Adam Harrington really out did himself in episode 3

I always liked his performance in the two previous episodes and he seemed like a really cool down to earth guy in an IGN interview I saw but for me, he never quite CLICKED as Bigby. There was something off, something missing in the first two episodes.

Well, to me at least, episode 3 is where he's really knocked it out of the park. Right from the opening scene to his interactions with all the characters, whether it's seething with animal rage, trying to be gentle or just quietly threatening those who annoy him, to me at least, Adam Harrington has really broken out in this episode.

Oh and Dave Fennoy was awesome as Bluebeard as well. Probably because he actually had stuff to say in this episode rather than being randomly thrown in for little reason in Smoke and Mirrors.


  • the voice actress for Holly could have been better, especially at the beginning. Apart from that though, the voice actors all did a pretty good job. Flycatcher's brought a sombre but kinda likeable optimism to the story, Snow's was good, and Bigby's was impressive.

  • I really like Flycatcher's voice, it is better than I imagined him.

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