Is Carver actually a BAD guy ?

Carver is painted as the antagonist and no doubt I think Telltale will continue with that storyline but I would also love to see them throw in a monkey wrench - give Carver some positive attributes. I know he killed seemingly innocent members of your group but you do have to remember:

  • we know very little as to WHY he left the group
  • he is chasing Rebecca who has her kid. That is a pretty powerful force.
  • he seems like he has a commitment to his group/ community which are pretty positive characteristics

In another thread, the question is posed : "Would you kill Carver?"

The obvious answer is "yes" as of right now because he hasn't done anything beneficial yet. I think Telltale is going to at least give Carver some "courageous" act to portray him in a different light. Just food for thought. Like I said I think Carver will be a absolute (insert curse word here) for most of the episode and than in the end maybe reveal something that would paint him in a more positive light.



  • well he hits kenny in the ep3 preview, so hes very bad and definitely marked for death in my book, but maybe we find out who he really is in ep3

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    He broke Carlos's fingers. He needs to justify that behavior before I can even trust him.

    Besides, Telltale confirmed that he is the main antagonist.

  • I will never forgive a man who killed one of the nicest guys in the ZA! Poor Walter. T_T

  • Carlos put you in a shed. Every character has done things that are pretty bad and inhumane . . . just playing devils advocate here. Carver did seem pretty nice to Clem in his interaction with her. . .

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    Kenny could have started something though,he could have hit Carver first or something,although for now yeah I would think he was a bad guy especially after what he did to Carlos.

  • It was all for the greater good.

  • Trust me, I think Walter was my temporary favorite character. He actually was like a genuine nice guy. At the same time, we don't know why Carver left and he was enraged. . . Kenny just killed one of their guys. Up to that point, as Alvin and Rebecca were debating, he probably WOULD HAVE NOT killed anyone.

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    He shot and killed Walter and/or Alvin (determinant). He tortured Carlos right in front of Sarah. He also had Sarita or Clem at gunpoint and pistol-whipped Clem. Yeah, he's a bad me at least :P

  • We all know Kenny has anger issues and it is hinted when Sarita asks you if Kenny is "acting weird." When Kenny doesn't get his way, he gets angry and he shows it.

  • Sorry, but Carlos was justified. Carver could have easily walked upstairs himself, but instead he decided to scare them out by torturing Carlos.

    Carver = Bad guy

  • I know he's a miserable dude but we know so little. What if Carver were to save Clementine next episode when others were running away or fleeing ?

  • Torturing Carlos was unnecessary: I think he used it as an excuse to hurt Carlos and scare Rebecca out.

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    What kind of good guy would kill two people in cold blood, torture a man in front of his daughter and pistol-whip a child? Yeah, he may not act evil all the time, that would make him very one-dimensional, but he's by no means a good guy.

  • So far he's tortured and killed defence less people so he's not the best guy

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    He isn't a good guy, that's for sure. Good guys don't break fingers and torture people. Does he have positive traits that could possibly paint him in a better light that we haven't seen yet? Maybe. Probably.

    I don't think TTG will go the typical psychopathic antagonist route with Carver. That would be boring. Despite that, there's no way he's a good guy. Morally grey if anything. He has an "eye for an eye" ethical code, so he's not entirely amoral, but that doesn't make him good. He's on a higher level of pragmatism.

  • Yeah, that's the thing. There's still many unanswered questions about this whole thing. I'm just saying that based on what I've seen so far. Which is why I want to play episode 3 right now! >.<

  • I'm not sure yet, but he's certainly not a NICE guy. My guess is that he's a well-intentioned extremist who darkened through the course of the apocalypse. He's clearly intelligent and charismatic but still seems like a tyrant who steps on others to get his way. The sanctity of human life doesn't factor into that equation.

  • I couldn't put it better myself. He's not a good guy but maybe he's better than we think

  • Yes, Carver is a bad guy.

    First of all, Im not necessarily saying Carver doesn't have a softer side, Im simply saying having a bit of compassion, Which is something every human being should have won't be enough to justify all the things he's done in what... Fifteen mimutes of screen time ?

    He held a kid at gunpoint, Tortured a guy in front of his daughter to get info out of him, Shot two people in the head in a span of five minutes,Etc.

    What's funny is he did all of this in such a short time. If you're watching an LP and you go to the bathroom without pausing it you could miss the whole thing, Seriously.

    If Telltale plans on making me change my mind about him he better sacrifice himself for Clem or something like that.

