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I am not blaming this on him, it's just a fact stated in a weird way. Promise. So Walter took Clem from the two lunch tables and they talked outside. Then, Kenny took both of them to go check the windows with him, and they found Bonnie, who was trying to spot the cabin group from the windows. Obviously the whole "Family" was a lie, but she knew she was at the right place because she saw Clementine. Also, when she takes the box of food, she looks back at Clem, ensuring she's the right person. I think it was appropriate of Walter to take Clem form the lunch tables, but if he hadn't than only Kenny and Walter would have been there to see Bonnie. Just wanted to get that out, I have no hate for Walter, and I was very sad over his death because he doesn't deserve to die. :(


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    Wait! Nevermind.

  • 2pure4thisearth, RIP Walter.

  • Bonnie was actually looking through the huge windows of the lodge as well, so she saw everyone. Luke, Carlos, Rebecca, everyone. If anyone got Walter killed it was Kenny. I'm not saying that he meant for anyone to get hurt, but he should have known that shooting Johnny would result in Carver executing someone. He didn't think, and it cost Walt his life.

  • Well,it did look like a suicide murder thing(in the sense he killed himself by getting murdered, so basically assisted suicide)

  • no i think bonnie was just looking for the cabin group it wasn't walters indirect fault

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    I thought the exact same thing when it happened.

    Walt was a good, kind and caring guy.
    But he was also somewhat careless.
    When dealing with Bonnie, he was just going to let her right in, not even bothering to think she might be armed.
    The reasonable thing to do would've been to at least check her for weapons.

    I believe in helping others, but I'm also not careless.
    I maintain a healthy caution of strangers.

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    Kenny may have unintentionally got Walt killed.
    But then again, Kenny was trying to save everyone.
    I can't fault Kenny's motives, nor necessarily his method.
    It's his timing that leaves something to be desired.

  • I'm Goin to miss that overly nice guy.

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    I agree with Rock114. It was technically Kenny's fault because he killed Johnny.

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    Yeah, I was scouring many walkthroughs to see if the actually checked her for weapons or any other precautionary measures. Of course, my search was unfruitful. :-/

  • Ya... Walter was to good for this world ans Daryl told Beth in the tv show "The good people are dying out"

  • He was trying to save him and everyone else, which is why I don't hold it against him, but his actions are what resulted in Carver putting a bullet in Walter's head. I'm going to make sure he knows that he screwed up in the next Episode so he doesn't do it again, but I don't fault him for at least trying to help.

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    I blame Carver.

  • I thought this thread was about Ben when I read the title haha. Ultimately, I think telltale does such a good job writing any death could really be indirectly related to some other event.

  • This.

    We can point the 'indirectly to blame' finger all day, but really, when it comes down to it, Carver is to blame.

  • Yeah, me too. At least he's with Matthew now.

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