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Merry Christmass and happy new year to TellTale.

posted by MussKatt on - last edited - Viewed by 179 users
Hi guys.

I just wanted to wish you all a very good christmass and a happy new year, and also to remind you that early 2009 is less than 12 hours away, and as such, we should be the proud recipients of Sam and Max season 3 informations.

As legions of fans and average people celebrate the magical countdown this fine evening, i will be there, when the timer reaches zero, hitting refresh on my browser constantly until new informations arrive.

And as such, i'll have a hard time telling people ' no i can't go out with you guys since i have no new news yet from the telltale site ', shall you fail to deliver these news.

So please. Preserve my sanity and social life, girlfriend, familly, the life of my pets and my job ( wich is, about the least important thing to me right now ), and release em information. Sir. Sirette. Please?

Again Merry Christmass and Happy new year. I wish you guys health, a healthy throat to bring back the real Bluster Blaster, success, and everything you guys want. And thank you for your imagination.

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