Lilly's Fate (Fan-fic)

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Ok, so I have one of these going, but I have few people working n it, it's been over a month since the last update. I decided to start this new fan-fic, all about what happens to Lilly after you ditch her on the road. This is not a "I write a part, someone else writes a part" fan-fic, as I'm doing all the writing, so there's no waiting involved when I just wrote, and nobody else can, I only have to work off my clock. HOWEVER, I do want reader interactivity, so after each part, I'll leave a decision, and which ever one gets the most votes (to vote, leave a comment, I'll tally them up, and whichever one gets the most votes is canon. These will be major, game-changing decisions, so please leave your input. This idea was stolen from "saving grace" the story of Christa and Clem in those 16 months between Omid dying and the start of all that remains. Go check it out, it's amazing, probably much better than this, as it's growing in popularity (and deserves it.) Part 1 should be up in a bit, so be ready to vote!


  • Sounds fun.

  • Episode 1: Stranded

    Lilly managed to get away from the small herd of walkers that was piling up on the street.She was cold, and tired, so she found a small opening where a tree was barely uprooted, and hid under the roots. 1 weapon in hand, her pistol she just shot Carley with, she realized: she regretted nothing. She wished that bullet would have flown into Carley's head sooner! She got up, hunted for food, managed to find some wild raspberries, ate them, and decided if she was going to survive, she needed more long-term shelter than a half-fallen tree. "Why did I think I needed them?" Lilly thought, walking back towards the highway, "it was like babysitting, making sure Lee, and Kenny don't die, they were impulsive babies, they needed me long-term, and I solved their problem, killed Carley, and how do they repay me? Lee left me on the side of a road-" Lilly's thoughts were cut off by some footsteps from the highway. She decided to sneak up behind a bush, and see what was going on, as she was ambushed from the side. She was tackled into a thorn bush, which put bloody cuts all over her back. The guy, who she recognized as a save-lots bandit who escaped, who started punching her in the face. It was left hooks, that made her ear ring, and she could feel bruises forming, and cuts opening up all over her face. He just kept going, punching her, while she was tackled, before getting up, rolling her onto the path she was going to the highway on, and kicked her 4 times. 3 in the ribs, 1 directly to the face. He then grabbed her by her feet, and dragged her onto the middle of the highway, where he and 4 other people circled her like wolves. The one that attacked her pulled out a pistol, and there was a female with a baseball bat, a male with a crossbow, a female with a shotgun, and the one who appeared to be the leader had a knife. Lilly was barely conscious, and when she stood up, she stumbled, and almost fell, as the bandits chuckled. "Eh girly." the leader said, in a deep, scratchy Texas accent, "give us all your stuff, before it gets violent." he said, as the one with the crossbow laughed "right to the point, eh Ian?" he said, in a high, fast voice. "Shut up, now, what 'cha got?!" he said, as Lilly could hear the sounds of guns cocking around her. She knew she was trapped, unless she thought fast. She pulled out her only belonging, her pistol, with it, fell 3 raspberries she was saving, and as she pulled it out, the leader, "Ian" began to chuckle, "Dat it? Christ lady, how did ya' survive this long with just a gun? Whatever, don't matter, give it over. Set it down, slide it over, or yer dead." Lilly set it on the road, as she had an idea. She bent down, and as she was, she pulled the trigger, shooting Ian in the shin, as she rolled out of the way, and the shotgun fired, missing,hitting the guy adjacent to him, the baseball bat person, in the stomach, as they collapsed. She stood where Ian was, putting down the pistol guy, dodging an arrow, shooting the shotgun guy in the head as he was reloading, and then walking up, and putting the baseball bat lady out of her misery before she reanimated. Leaving 1 person. Ian. She saw him on 1 knee, trying to get up, as he fell to the ground, begging for Lilly not to kill him. She put her gun to his head, taking the many clips of stolen ammo from the pistol guy's backpack, as she realized something. She could use Ian. Have him take her to another Save-Lots bandits camp, ill everyone there, while promising his safety, then killing him after he's worn out his usefulness. Or she could just kill him right here and now, and out of vengeance, or she could be smart about it, however, it is extremely dangerous for her to take on a whole camp all by herself if she doesn't have to, andsomething bad will most likely happen to her. Either way, it's too dangerous to just leave him......

