Is Carver actually a BAD guy ?



  • Theses are my thoughts to. I hope Carver has some sort of code and a method to his madness like forcing people to work to help the community stay healthy. Ive always wondered how the hell communities function in the walking dead universe if everyone doesn't work or at least you hardly see people working within the communities of Kirkman's comics. It makes the communities seem like too much of a fantasy. The tv show had a little amount of depth on infrastructure but it still did not seem believable. Maybe TTG saw this as a problem and decided to give a communities a spin with different infrastructures or a what if scenario of a community run under a dictatorship.

  • Carver is completely ruthless, so there is no way I'm considering him anything other than a bad guy. However, judging by episode 2 and by the way Telltale is in general, he will very probably have a few redeeming qualities. The ones I can think of are:

    • The baby: as you said, this is an excellent reason to chase the cabin group and one we can all probably relate to, even if, like me, you're not a father. The fact the he cares about his unborn child shows that he hasn't completely lost his humanity and he still yearns for some level of normality.
    • His "ideology": you also mentioned his commitement to the group but I think it's a little more than that. Carver seems to truly believe that his way to run things is the only way. With many people (for instance, The Governor and even Negan), the ZA is just an excuse to fulfill all their cruel fantasies, but I don't think Carver is that kind of guy. I have no doubt the he uses the ZA to justify his more questionable actions, but I also think that he actually believes it himself. This doesn't make what he does any less horrible but at least it doesn't originate from sheer cruelty.
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    Doubel post.

  • Carver calmly and methodically kills, tortures, and enslaves people. He's definitely an extremely bad man and a psychopath. There's no excuse for his behavior. What Carver needs to do is reconcile with the group instead of feud with them. And I hope Clementine will be able to help him in the next episode and teach him to forgive.

  • I agree pretty well with this. An unfortunate side effect of being intelligent is how it can inflate the ego, when then finds all sorts of ways to rationalize things and reinterpret counter-evidence to deny being wrong and reinforce feeling right or confident. "His way to run things is the only way" is likely very accurate, but strangely also a source of comfort and certainty to those who need someone to follow.

    However, you have to admit that his care for his unborn child should make him somewhat of a good guy in that sense, even if he ends up doing awful things to keep the child safe. Just because you're the one defending yourself doesn't mean he's definitely doing wrong.

  • In Z-apocalypse its called surviving.

  • It's a requirement to break people's fingers to survive?

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    • Left the group, likely not by choice.
    • Strong interest in family and keeping them safe.
    • Committed to his group.

    Sounds awfully similar to Kenny. Carver is the anti-Kenny.

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    In this world, kill people is "normal", the difference between bad and good is to kill someone even if he isn't a threat, like Carver did with Walter

  • In the preview it seems as if Bonnie will have a "fee good" moment with Clem. I think certainly Bonnie is a better person than has been portrayed.

  • Yes but as have been mentioned. Kenny shot first AND killed first. I am not blaming Kenny but you can't say that Carver killing Walter was completely unwarranted.

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    Not sure yet fun to see in the upcoming in the episodes to see his motives for his actions haven't played episode 2 yet tbh(vita)

  • Well what if Carlos killed one of his men? He definitely didn't care that Alvin killed George. Some consider that enough to make him suffer.

  • If it means you don't have to walk around corners where someone might have a motherfucking shotgun, then yes. It is.

  • I suppose, but Carver had three guys with AK's. Those things can kill and kill fast.

    I stand by my opinion that he made an excuse to physically harm Carlos.

  • no, he is a good guy. Good guys are in the habit of grabbing an innocent person they dont know, casually emptying a bullet in their heads and smiling.

  • A scared, twitchy person with a no-need-to-be-accurate shotty is much quicker to kill than a very specific assault rifle.

  • well gee, let's see: the carver and his team show up at the lodge, holding these people at GUN POINT and threatening them. they Have them kneel down in execution position and threaten to hurt them and you question Kenny's actions and state that it is "understandable" why the Carver would then shoot a man in cold blood? the Carver started this, Kenny defended his group and the Carver merely finished what he had started. The guy's a sociopath and murderer and Kenny didnt make him do anything.

  • Yup, Im agreeing with this post so hard. Take my like sir.

  • Aw man, I really liked that movie.

  • Damn have style one of my favorite movies just quality film seen it endless times

  • Hmm... Uh... He didn't shoot Walt in cold blood. Kenny shot Johnny. Carver shot Walt. It's simply "an eye for an eye."

    He's not a sociopath. He's getting his family back. A sociopath knows what they do is wrong, but they don't care. Carver thinks getting his family back is enough justification for his actions. And in a way, it is. Imagine how Carver felt when one of his friends gets a bullet directly between the eyes.

  • I don't know, I didn't like the ending, but the rest is really good. It would've been cool if Ralph died taking down Turbo.

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    I liked the ending made me feel I never do for 99% of films but your ending would also be cool and unexpected might caused more feels lol

  • It was set up so perfectly for Ralph to die there.

  • Just like good guys are in the habit of letting the deaths of their friends go unpunished.

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    No, he's a perfectly good guy who collects flowers from a beautiful meadow under a scintillating rainbow amidst multi-coloured butterflies.

  • You can't say that he thinks it's the only way, because we've heard him say next to nothing on ways to lead. He definitely prefers his way to lead, but we know nothing else.

  • Wow, some of y'all are some forgiving motherfuckers. There is absolutely, literally nothing Carver could do at this point to paint him in a good light. he has already crossed the divide into "evil" and there's no coming back. I don't care if he saved a whole bus load of children and kittens. He's still evil.

  • He killed Walter, could've killed Alvin, puts a gun to Clementine's head, breaks Carlos' fingers in front of his child, it's implied that he tortures Alvin in the preview for the next episode, and he gets in a fight with Kenny.

    I think it's safe to say that he isn't a very good guy.

  • I doniknow what the current group has done, but I would not consider him a good guy. Honestly other than Clem & Sarah, (maybe Luke) no one is a good guy really. At this point of the ZA, everyone lives in Greg. Good/bad does not matter. What we know is group left camp (possibly with his unborn child), he looks for them, he holds them hostage until Rebecca shows herself, his man gets kills, eye for an eye he kills someone, he gets shot at again, he kills other dude, leads them to his camp. Not saying he's a good guy, but it can't be that simple. As we learned from the 400 days dlc, once a community is created, moving in and out can cause issues.

  • Everyone's a bad guy! Hurrah!

  • Carver reminds me of David from the last of us...

  • No idea, I'd say yeah, he's a bad guy, well at least now he's a bad guy. I guess that world changed him.

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    I know we don't know him very well, but I'm just saying what I can get from the little we've seen of him. All his speech about "straying from the flock" and "look where Luke has lead you" is, to me, indication that he thinks he's the only person who can keep anyone safe. But, yeah, I could be wrong. Ep3 will probably shed some light on this issue.

  • I hope he is, he looks like he'll be one brilliant antagonist.

  • Pushing someone off a building is different than leading them up there. Carver didn't just find them and kill everybody but Rebecca . . . he tortured Carlos sure but I truly don't think he was going to kill him.

  • Thanks I think it Makes Ken look more classy :D

  • thank you, but im not a man :)

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