• Me, I hate that fucker so much. I try to avoid violence throughout the story but sometimes is necessary. The only time I got it wrong is probably when I ripped Gren's arm off, I regret that one but I'm just going to live with it, that's the point of decision making after all. Still that stupid pimp is sooo annoying, I wrecked in episode 2 his place a little bit and as fast as I saw him and heard him calling Snow a bitch I punched the hell out of him without even considering it. I knew it would be a total waste of time to try and talk with that douche, I was hoping for a stronger punch though, to knock him flat. Like that maybe he was not calling for help in time and all that mess at the end was avoided. Now I just hope I'll never have to see his face again or if I do I hope I'll be able to give him the same introduction.

  • I didnt bother but I jumped at the opportunity to pimp slap Crane.

  • I didn't, because it took longer than just telling him to get out of the way.

  • I did. The Snow comment was my excuse, but in reality Bigby just really needed to punch somebody after getting dicked around by Bluebeard and Greenleaf.

  • I didn't punch him, but the way he treats sweet Nerissa makes want to punch him very badly.

  • Probably, there wasn't much time to make a decision.

  • I smashed all his things and then punched him in episode 2 but not in episode 3 haha. I don't think Snow needs Bigby to run to her aid everytime someone insults her.

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    Talimancer BANNED

    Punched him both times. I play my Bigby as he gives you a chance to comply with his authority then the violence comes. Plus Georgie is a prick.

  • Episode 2 I was nice Episode 3 I hit him right in the fucking face

  • I must be the only person on God's green earth that DIDN'T punch him. I actually like him.....dat accent. "Bloody come on then!"
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