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I just bought and downloaded The Wolf Among Us, and I can't get past the title screen. When I click on the "Click Anywhere to begin" screen, it just says "Login Error Can't communicate with Telltale Servers". It doesn't even ask me to login first. I have a good internet connection and The Walking Dead works just fine.
Can anyone help?

  • Dear Moderator, i am having the same problem as anyone else here which is each time i start TWAU i log in using my Telltale username and pass but cant seem to log in. It says that :" CANT REACH SERVER " and i cant play the game at all.

  • I have tried all of the solutions but none of them seem to work, i was really looking forward to play TWAU so much.
    I have tried the registry data solution, the new password, the combination of letters and numbers for password, and even tried using my email address and pass but still does not work ???

  • I just bought the game and am having the same

  • It's now been almost 5 days since I bought the game and I still cannot login to play the game... I had NO IDEA that there were these kinda problems with telltale games. Every review I watched has praised the games and not mentioned anything about this. But now after I bought TWAU and logged into the forums I see that this has been going on since last October!

    This is absolutely absurd and I have just about lost interest in even playing the game now. My first email to support was answered in a little over 12 hours. I thought, "ok this isn't so bad. I understand they have a lot of emails to go through." They asked me to try all of the "fixes" already mentioned in the forums which I had already done and listed in my initial email... And they said that they would provide me with a steam key if I would like one. First off, why wouldn't they just automatically provide all of us with a steam key and not have to have their own drm!? Secondly, it's really frustrating that I feel like they don't even read my email and just reply with some copy and paste answer after I already told them I tried all of the fixes and listed each one out in detail. I even attached screenshots for them.

    It's now been almost 48 hours since my last email and I still have yet to either find a solution or receive a response. Anyone that owns a business knows that customer service should be TOP PRIORITY. And for something that has been going on for months!? It's just crazy. And it's even more frustrating when the mods on here are just telling you to email support and they will take care of the problem. I believe that they are hard at work answering emails, but if it takes longer than 12 hours to answer an email then you need to add more support on the team until this issue is fixed.

    Lastly, I'm sure that no one at telltale will actually see this, but guys this is why people get frustrated with the ridiculous drm that we have to go through to play a game that we paid for. This is why people choose other options to bypass drm and pirate your games. Look $25 is not much for a game and I am more than happy to pay for what I hear is an amazing game, but I beg you to stop doing this to your fans and causing more and more to say "forget this, I'll just pirate the game and not have to worry about drm."

    I apologize for the rant, but please listen to your customers and help us out.


    • I think you are absolutely right. This example shows how bad DRM is and why companys should not use it. All the pirates are playing the game and the paying customer cannot - something is wrong here! I also do not understand why TTG does not keep us informed about thi smistake and how far they are to solve this issue. Just taklk to your customers TTG and don't let they become pirates. Tell them when to expect a solution and what do you think th eproblem is (my personal tip: compare the login routines for TWD and TWAU since the login to TWD works without a problem). You really should take this seriously or else - reputation for good games or not - you will lose a lot of customers.

      And here is something I found - even the media dones not like the way telltale handles this pr other problems

      Wake up TTG - a good reputation is gone very quick if you don't set your prioritys correct!

      I also second the wish to give out steam-keys automatically to minimize support mails and maximize keeping cutomers. What do you have to lose? The customers already paid you - you can check this. I remember when TWD episode 1 was delayed because of server problems everybody got a steam key to keep them happy - what has changed?

      I tell you the truth: I am very unsure to buy another TTG because I don't want to have the same problems again.
      BTW: Every now and then I try to login in my TTG TWAU game (about 30 or so times) without any success.

  • I'm in the same boat. I've tried all of the posted fixes and still can't play the game. This wouldn't be happening if they just gave you a Steam Key upon purchase. DRM is meant for keeping freeloaders out. It shouldn't keep out paying customers.

  • i have the same problem....TTG pls do something!!!!!

  • I first tried to play the game last Saturday. After I got the login error, I tried every solution posted on the forum without any success. Thus, I wrote an e-mail to the support staff, explaining everything I did, including logs and screenshots, just to make it easier for both me and TTG support staff. For my effort, I got a generic e-mail telling me to do all the checks that I specifically mentioned in my first e-mail. Of cource, I was offered a Steam key in case that none of their solutions helped. I replied immediately stating they I did all of that and that the key would be a sufficient solution. However, it's probably too difficult task to send the key since it has been 2 days without any response and 6 days of not being able to play the game which I'm not even that thrilled about anymore. (I'm trying not to read any spoilers but I'm curious about a playtime of this episode, because I personally feel that TWD:S2 episodes are much shorter then in S1).
    Combined with the annoying bug crashing the game when a wireless 360 controller is plugged in and astonishingly slow and unhelpful customer service, I doubt that I'll ever buy TTG game again, and if I do so, I'll opt out for a Steam version, even though it would mean less money for the dev. It's unbelievable.

    • Unbelievable is correct. I just don't understand why they won't communicate with us and let us know what is going on. Instead all we get is "contact support and they'll get back to you in the near future." Whatever that means...

  • I too am having this problem, and I'm also wondering exactly why they don't just give out steam keys on purchase. I have just sent TTG an email stating that I have tried all of their "fixes" but none of them work, and if I get an email telling me to try them even though I specifically told them I already had, I'm going to be very reluctant next time I would like to play a game that they have made. I'd rather not go through all of these issues again.

  • Telltale games said they won't give steam key to the people who purchased the game on their website, I got the same problem with The Walking Dead season 2 can't login and all the goddamn crap solutions and manipulations said on this thread didn't work so I guess I'm gonna download a Crack for this game to be able to play and I'm in my rights because I paid for the original fuckin'game that I can't play and I was planing to buy TWAU next month I'm gonna download it because I see that Telltale games don't give a damn shit about their players they don't even read what you people are writing here when someone answers it's always the same copy and paste bullshit message with the same crap manipulations. I'm gonna download your games now you've lost one customer unless you fixed my problem, refund me or give me steam key and send me my dvd when the 5 episodes are released as It mentioned, even you gave me a steam key I still want to dvd and free shipping for the inconveniences of your incapacity to solve a simple problem from months now.

    I enjoyed Monkey Island that I bought on your website and The walking dead season One that I luckily bought on Steam not on Telltale Games Website I hesitate to buy on steam the season 2 but I wanted to have the dvd because I don't like Digital stuff only. All is about money now. we paid but we can't play nevermind they already got our goddamn money.

    Just download their fuckin'Games and Boycott to buy, I respect studio who respect their fans like CD Project RED the studio who made the Witcher 1 and 2 real good studio really close to the community games and really listen to them but I've no shame to download when the studio don't give a damn shit and scam their fans with bugged games and fuckin useless DRM because Hackers always pass through your DRM and only buyers get in trouble with it not the Hackers when will you put this in your stupid heads. Hackers will always find a way to bypass the DRM no matter what they're smarter than you guys, and more the DRM is strong Happier they are because it's a new challenge that always win in the end, your games were on download websites the day they were released it's so pathetic.

    So I'm still waiting a solution from TellTale Games Support but Don't expect me to order a new game on your website maybe on steam because I noticed that at least there your games are working or download them.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    We have implemented a possible fix that should resolve this Login Error for people effected by it. Please try logging in again now. If you are still unable to login, please reply with your Ticket Number that you received when emailing support, and I will try my best to get your support email answered soon.

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