    Choice A: Kill Ian on the road

    Choice B: Use him to find a camp, kill the bandits there, THEN kill him

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    At it again are we?

    Obviously you are not a Lilly fan so the way you portray Lilly is in a bad way. Also some people did not leave her on the road. And how is Lilly by herself going to kill a camp full of bandits. Sounds a little to overpowered dont'cha think? But anyway.

    I guess I vote choice A because I disagree with the possibility of surviving in Choice B.

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    Yeah, Lilly wasn't my favorite, although I didn't have a grudge against her, plus, not everyone saved Carley, I'm just going with that continuity. Sorry if you saved Doug, and took her with you! (By the way, I saved Doug, It' just the less popular choice :p)

  • Actually he got Lilly's behavior spot on.

  • I'd go with Choice A. Reason being, she's impatient as shown in Episode 3.

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    I didn't ask for your opinion.

    Nice to see you again Lilly hater. Whenever someone mentions Lilly they get down voted. The people opposing them get up votes. Everyone's a Kenny fan, or at the least Lilly hater these days. But you know what? I ain't arguing about that crap anymore. After all

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  • Some body put a Gamer Poop Jarl Balgruff gif under this. That would make my day.

  • Another part will be coming up, be ready to vote!

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    Lilly pulls the trigger, blasting Ian to the ground, as she noticed the cuts on her hand from the thorn bush, they were deep. All her cuts and bruises were painful, as she saw some headlights from the distance, and she drew her gun, as she felt woozy, and fell to the ground. She was fainting. She saw walkers coming, so she crawled to the middle of the road, before going unconscious, as she saw the van stop, and 2 people get out. She awoke, lied down on her side, her stomach seat belted into the seat, and she heard 2 guys talking. 1 of them with a deep, gruff voice, the other with a high, whiny voice, southern accent. The gruff voice seemed like an elderly man, while the high voice sounded in his 20s. "What were we supposed to do, Liam?" the gruff voice said, as the high voice, Liam, replied "god, just.....let her sort her own things out, kill the walkers, find her cover, and mind our own damn buisness?" "What if she died, Liam, we would have had the chance to help, but didn't." Lilly decided to play unconscious, by going limp, and continuing to listen. "Well, Bruce, we saved her, and are taking her to the first aid tent, wasting supplies on a stranger, you happy?!" Liam angrily snapped, as Lilly decided to pipe up, "I would have left me." Liam jumped, swerving, as Bruce turned. He had brown hair, with grey mixed in, same with his handlebar mustache. He was a short, but strong-looking person. "Well, despite Liam's yammerin', we didn't." Bruce laughed, as Liam angrily and quickly stated "we're here." and stormed off. Bruce helped Lilly out, and lead her to the tent. "Go on in, our medic Wendy is the best we know!" Bruce laughed, as Lilly smiled. Wendy was a tall, plump, jolly looking woman, quite motherly, who spoke gently, and sweetly "oh dearie, oh no, you got beat up, c'mon hon." Wendy said, lowering her onto a sleeping bag putting peroxide on her worse cuts, and wrapping them. "Here, it's a bit early, but get a good long rest, eat well, and no extremely strenuous activity, and you should be good within a week, hon." Lilly said "I'm Lilly." she said, as Wendy smiled. "Welcome to the camp, enjoy your stay, feel no obligation to leave anytime soon."

    Lilly awoke, and wanted to help out the camp. Bruce told her to help out with breakfast, as a safe, but important activity, but Liam insisted on her going hunting. Eventually, Lilly agreed, and she left the camp. After a few hours of hunting, Liam said "Lilly, is it? Follow me, I have to go do something, and you have to come." Lilly was nervous, and discreetly cocked her gun, but agreed. Liam lead her to a dock. Lilly loked around, but turned to Liam with his rifle pointing at Lilly's head. "You've been a drain on our resources, and we can't afford that. Sorry girly, I gotta protect my family." Liam said, as Lilly quickly evaluated her options.

    Choice A: Shoot Liam.

    Choice B: Talk Liam down.

