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Stuck in Lincoln Must Die at end

posted by svdbygrce on - last edited - Viewed by 339 users
I got the beacon from Bosco's, tossed it on Abe's back, but when I return to the war room, I can't fire at Lincoln..all I get is Bosco's and the missle def. system intercepts. Help!
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  • That's strange. It should have worked.
  • maybe try throwing it again, but if that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.
  • chasing down abe..i dont have the beacon in inventory any longer.

    i've gone back to Bosco's store to see if I could get the beacon again, but it is gone as well. Oh well..maybe I'll have to reload a previously saved game just to see the ending lol
  • Same thing happened to me so just restart from your previously saved game
  • You have to fire the missile at Bosco's store, because that's where you got the beacon, so the computer thinks the beacon is still in Bosco's store, even if it's in Abe's back. The image of Abe should appear in Bosco's store screen, if it doesn't, it's probably a bug. If it is a bug and you want a savegame for that part of the game, post here and I'll post my savegame here.

    Edit: I read that you fired at him and the missile defence system stoped you even tough it was already in Abe's back, here is my saved game, see if that works.
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