it. Thanks a lot! :)

  • I would actually like to see a scene where Clem just loses it! As much as i love the kind, gentle, sweet Clem we all know and love from S1, times have hardened her and we can already see this in S2. I think it would show a big character change if say she got in a rage because something happened and she ends up killing someone good or bad? But its unlikely i guess.

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    I actually just thought of this a few minutes ago, and I got on the forums just to mention it to you all. What if, at the end of Season 2, it bridged Clementine into the Comic Universe? We've seen characters from the comic such as Glenn and Hershel already, wouldn't it be about time for the opposite to happen?

    It would make sense on both a continuity and business sense. People who played the games would like to know what happens to Clem after Season 2, and it may get those same people interested in reading the comics if they didn't read them beforehand. Also, it gives us an opportunity to continue following Clem after the game ends, so Telltale wouldn't need to be pestered about when Season 3 is expected; and if she appears in the comics, wouldn't that be a guarantee that she'd show up in the TV series? It gives everyone a satisfied conclusion to the 2nd season, in which Clem just lives to see another day, and that's all we really want for her.

    What do you all think? Could Clementine exist in the Comic Universe between Season 2 and 3?

  • Cordyceps scares the shit out of me.

  • Being immune to walker bacteries is possible in the comic. Being immune to the reanimation virus itself is not.

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    "I can't imagine what's it's like, growing up in the middle of all this"

    Another dark Clem picture, courtesy of that cool Tumblr.

    Whatever's awaiting Clem in the future, it's not pretty.

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    This is so well done... Amid the Ruins is going to be THAT episode, I just know it. The one that leaves people just sitting there wondering if what they just saw really happened.

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    Yet The Last Of Us made more sense because it was 20 years after the Cordyceps started, and The Walking Dead is roughly 2. I know this may sound stupid, and I might get a lot of down votes, but maybe in the near future in The Walking Dead, someone, might, be immune. The human body, might (not saying it would) learn to fight the infection or mutate, like Ellie. Again, I am not saying there will be someone immune, besides that would be a very low chance, especially in The Walking Dead universe.

  • How is it that their hands can penetrate human flesh. Like how Travis died in season 1 episode 2, or Brie in episode 4?

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    I wonder if she'll Contemplate suicide. Wow I dont know how I would feel if it came down to that.

  • That would break everyones heart.

  • Yeah, I feel like it's going to be an ending like Around Every Corner.

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