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_ _ _ _ _ _ indirectly killed himself

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I am not blaming this on him, it's just a fact stated in a weird way. Promise. So Walter took Clem from the two lunch tables and they talked outside. Then, Kenny took both of them to go check the windows with him, and they found Bonnie, who was trying to spot the cabin group from the windows. Obviously the whole "Family" was a lie, but she knew she was at the right place because she saw Clementine. Also, when she takes the box of food, she looks back at Clem, ensuring she's the right person. I think it was appropriate of Walter to take Clem form the lunch tables, but if he hadn't than only Kenny and Walter would have been there to see Bonnie. Just wanted to get that out, I have no hate for Walter, and I was very sad over his death because he doesn't deserve to die. :(

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