  • I don't see why people prefer Kenny. I mean, they're both awful, but Lilly is slightly better.

  • Difficult choice but I would go far A.

  • Thank you :) someone gets it.

  • Woo! Somebody shares my weird opinions for once!

  • Not many people who prefer Lilly over Kenny out there. I only know three. You, me, and someone else. I don't think its a weird opinion but at least I know I'm not alone.

  • Oh there used to be a ton here. Now everybody prefers Kenny. Kenny makes me want to like him, but I just can't. Lilly never made me think "Oh fuck, she's awesome!" But she never really made me think "YOU FUCKING BITCH" neither. I don't like her at all, but she's better than Ken and Carley.

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    Lilly and Kenny are very flawed people. I just think Kenny has more, and I guess I could say I like the losing team, which is Lilly side. I love all the characters and if it were the other way around and people were picking on Kenny then I would switch because I don't like when characters get all this hate. I have tried to convince some people but there seems to be no truce so I guess I'll stick by Lilly's side forever, since all I have seen is Lilly hate and Kenny fans everywhere.

    XD you and me are the only ones who said B for the decision below, probably because its Lilly.

  • I would like them, but they just irritate me. Honestly, it's not really Kenny that gave me most of my hatred for him. It was how much everybody fucking loved him, and the way that he returned. He was in every shot for the next 5-10 fucking minutes. Like we can't fucking believe.

    What made me like Lilly just a little bit more was probably the side effect of me playing public defender all the fucking time.

  • You and me both pal.

    Everything you just said... Took every word out of my mouth. I feel so understood now.

  • Ok, sorry about the hiatus guys, I was lost for ideas, but this story will be updated TOMMOROW! So stay tuned for that!

  • And me,I like Kenny,but I side to lilly a lot ( feed her and Larry and duck and Clem so I'd be nice to ken,save Larry,,bring her with me,but I sided with Kenny on not throwing duck out

  • This is a forum where we discuss a game. You are always asking for opinions. The way you said your comments were kinda dickish if you ask me.

  • A, Lilly is still all distressed from what's happening. She's not the type to talk someone down anymore.

  • I never asked for opinions. I just got mad because IceRyder stated an opinion that I disagreed with. He could have said it differently but he had to make it sound biased. And I'm sorry if I sounded dickish.

  • Ok, The wait is over, here comes part 3. Possibly shorter, as I have had it written both ways in my head for about 2 days now, and have been condensing it repeatedly. Also, this thread is slowly becoming an argument about Lilly vs. Kenny, and honestly I don't mind, as long as the story is enjoyed :)

  • Lilly reached into her pocket, whipping out the gun, but before she could pull the trigger, she saw Liam go to shoot to, her reaction being dodge to the left, putting her free hand (left hand) in front of her face as she felt the bullet put a hole through her hand, and through her ear, as she collapsed to the ground. Liam, who had had his back to the docks, walked up to the treeline where Lilly was lying, as he grabbed her by the arms, mumbling about saving ammo. He dragged her to the edge of a dock, putting her face-up on the wood, before sinking her head, strangling and drowning her. She desperately reached for her gun with her good hand, managing to draw it, opening her salt-stung eyes, aiming at Liam's forehead, and firing with the gun underwater, as the splash of the bullet flying out of the water was heard, and the water began to fill with red liquid, as Liam's grip instantly loosened, as his limp body fell onto her body, as she pushed him down, before pulling herself up, rolling onto the dock, exhausted. She stood up, as she heard rustling, and saw 1 walker emerge from the left of the treeline, which she abruptly shot, and then she saw 1 more. And as she cocked her gun 16 more walkers came out. She had to choose, try to get past 17 walkers, but get back to the camp, which would be a long-term choice, but she may die to the current 17 walkers, or jump in the lake, swim to the other side, and hope for the best, which is a very short term idea, but it's a possibility, plus, after killing Liam, would they still let her stay, or would they dith her like Kenny and Lee?

    Choice A: Try to get back to the group

    Choice B: Swim off to shore, and hope for the best

  • This was updated in a swarm of other posts, so, because I need input, I'm bumping it.

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    A, she can always lie

  • I need a deciding vote before I can write the next part
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