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I don't think this was asked so I'll start a thread for it.
what are your fav supporting actors and supporting characters in walking dead video game series? one of the most famous things about the game is the interaction with characters and how they change during time. Some characters just aren't talked about that often.

or if you want you can just pick one and just talk about that fine too, and please its someone's opinion, people can have their own opinion and choices don't treat them badly for it. thank you.


  • FUCKIN' UNCLE PETE. Then again, I may be the biggest Pete fanboy around these parts, so I'm not exactly biased when it comes to topics about supporting or secondary characters.

    But I digress. I think Pete was a great guy. He saved Clem's life at least once (possibly twice) and stood up for her during the group's confrontation. He was a nice old man and he deserved better than he got.

  • I've always had a soft spot for Chuck. Recently I had one for Pete. Now that I think about it, it's possible those two may have been in similar in one way or another.

    It's a shame they only lasted one episode though...

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    Walter's #1 because he's the most uncorrupted element of Season 2, and his death has some relevance too, because Carver went directly for someone he hadn't seen before to start off the killings.

  • my fav actors in the series:
    1 Melissa Hutchison -- Clementine - do you even have to ask? she has a great voice.

    2 Andrew Chaikin (credit as Kid Beyond I have no idea why, its a stage name) voices Carlos and Roman - he has a range in voices, I didn't make the connection that he voice Grendel in TWAU.

    3 Michael Madsen -- Carver, this guy has a really good voice for bad guys, his voice send shivers up my spine.

    4 Anthony Lam voices Stranger and Vince. great creepy voice for the stranger, and he has great voice for Vince too. didn't make the connection.

    5 Dave Fennoy -- Lee, love his voice rich and deep.

  • I agree with you, pete was one of my fav characters in the 2nd series, he doesn't make my top characters of my " walking dead-video game-of-all-time" list. but he was a really a great character. I choice to save him too.

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