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  • Ah well. It's something to hope for in these desperate times. :/

  • I actually prefer when they aren't telling us anything over the God damn word "SOON" shivers. At least now, when we haven't heard anything, I find it easier to deal with the wait because I'm not expecting a release anytime soo... Nope, not gonna say it again, once is enough.

  • My prediction

    Episode 3 will be finished and uploaded to steam in 1 or 2 weeks then it'll take 3 more weeks for classification + release.

  • You're right. I guess what I meant to say is that it puts to rest the possibility that Luke may have just disappeared completely. Before this confirmation, I was thinking that Luke might have just been gone. Of course, that would disappoint a lot of fans with no real explanation and no further development of his character, but with that tweet it is confirmed that this is not the case.

  • Glad someone else actually knows how the system works.

  • ...you're kidding ... right?

    Say right, please.

  • It's understandable. Some parts of the world are still living with sticks and stones.

  • When will the teasing start? Next week, in two weeks? No matter what, Telltale fans know something for certain (other than death and taxes): It shall come soon.

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  • a tweet from someone at TT

    "Two long days of VO. Waiting at LAX. Tired."

    Could this mean all the scenes are done and only need the voices?


  • I'd guess a teaser pic around April 25th, a trailer at 29th and the release at 6th

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  • I went on TDY at the beginning of March. I can see only a big steamy pile of nothing happened is episode 3 news as I was gone.

  • I hope they finish the episode this week or the next, to promptly send it off to the bloody certification. Then again, I personally have a lot of expectations for this third episode, so the last thing I want to do is rush them.

  • Agreed. God, could you imagine how tragic it would be if episode 3 was just flat out bad? Reviews giving scores of 4-6/10 all over, fans expressing disappointment and the whole hype train coming to a screeching halt? Of course, that is not only the worst case scenario, but just about a one in a million chance considering the quality Telltale relentlessly puts out. I have no doubt that episode 3 will give us all an insatiable hunger for more.

  • You know, I actually was of the mind that the sooner the better, no matter the cost to the quality of the episode. Not that a long developing time is the one thing that an episode needs to be great * Glares at Smoke and Mirrors *, but it certainly helps when taking new ideas, feedback from the fans, and overall just polishing it to be the best piece of content possible.

    As I was saying, for reasons I've more or less stated in other threads, In Harm's Way is a turning point for me in regards to this series. It will make or break this season for me overall. Not that I would stop playing, I just wouldn't feel the same about doing so. Let's see how this goes, either way, I'm sticking with our girl to the end.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    They are still doing recording sessions according to Clem_is_awesome's post so i don't think they will finish this week or next as they will need to put all the correct dialogue with the correct scenes which could take time if they have lots of lines. They should hopefully be close to completing all the animation so it would be easier to sync the audio with the animation.

    I really hope they don't let us down with this episode, i was really worried about episode 2 but it was amazing so hopefully they give us a great episode 3 :)

  • Actually the guy directing the voice actors already took a plane back home so I think he's done with that. Now i don't know if that means all the voice over is done for all the characters.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    If he's gone home hopefully that means they are done with the main script and are now moving onto post production. They still might need to go back for callback sessions but that shouldn't take too much time.

  • Funny you mention post production because the third person in that pic is the producer while the other 2 guys are cinematic artists. This might have actually been the big important recording session then.

  • So much teasing and patient...

    Alt text

    I want it soon!.

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    Welp, it has been 37 days since A House Divided. That is five weeks. Hopefully we should get some news when we reach six weeks.


  • It's embarrassing how much I crave my next Walking Dead fix. :/ Every minute of waiting is agonising. lol

    Okay, I'll stop complaining... for now. Sorry.

  • omg. Staring at the gif is making me imitating the action.


  • It is nothing to feel embarrassed over. I think most of us feel just the same. I most certainly do. :)

  • We all crave for it man, not alone.

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    Why not? Hope helps.

  • episode 3 could be the calm before the storm looking at the slides,although it looks like we might be prisoners at the mall,it could be fun lying to everyone and plotting an escape,episode 4 looks amazing,and thats from one slide.

  • Wait started early. But been 5 weeks so yeah, maybe in 2 weeks we can see a tweet saying soon, who knows.

  • hopefully by the end of this month we will hear something fingers crossed

  • Whether or not it's out soon it's still going to be great. Although the wait is starting to make me go a tad bit insane.

  • my prediction for the release date is:
    the future

    we shall see who is closer to the mark.

  • I think it's all part of Telltales ebil plot!

    They keep us waiting, staggering about like a bunch of zombies awaiting each episode.

    They've turned their fan's into the Walkng Dead!

  • goddamn it! someone posted in a comment stating that it would be April 15, now i see around May, but that's not a known fact. Y'all truly is breaking my heart, i purchase this game around when it came out, now what about the other episodes? we got to wait another few months for that to? that's not fair! AAAAHH! I'm bout to turn into a damn zombie if i don't finish off this game! ijs

  • Some of Kenny's dialogue is done!

    Alt text


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