The Walking Dead: Among The Shadows Part 1

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Okay now for this story, I'm gonna do something a bit different. Clementine will be put into a situation where she has to make one out of two choices. I won't say what they are, just that they'll come when you least expect it. Your job is to tell me which decision Clementine makes. Whatever choice gets the most amount of votes, it will carry over into the next chapter.

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The sun is setting. Everyone's in the van. The kids are in the far back with Jacob lying down. Clementine wraps a shirt around Jacob's leg and presses down on it in order to try to stop the bleeding, while Eliza gives him some water. Jacob isn't screaming so much as he is breathing heavily. Donald's driving the car, following another truck across the open plains. Christa's in the middle, watching over Junior.

  • Donald: Jacob, hang in there! These men are gonna help ya! They're taking us to their camp! They have a medic that can treat your leg! The guy's gonna fix ya up, and you're gonna be fine! You hear me?! You'll make it!!
  • Jacob: (gasping) I don't wanna die!!
  • Donald: YOU WON'T!! I promise you'll be fine!! Just hang on!!
  • Christa: Don, he said he lost a lot of blood...
  • Christa: Hey, watch it! He may be hurt, but that doesn't mean you can talk to me like that!! I don't want him dead either! None of us do!! I'm just saying--
  • Eliza: Please stop fighting!!
  • Donald: (turns to Christa, his eyes off of the road) Listen lady, I don't give a shit about what he said!! I care about that boy!! And you tellin' me he might not make ain't doin' any better!!
  • Clementine: THEY STOPPED!!

Donald averts his eyes back to the field and stops the car. There are three large tents that form in an arc with a firepit and a picnic table in the centre. Donald quickly gets out of the car and slams the door. He rushes to the right side to get to Jacob. He opens the door and sees Clementine and Eliza try to carefully lift him out.

  • Donald: GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

The girls, startled by his aggression, quickly get out of the car and watch Donald as he carries Jacob out of car. Clementine looks over and sees the other guy, now revealed to be named Francis, step out of the truck. Francis is in his late 20's with an average build. He shouts out to Donald.

  • Francis: Follow me!!

Donald runs and follows Francis to the tent on the far right with Jacob in his arms. Clementine and Eliza follow him while another man stops Christa to question her. Francis let's Donald in the tent, but stops the girls from going in.

  • Francis: No no. You two stay out here.
  • Clementine: But he's our friend!
  • Francis: Yes, I can see that and I'm sorry but you being in there is just gonna be a distraction.

A woman treating Jacob's leg on a picnic table with Donald and Francis standing across from her. Just before she pore disinfectant on his leg, Clementine notices Eliza tapping her shoulder.

  • Eliza: That man Christa's talking to. He want's to talk to you too.
  • Clementine: Why me?
  • Eliza: Something about those men who tried to hurt us.

Clementine goes to the picnic table where Christa and the man, named Greg, are sitting. Greg is of african-american descent and, like Francis, he's in his late 20's. He appears to be the brains of the new group judging by his glasses. Clementine sit's next to Christa. Eliza sits next to Greg.

  • Greg: So, Clementine, right?
  • Clementine: (nods)
  • Greg: Okay. I just need you to answer some questions, regarding the men who attacked you this afternoon.
  • Clementine: Okay...?
  • Greg: The guy who led the attack. What was his name?
  • Clementine: He didn't say his name...he just...
  • Greg: Well what did he look like?
  • Clementine: Tall, dark hair... I'm not too sure....
  • Greg: It's alright. What color truck was he driving?
  • Clementine: It was red...I think...
  • Greg: ...did it have anything on it? A symbol or anything?
  • Clementine: Yeah, it had a black and white circle.
  • Greg: Oh no...

Greg rushes to the tent. Christa, holding Junior, looks worried.

  • Christa: I can't believe this is happening. Those men...that boy...
  • Clementine: I just hope they can help him.
  • Eliza: You do?
  • Clementine: ...well...yeah. Why not?
  • Eliza: He hates you. And he never said why.
  • Christa: As soon as he get's better, we have to go.
  • Eliza: No one told me where we're going.
  • Clementine: Remember back at camp, before those men attacked us, and I told you I was leaving?
  • Eliza: ...yeah? Wherever you said you were going? That's it?
  • Christa: Yes. It's a large settlement, said to be safe for all of us.
  • Eliza: Just like what we had...
  • Christa: ...Yes. I'm sorry if I upset you making Clementine leave with me.
  • Eliza: It's okay, I guess. At least I'm with you for good now, right?!
  • Clementine: (chuckles) Yeah.
  • Eliza: (looks down)......I'm gonna miss my mom.....

Greg, Francis and Donald walk out of the tent. Greg and Donald sit at the table while Francis walks up to Clementine.

  • Francis: Hey uh, Clementine. Can I talk to you for a second?
  • Clementine: ...uh sure.

