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Who do you think will die first? I'd bet my house on one of them dying in the next few episodes but which one do you think should get the chop and how would that affect their characters? In my opinion the way Carlos is built up at the moment would probably end up turning him against the group and Clementine in particular - turning him into a "baddie". Sarah on the other hand I could see turning into a suicidal wreck.

It'll probably be a split decision at the end of an episode. In my opinion both of the characters are near the top of my list of characters i'd axe from my group - but i'd probably go with keeping Carlos alive as his character interests me more.

What do you guys think? Do you think we'd have a choice on who to save? Who would you go with in a split decision?


  • I'd go with Carlos. He might not like me after that, but I like him, so I don't really care.

  • I think Carlos should die 1st, because it would be interesting to see how Sarah would be without him. She needs to learn about what's really happening and Carlos is really putting her in danger by not teacher her how to survive and stuff. His death can really help her see how the world really is and have her possibly mature more. Also whatever problem she has whenever she panics, that could be a problem or she can overcome it.

  • In a split decision between the two, it comes down to this. If I saved Carlos, he would probably hate me, wouldn't do much for me, and would always remind me that I had the chance to save his daughter and never did it. However, if I was to save Sarah, she might hate me I would imagine, but not for long. She isn't the type of girl to hold a grudge from what I have gathered, and I think she would eventually understand Clementine's (well, MY,) decision.

    I'd still save Carlos because Sarah is an annoying girl while Carlos has a cool accent. No but seriously, it's lose a doctor, or a doctor's daughter. Easy option for me.

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    Sarah cannot die yet. I think Carlos would be the logical answer though. She needs some character development, but given how she is, her dad's death may result in her risking her life due to a likely mental breakdown...

  • I would save Sarah, but it would be pointless as she would likely die anyways due to lack of experience. If Clem is struggling already, what good can Sarah do?

  • Though Carlos and Sarah would both be greatly affected by the death of the other, I think it would hit Sarah harder. Sarah would be much more alone than she already is. She's been alone for a long time, a kid surrounded by adults. Kept out of group discussions and left in the dark on what's going on. The reason she's still okay though is because of Carlos - if he dies, that's gone. He's really done her a disservice. I can't say for sure what would happen with Carlos, but I think he would become more bitter and cold. Maybe towards Clementine, if he thinks she's at fault for Sarah's demise.

    In a split-second decision, I would likely go with Carlos. It's really sad, but I wouldn't want to risk the life of one person to save another who is more likely to die in the long run. Sarah is a sweet girl, and I would be sorry to let her die, but it's the choice I would make.

  • Sarah can die.. She's worthless.. at leaste Carlos can fight and is a Dr.

  • Damn...... I'd understand if you did not care for Ben and let him die, he's a boy. Teenage girl should be a different mindset. I think Carlos would give no fucks about you if you let his girl die. He won't do anything for you.

  • I hate both of them but carlos left clem in a shed sooo...yeah,fuck him

  • Honestly, i think when then herd comes in Ep.3, i think what Carlos said about she will "cease to function" will explain the trophy with Sarah's glasses.

  • What was it Chuck said? "Ya aint a boy or a girl, ya aint smart or strong, you're either alive or dead" something like that! If Sarah realized how bad the world has gotten she would cease to excist. Sounds to me like just a liability. The question was Carlos or Sarah, I gave my answer.

  • And who's to say carlos won't "cease to function" just curious

  • No one said that.. Carlos may cease to function just as well.. But concider what we've already seen.. Carlos's is a grown man who can shoot and is a Doctor. Sarah is an emotionally weak girl. Ask yourself this question.. Who would you rather have watching your back as we know them now? Carlos or Sarah?

  • yup, so did the rest of the group.. Even Luke was the one who physically put Clem in the shed. And Clem likes Luke.

    Maybe the question should have been "Ben or Sarah?" who would you have saved?

    To me, it's not about who I like, it's about who would best serve the need's of the group!

  • That's exactly how I feel.

  • Carlos is my favorite character...and Sarah is just an innocent girl.

    Man, would this be a hard choice.

  • I say Sarah because I like her and a pinkie swear forever

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    And yes I like Carlos to

  • I don't care I'm gonna save someone and I don't care who it is

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    I definitely think Carlo is gonna kick the bucket before Sarah, and then we'll see Sarah "cease to function." We'll either be able to pull her out of that dark place, and get to see Sarah grow as a character (I hope this happens!), or she'll become a complete wreck, possibly taking her own life or putting others at risk.

    It would be interesting if Carlos outlives Sarah and he becomes the one to "cease to function." In some ways, this might be too similar to Kenny when Katjaa/Duck died, but Kenny never blamed Lee for what happened to them, and it would be interesting if Carlos did.

    If I had to choose between who to save? Hmm, that's tough. I'd probably go with Carlos. Yes, he'd blame me for letting Sarah die, but it's partially his fault as well for not properly preparing Sarah on how to handle the apocalypse. Hopefully I'd have the option to tell him that.

  • I wouldn't kill a doctor

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