• This is definitely gonna be about the storm of walkers that we see in the trailer.

  • I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. and there is also an achievement that says witnessed a murder.

    does this mean sara?!??

  • It's weird, I love listening to these theories, they get me excited for the next episode, and I hate listening to these theories, because it reminds me, I still have to wait.

  • Maybe Sarah just loses all her marbles after seeing lots of violence.

  • I could see it going either way, but I definitely think something major is going to happen to Sarah this episode.

    If she does die, I DON'T think she'll be brutally murdered or anything like that. Maybe she'll accidentally shoot herself or be a victim of friendly fire. This could be a determinant decision on whether or not you show her how to use a gun. Or maybe she gets lost during a herd attack and we later find her broken glasses and corpse. If Sarah does dies, it would be interesting if Carlos outlives her. I think most people (myself included) are expecting Sarah to outlive Carlos and see her "cease to function." It would be interesting if this roles were reverse, and Carlos is the one to "cease to function" when Sarah dies.

    If she DOESN'T die, I think she might experience some major psychological or physical trauma. I'm leaning more towards this. I feel like the broken glasses, while they might actually get broken in the story, are more symbolic of Sarah herself becoming "broken." Maybe Carlos is murdered in front of her and she loses it. Or she witnesses Clem get beaten and that drives her over the edge. Or maybe, like I mentioned before, she tries to use a gun and hurts herself, or someone hurts her accidentally.

    Poor Sarah. :( I'm not a huge fan of her, but I still hope that what happens to her isn't as bad as we think.

  • I think Sarah will take a #selfie first (cant find the picture damn..xd)

  • I hope Sarah won´t die. I want her to make #selfies! :D

  • Maybe the broken glasses indicate that she is no longer viewing the world through her Rose colored glasses and seeing it for what it really is now?

  • I feel like she won't die but something serious may happen to her,also the fact that the achievements have been released might mean we will get to see the nest episode in May won't it?

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