Clementine gets up and the two walk to the tent Jacob's in. They stand over him. Jacob's asleep on the table with his wounded leg wrapped in gauze.

  • Clementine: Is he gonna be okay?
  • Francis: ...I hope so.
  • Clementine: What did you want to me talk about?
  • Francis: I saw what you did there. The way you picked up your gun and aimed it at us. I've never seen a child do anything like that since this all started. You got guts, kid.
  • Clementine: I was just...doing what I had to do...I thought you were gonna hurt us.
  • Francis: That's not what we do; THAT guy back there on the other hand, he doesn't care if you're a kid or a grown up. He'll kill you if you so much as look at him wrong.
  • Clementine: I did that. And he took off.
  • Francis: He took off because we were coming. I just wish we had shown up before they shot that poor kid.
  • Clementine: Who are those people?
  • Francis: ...---

Donald walks into the tent with Greg, Christa and Eliza.

  • Donald: This man just told ya have some history with the bastards who attacked us! Is that true?!
  • Francis: We're so sorry to get you involved.
  • Donald: You can tell me you're sorry once that boy's leg heals up. So who are they?
  • Francis: People we were with before. They have a knack of picking off stragglers on the road and robbing them by any means necessary.
  • Christa: You were with these monsters?!
  • Greg: Yeah...until we realized who they really were this one time when they attacked a family with kids. The father fought back and in return, they killed his kids, then his wife before they finally killed him.

Eliza walks up to Jacob and observes him. Donald starts pacing across the tent.

  • Donald: They've gotta have a leader.
  • Francis: Yeah. I knew him as Billy...until after his first victim he made this...freaky looking mask that he started wearing to scare strangers. He calls himself Damien now.
  • Christa: Just fucking great.
  • Donald: And how did you get away from them?
  • Greg: A few of us managed to take one of his trucks.
  • Francis: ...And some guns. Most of them actually. They didn't have a lot. We drove as far as we could from them.
  • Clementine: But why would you stay here? There were cars that had gas near that store.
  • Greg: Except our truck doesn't. Or at least enough. That's the one thing that hitchhikers never seem to have.
  • Francis: We were already running low on gas when we got here, and we didn't like the chance of those guys getting to us if the car were to run out completely on the road. Hell, rescuing you guys was a big risk. We got lucky.
  • Donald: Damn. I just remembered. Didn't get to fill up the car.
  • Christa: Those gas cans...
  • Donald: Yeah. They're still back there...
  • Clementine: Isn't the car running low?

Donald leans over Jacob.

  • Donald: ...Yeah. And without those cans, we're stuck here. Looks like we'll have to walk back to that store.
  • Christa: Donald, we're probably two miles away from that place.
  • Donald: I know, but we've got no other choice.
  • Greg: I can come with you. This might be a good opportunity to check out that store. Just tell me when you're ready to go.
  • Donald: Get ready in five minutes.

Eliza walks up to Donald.

  • Eliza: Wait, you're leaving now?

Donald turns around to face Eliza and takes a knee.

  • Donald: Sorry to leave out on ya, sweetheart. But I have to do this so we can get outta here.
  • Eliza: Can I go with you?
  • Donald: No. I need ya here so you and Clementine can look out for each other.
  • Eliza: (frowns)
  • Donald: (taps her shoulder) Maybe next time, okay?
  • Eliza: ...yeah.
  • Greg: Come on. I'll go show you to the weapons.

Greg and Donald leave....

Minutes later, the group gathers outside to bid the two farewell. Francis and Greg share a hug.

  • Francis: Come back safely, dude.
  • Greg: Hey, no need to worry yourself.

Clementine walks up to Donald.

  • Donald: Is she still mad at me?
  • Clementine: A little, but don't worry.

Donald kneels down to Clementine's level.

  • Donald: I still can't forget what she try to do back there...I just hope she's not thinkin' about doin' it anymore.
  • Clementine: ...I hope so, too.
  • Donald: ...Look...if the worst should happen...look after her...for me.
  • Clementine: I will.
  • Donald: Thank you, Clem.

Donald stands up and nods a farewell to Christa, who returns it back.

  • Greg: We'll be back before you know it!

The two grab their guns and out towards the open field. Clementine watch's them walk until they disappear into the horizon.


Clementine, Eliza,and Christa are sitting in the tent, waiting for the men to come back.

  • Eliza: He's not back yet...
  • Clementine: Just stop thinking about it.
  • Christa: I'm sure he's fine girls. don't worry.

Jacob slowly begins to wake up.

  • Jacob: uuuuggghh.....
  • Christa: Jacob!
  • Jacob: ...Where am I?
  • Clementine: We're in a safe place.
  • Jacob: Argh! My leg! Oh....what hap--oh....right.
  • Eliza: I'm still waiting for a sorry.
  • Christa: Eliza, not now sweetie.
  • Jacob: No, it's fine. You're right. I've been acting like a jerk to a lot of you. Clementine, I'm sorry.
  • Clementine: It's okay. At least you're fine now.
  • Jacob: And Eliza? What happened back there? I was just scared. I didn't know where they were taking you or what they were gonna do with you...
  • Eliza: They could killed me after you called me out...and why are you so nice all of the sudden?
  • Jacob: I just...that man. He...I thought...he was really gonna kill me. Wait, where's the old guy?