  • He is worst than Andy St. John. Tied with Danny

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    End justify the means.

    People are scared of you, they respect you. I can see him seeing it atleast.

    I think he's the semi badguy but i don't know, in Z-apocalypse being "nice " gets you killed.

  • I think he'll end up being more grey than we think; but I don't think he's going to end up being a 'good guy' by any definitions.

  • That means he's a bad guy. Having people scared of you makes you a dictator.

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    I will have to disagree with you there. Sure, he's not a nice guy by any definition. But he's definitely not like Andy or Danny. Carver killing Walter was in a way justified. For all we know, if Kenny hadn't shot Troy(I think that's his name) Walter could still be alive. He also made it quick and painless,that's not the case with the St John brothers.

    In my opinion, if Carver would've known about them, chances are he would've shot them both. Since Carver strikes me as a man with some morals and principles, and I don't think he agrees with cannibalism.

  • I still think Danny is the worst but I saw some redeeming qualities in Andy that I don't see in Carver. But that's just my opinion you know.

  • You gotta do what you gotta do in the apocalypse. But still carver reminds me of the governor.

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    Don't worry, I understand. I have a soft spot for the bad guys, as long as they are interesting enough. Since ep 3 seems to be around the corner(See what I did there?) I guess we'll have our answers then.

  • Hmm... Let's see he chases Rebecca and the group like a creep, nearly kills Carlos and breaks his fingers in front of Sarah, Kills Walter, Kills Alvin(determinant), hits Clem in the stomach and points a gun at her, holds Sarita at a gunpoint, forcefully takes Clem and others to his group, beats Kenny, beats Alvin (deternminant). Yeah that guy is a true charmer.

  • Once again, never said he was going to start giving out free hugs while he takes the entire group out for ice cream BUT I think he is getting portrayed very one dimensional as of right now with no "redeeming" qualities. . . i personally think that it will change

  • and in my play through he hit clem so... he bad.

  • Hmmm. Cold blood, you might want to rethink that Kenny did kill Johnny moments before plus when given the chance he took the shot at Carver.

  • To me, my intention is to kill Carver and Bonnie and anyone else who stands in Clem's way. (of course depending on the episode)
    Carver has searched for the group, traveled for days in a dangerous world looking for them and had no problem torturing Carlo's and killing Walter.
    Kidnapped the entire group and forced them into his camp.

    I fully intend (again, depending on how the episode is written) to escape with Kenny. That is my priority, the others can come if possible, but they can stay or become walker bait for all I care. If the game makes us choose who to save, Kenny or anyone else, I'll pick Kenny no matter what!

    I saw in the preview that Clem and Bonnie seemed to smile at each other like they were becomming friends, but I'm going to play this like Clem is pretending til the right moment and if given the option, wont hesitate to do anything she needs to escape.

    It doesnt matter if Carver or Bonnie are really "good or bad" people, they intentionally took steps th abduct Clem and the group against their will.
    That's enough to concider them a threat. Ben was a good guy, but not too bright and caused several death's, just like Nick. It's not that they were "bad" it's that they were threats.

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    All of that violent behavior may be justified in his mind because he's trying to implement a stable community (hence, the "bigger picture").
    By the way, killing Alvin actually has to do with someone Alvin killed, named George, so we have yet to find out what really happened there.

    I try not to view people as just 'bad' or 'good', either. Life's way more complicated than that.

  • Yes Carves is a good guy, he just killed Walter and Alvin (determinant). Nothing bad I guess. (ironic).

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    I think it's obvious who the quote unquote 'bad guy' is in this situation - it's definitely Carver. The group hasn't told us the story of how they escaped from him, and obvious shit went down (Alvin seemingly killed someone). As for Rebecca's baby, there's no clear sign if it's Alvin's or if it's Carver's, what sane person would traverse the wilderness stalking and hunting down a pregnant lady who's baby may not even be yours during the zombie apocalypse ? It's also creepy how Carver is just assuming that it's his. Even an anti-hero, doesn't generally mutilate and torture a man while his kid is watching crying. Also, even though they fuss and fight, Rebecca and Alvin seem to love each other, was Carver and Rebecca's relationship even consensual? The problem is no one has explained anything to us because we're a kid, and if we were an adult, we probably would have been able to demand answers by now.

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    You have awesome profile picture bro!

    Senor Kenny :D

  • He hits her to stomach if you try to save Alvin.

  • Yeah, you do have a point. Pretty much reminds me of the Governor.

  • Oh I know that. I thought she meant Kenny hit Clem.

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