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Corrupted Wish

posted by Maxilyah on - last edited - Viewed by 22.6K users
Here's a new game for you guys! It's called Corrupted Wish, and here's how it works:
The person above (that would be me, thank you) makes a wish, and then the next person tells how the wish goes wrong, and then makes their own, and so on. Please try to keep it appropriate, and don't argue. I'll start.

I wish I had a million dollars.
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  • Granted. Your computer now downloads a millisecond faster. Congratulations.

    I wish for an immortal hamster who does whatever I tell it to.
  • Granted, but you quickly discover that your hamster is completely deaf, so you can't tell it to do anything. You quickly grow bored of it and end up chucking it out the window.

    I wish for awesome telekinetic powers, that I will use for good, and not for Earl.
  • Granted, but everyone thinks you're a freak and scientists start to do painful and tedious tests on you because they want your powers.

    I wish Sam and Max lived in my neighborhood... and didn't try to injure and/or kill me.
  • Granted. Sam and Max live in your neigborhood and inexplicably leave you exempt from their natural inclination toward carnage, but they end up killing/injuring everyone and everything you care about, so although you yourself are completely unharmed, you end up in a world where you have no reason to live (save to enjoy watching the antics of Sam and Max, which I disturbingly suspect might be enough for you).

    I wish for awesome BUT DISCREET telekinetic powers, which I will use for good and not for Earl.
  • (Do you mind if I use the first part of that post in my signature? It's just too funny to pass up. XD)

    Granted. You can now bend string with your mind. But since string is already bendy as is, you grow bored with the power and wish you'd been more specific. ;)

    I wish for a delicious cheesecake that is not poisoned, tainted, spoiled, explosive, and I won't choke on it. :P
  • (Sure. No problem. Go right ahead. :))

    You eat the cheese cake and it tastes delicious, but it was rather small. Also, seconds later Sam and Max storm into the room and announce that the cheese cake you just ate is somehow vital to the resolution of their current case and subsequently attempt to "extract" it from your stomache with a few of their inventory items. After succeeding only to cause you horrible pain (in a few ways that I feel it is best not to mention) they finally decide to use their "nausea inducing parakeet figurine" on you, which finally does the trick. After they scoop up the half-digested remains of your cheese cake and bid you fairwell, you find that the whole experience was so horrifyingly unpleasant that you are unable to bring yourself to eat cheese cake ever again.

    I wish prestigious awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • (I'm running out of ways to make people's lives miserable. >.<)

    Granted, but the awards are stolen from people who actually earned them, and so you go to jail.

    I wish I had a sniper rifle to use whenever I please without fear of being shot by another person with a gun or of being arrested for using the gun illegally.
  • granted, but no-one will sell you any ammo for it and you didn't start with any so it's pretty useless.

    I wish I had more motivation to work on a flash animation that I was making for a friend (which should have been made by christmas, but I've only done one line of speech, voice sync is surprisingly tedious).
  • Granted, but then all of the tools you need to make the flash animation disappear. How unfortunate.

    I wish this year to be great for everyone.
  • Granted. Everyone is happy and totally doing great this year, and everyone somehow gets along with everyone else, but this just sort of makes the whole world reseble a giant, year-long episode of "Barney". Disgusting...fortunately, when the year is over, everyone starts fighting again and all the wars come back bigger and bloodier than ever.

    I wish for Pandora's box. I'm not going to open it. I just want to see what it looks like.
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