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We need to do something with all those cheap-advertisement threads. Close them, ban the users, do something. We need to come up with a creative idea to stop these spambots. I can't stand those fucking bastards spamming the forums with Frozen links and cheap wrinkle ointments. Sorry for the rant, it's just that I hate seeing a bunch of awesome threads being buried under "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" links. Hope you take this into consideration.

EDIT: sayakamiki mentioned captcha codes. I checked, and there isn't any. So I'm turning to you mods, you should level up the site and add captcha codes to prevent from getting 10 spambots a day.


  • You come up with an idea and sell it for a million dollars, and we will use it.

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    It's not that, I know there's no permanent solution, it's just weird that all of a sudden we get 10 spam threads a day when it used to be like 1 a week.

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    I agree. There should be some sort of captcha code you have to pass before you can sign up, (I don't remember if there is one already or not to be honest) that would reduce the amount of bots on here considerably.

  • I checked, there isn't. It's a good idea though, we need mods to see this.

  • The best way of dealing with it would be IP banning.

    Unfortunately, this forum lacks the capacity to do that.

  • It depends if Mods are on. They are only volunteers.

  • Unfortunately the mods are doing everything they can, for the problem to get better it has to be fixed on TellTales end.

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    Then we need to get to higher authorities. maybe tell the mods to somehow turn to the site management. We need to solve this crap once and for all.

  • It's easy. F ing Captchas. Spambots go onto websites that don't have captchas so their program just spams

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    I updated about captchas in the title.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    The mods said they have asked the web team for fixes, there isn't much else they can do unfortunately.

  • but hey the real question is

    do they actually work

  • That is not the real question! The real question is

    Do they even lift!?

  • well apparently they lift wrinkles :)

  • I agree, Awesomeo, I agree for sure. But I gotta ask, of all of the frames you could have used for Glenn, why that one :c

    You make Harpa very sad.

  • The world needs more smart asses in it :)

  • Agreed. At the same time we also have a problem (although not as bad) with trolls posting inappropriately sexual and racist threads.

  • The very talented colorist Koibito custom made it for me, check out his work:

  • But that's when... That's when...


  • More mods could work. And like everyone else Captcha codes. PLUS I NEED THAT WRINKLE OINTMENT YOU SHITLORD. I GET BAD SKIN KAY.

  • Look for it in the thread list... I remember seeing it.

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    As has been said, the moderators are all just volunteers, so we have no way to add things to the website directly. However, the Telltale webteam is already aware of the issue, as it has been suggested many times in the suggestions to improve the forums thread (as well as directly suggested by the moderators).

    The thing is, the forum is a lot more popular than it used to be due to Telltale's multiple big name successes, so it's now a hot spot for spam bots where it wasn't before. The captchas will probably stop some, but it doesn't stop them all (I had run a forum at one point that was a lot less popular than the Telltale forums, and it still got 10+ spambots a day even with captchas and a bot detector question enabled).

    Unfortunately, the only way to really deal with spambots is for the moderators to keep deleting the threads and banning the bots when we see them. Just remember that the mods are volunteers from all around the world, so we can't be on all the time to get rid of the spam (the most spam seems to come in at around 3AM in my time zone, so I'm not always around to delete them when they get posted). Just continue to ignore the spam until the moderators come in, and we'll continue to get rid of them. I know it's annoying, but unfortunately there's no solution that has been created that is completely bot-proof, especially on very popular forums such as this (outside of manually approving messages, which would be too tedious on a message board such as this one that gets hundreds of posts a day).

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