who punched the pimp

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was curious to know how many punched him. I didn't do anything to him second episode so when given the chance I took it.



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    I did so both times. Doesn't seem to change his attitude at all.

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    I not only had Bigby punch him in both episodes, I plan to have Bigby slug him in any future episodes he shows up in. While I like the character, I decided Bigby hates him and has difficulty controlling his temper whenever Georgie runs his big mouth.

  • I see the majority has punched him, but I didn't. He offended Snow, for sure, but in that moment, Crane was way more important than some asshole's words.

  • Me. That motherfucker deserved it. I think Snow thought so, too. ;3

  • well I warned gren not to call her a bitch,and now the two of them suffered the consequence

  • I didn't. Crane was the priority, and Snow took care of herself just fine.

  • Punched that fucker right in the face, even though I play as a nice Bigby. U call Snow a bitch, u get punched in the face - simple as that.

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    Never mention the B word around Bigby.

  • Maybe he can learn a thing or two about the art of pimp slapping from Bigby.

    I only hurt him coz I like him, honest! I'm teaching him, is all.

  • I punched him as soon as the option appeared. I don't normally go for violence, but that asshole has it coming. No one insults Snow White in front of Bigby.

  • Me, I hate that fucker so much. I try to avoid violence throughout the story but sometimes is necessary. The only time I got it wrong is probably when I ripped Gren's arm off, I regret that one but I'm just going to live with it, that's the point of decision making after all. Still that stupid pimp is sooo annoying, I wrecked in episode 2 his place a little bit and as fast as I saw him and heard him calling Snow a bitch I punched the hell out of him without even considering it. I knew it would be a total waste of time to try and talk with that douche, I was hoping for a stronger punch though, to knock him flat. Like that maybe he was not calling for help in time and all that mess at the end was avoided. Now I just hope I'll never have to see his face again or if I do I hope I'll be able to give him the same introduction.

  • I didnt bother but I jumped at the opportunity to pimp slap Crane.

  • I didn't, because it took longer than just telling him to get out of the way.

  • I did. The Snow comment was my excuse, but in reality Bigby just really needed to punch somebody after getting dicked around by Bluebeard and Greenleaf.

  • I didn't punch him, but the way he treats sweet Nerissa makes want to punch him very badly.

  • Probably, there wasn't much time to make a decision.

  • I smashed all his things and then punched him in episode 2 but not in episode 3 haha. I don't think Snow needs Bigby to run to her aid everytime someone insults her.

  • Punched him both times. I play my Bigby as he gives you a chance to comply with his authority then the violence comes. Plus Georgie is a prick.

  • Episode 2 I was nice Episode 3 I hit him right in the fucking face

  • I must be the only person on God's green earth that DIDN'T punch him. I actually like him.....dat accent. "Bloody come on then!"
  • I did, he is a douchebag (he is funny though)
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    I punched him in the face, smashed up his entire place, the HIFI boom box, the cigarette machine, the TV, the keg, the Puddin and Pie Sign, and the DJ decks, then I robbed his safe. But Nerissa still didn't date me, damn, she's next HAHAHA. Where is my protection money for services rendered?
  • Yes. He deserved everything he got...and more. Smarmy little shit.
  • Damn went all out on Georgie! Sheesh! What did I ever do to you....oh, wait.... And Nerissa still didn't take ya? Next time, dude. Next time. :) I didn't trash his club! I only smashed the d.j. booth....I couldn't! Dat accent! XD
  • Yep, and I did it in Episode 2 too. I didn't rip off Gren's arm, didn't kill Dum, I didn't even throw Jack outside. But Georgie, I just want to punching him until he learns the lesson.
  • I didn't touch him or any of his possessions even once back in Episode 2, but anyone who insults Snow like that is basically going to be automatically punched in the face. Usually I would give a warning first, but I was in serious business mode.
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    She still owes me, we can always set up a tab, for more protection :)
  • Hopefully in the 4th episode, he will be in it for more than 20 seconds. "Harmonica? Kazoo? Whistle a happy tune? Fucking unbelievable! Bloody come one then!" :)
  • Georgie is my Bigby's personal punching bag ;)
  • I so want a shirt with his face on it and the words 'did you punch the pimp' on the back! :D
  • My first time going through the episode, I avoided all opportunities to smack people around (there's a surprising amount of them in Episode 3). Of course, my second time through I socked him. "Fucking *fuck*, man!"
  • I destroyed everything so I didnt need to punch him. Cause He knows I will do much worse
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    I didn't relish in the opportunity to punch him, because I was a wolf chock-full of rainbows and Lucky Charms the first time.
  • He's an asshole to Nerissa but every time he and Bigby share a scene together, it's fucking hilarious!

    "Ah, d'you miss a spot? Mr. Clean, come to smash up the rest of my place?" I don't know why, but this line just had me on the floor.

    So yeah I punched him. He's funny, but he's still a prick.
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    Only EP 3 no mister nice guy that moment
  • Only EP 3 as well , it is the only choice I made the entire game (all 3 episodes)
  • I so want to hang with this guy! I must be the only one.....

    "Oh, was it good for ya', sheriff....next time I'm gonna have to charge ya'!" :D
  • why the hell do you like dis creep? i punched him so good. disreskeptful creep.
  • I did. Thought it was hilarious the way he reacted
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