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Flint Paper in S3

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a lot of people have said they would love to have an episode to play as max in series 3, but seriously i think having an episode playing as Flint Paper trying to save sam and max would be even better!
or even (maybe getting a little extreme here but...) a spin-off series of his own? hmmm.
any thoughts?
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  • hummm... can you say FAN LICENSE! lol. too bad everyone wants identical VAs over all series now, or that might have a shot...

    Seriously, though, it would be nice, and we all want to see flint back, but Flint's life is a parody of S+M's adventures. Always. So it would be rather pointless for TTG to do, it's almost like the same story told from a different perspective.
  • i see what ur saying, maybe it's just me but i like the idea of playing the parody for a one off episode. seeing things from a diff perspective could be fun, even if it is pointless to the plot, just for one ep.
  • for a single game, yeah, it would and man would the dialog be radically different lol

    Series though would be quite a stretch unless it takes up where S+M leaves off when the current series ends.
  • I think you could do it for like a 30 minute section of an episode and see how it plays out, if it works and the fans response..
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Would it actually be cool to play Flint Paper for any period of time at all? I like how both in the comics and the games, Flint only shows up for a few minutes, has some very brief interactions, and then is gone again. Playing as him would make him decidedly less enigmatic, which might not be for the best. It could also, of course, be awesome. Who knows.
  • It might be cute to have a short sequence playing as Flint in an FPS spoof, just because I remember some interview with Steve Purcell showed him having some brief, amusing thoughts on the FPS perspective, with the way the gun is held nearly at eye level, and bounces as the player walks.
  • yeh i agree that a series would be way too much but what hero1 said about having just a little section of an episode as him - i think that would be good, flint turns up to save the day or something in the climax of an ep,
    or even like how the three of them bust into boscos at the beginning of 204, that kinda sequence but you have to switch between sam, max and flint to continue. i liked them as a trio at the beginning of that ep.
  • Seeing as how telltale has a penchant for mini-games... Maybe we could play him in one of those, like a thug pummeling mini-game.

    You get to control him, but its still a brief cameo...
  • Yeah it's one of thosesituations where if you give him more to say and do do you lose some of the mistique that is flint paper.. Don't really know the answer to that.. I did think that his brief appearances in season 2 worked really well.. I think a storyline where flint goes off the deep end and max has to reign him in would be pretty funny.. Instead of max alwaysbeing the crazy one
  • Dangerzone;109060 said:
    Maybe we could play him in one of those, like a thug pummeling mini-game.
    You mean, "like a thug pummeling in a mini-game"? :D
    Anyway, I like the idea!
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