Francis bolts into the tent.

  • Christa: What is it?
  • Francis: We have a problem!

Christa rests Junior into a crib and follows Francis outside. The girls follow. The see an exhausted Greg sitting on the picnic table with the medic, revealed to be Natalie, treating what looks like a gunshot wound in the arm. Francis and Christa stand near him. Donald is nowhere to be seen. This gets Eliza's attention.

  • Eliza: Wait. Where is he?
  • Francis: Give him some water!!

Natalie pours some water into Greg's mouth. He coughs, still trying to catch his breath.

  • Natalie: Easy breathes.
  • Francis: Greg, what the fuck happened?!
  • Greg: (gasping) Da...Damien. It ambush. He was waiting for us. (to Christa) They took him. He tried to fight back, but they took him.
  • Christa: Jesus...

Clementine is troubled by the news. She turns to Eliza, who's just tearing and not crying.

  • Greg: Damien. He asked for the girl...with the hat.

Clementine turns to him.

  • Greg: Yeah, you. He said to, "tell the girl with the hat to walk to his base in the next two hours, no one else or we'll kill the old man."
  • Christa: Why do they want her?!
  • Greg: I don't know! That's what they fucking told me!
  • Christa: (walks to Clem) Clementine...I...I'm sorry can't--
  • Eliza: What do you mean she can't?! It's not your decision! We have to save him!!
  • Christa: I wish we could. But we can't put her life in danger to.
  • Francis: Okay look. Maybe there's a way we can outsmart them...
  • Christa: And what do you suggest?!
  • Francis: ...(sighs) I don't know. But there's gotta be something.
  • Clementine: I don't know what I should do...he told me to protect you if anything should happen to him.
  • Eliza: You can help him!!
  • Christa: Clementine, don't! I told Lee I'd protect you and goddammit you're not gonna put your life on the line like this!!
  • Clementine: He'll die if we don't do anything!
  • Christa: I know, but...fuck. This is too much. Just stay here. (walks away)
  • Francis: Look, like I said, maybe there's a way around this. I don't know yet, but if you do decide to go then we should at least come up with a plan to save you both.
  • Clementine: You're okay with me going?
  • Francis: Of course not. But I'm not okay with letting another man get killed either. And we're running out of time.
  • Eliza: You gotta save him! Please!!


So, does Clementine decide to go to save Donald, or does she stay behind?

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  • OMG. My feelings right now.

    Alt text

  • Clementine would definitely go save Donald.

  • Nice work again! :D

  • I scream when I saw this...THANK YOU FOR PUBLISHING THIS !!!

  • Anyway go and save Donald :)

  • ugh your stories are so gooooooood. omg its such a hard decision!!! OMG ok clem is a badassssss and doesn't give up soooo... SAVE DONALD DUCK!!

  • Most underrated thread on the forums sadly :(

  • Yeah, but oh well. Their loss.

    JonGon posted: »

    Most underrated thread on the forums sadly

  • ...Duck? Who is this "Duck" you speak of?

    By the way, you might not be happy to hear this, but since exams are tearing me a new one right now it's gonna be awhile until I post part 2. Besides, I'm thinking of doing an illustration of it.

    ugh your stories are so gooooooood. omg its such a hard decision!!! OMG ok clem is a badassssss and doesn't give up soooo... SAVE DONALD DUCK!!

  • Really? Damn, I'm good! Which part got to you?

    OMG. My feelings right now.

  • The part "LATER THAN NIGHT" got me. Clem need to make decisions. That's hard.

    You need to make the decisions, not me, because it's your story. And I'm really bad at this.
    When you make the decisions, it gets more exiting.
    And I love fascinating stories. :)

    Really? Damn, I'm good! Which part got to you?

  • I hope telltale link this story to an DLC after all season 2 episode is done

  • me always wanted make illustration ... me wll try make 1. srry typng wered. I got water on my keyboard and now it doesn't work. p

    ...Duck? Who is this "Duck" you speak of? By the way, you might not be happy to hear this, but since exams are tearing me a new one right now it's gonna be awhile until I post part 2. Besides, I'm thinking of doing an illustration of it.

  • Lol sounds like a caveman talking. Dry your keyboard!

    me always wanted make illustration ... me wll try make 1. srry typng wered. I got water on my keyboard and now it doesn't work. p t

  • Nevermind. It's actually almost done.

    ...Duck? Who is this "Duck" you speak of? By the way, you might not be happy to hear this, but since exams are tearing me a new one right now it's gonna be awhile until I post part 2. Besides, I'm thinking of doing an illustration of it.

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