The Walking Dead: Among The Shadows Part 2

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The plan: Francis is hoping to use Damien's talk with Clementine as a distraction so that he and Greg can ambush his group when they least expect it. Christa has no idea that Clementine had agreed to rescue Donald.

It's night time. Clementine and Francis are walking down the open field. Francis looks down at Clementine and sees a look of confidence on her face.

  • Francis: You don't look scared.
  • Clementine: I am.
  • Francis: Well, you don't look like you do, kid.
  • Clementine: I've seen bad men before. This isn't anything new to me.
  • Francis: You have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Clementine: Well, neither do you.
  • Francis: ...Sorry. That was a bit harsh.
  • Clementine: I'm fine.
  • Francis: It's just...look.

They stop walking.

  • Francis: I've seen what this guy is capable of. I was right there when he shot those kids. He didn't even hesitate. If he does decide to kill you, what are you gonna do?

Clementine looks down for a while before continuing on to Damien's base, ignoring Francis' question. Francis catches up.

  • Francis: Look, back there I know I said I admired you bravery, but...Jesus I mean, you're still just a kid.
  • Clementine: Are you saying I can't save him?
  • Francis: I'm saying it's very unlikely. There's about 20 of them taking over that whole building, and it's just you. I mean, yeah me and the gang are gonna come and get you, but by the time we actually show up--
  • Clementine: I have to do this, okay?
  • Francis: ...
  • Clementine: Me and Christa? We were in a group. I was talking to this man on my walkie-talkie. He said he knew where my parents were. So I left my group...and by the time I found out he was a monster, it was too late. And my closest friend died trying to get me back.
  • Francis: Wow...I'm really sorry to hear that. That's...that's gotta be hard...
  • Clementine: I can't stop thinking about him. Now that Donald's in trouble, and this man wants to see me, I have to save him.
  • Francis: (nods) I understand. You know I'm gonna get my ass chewed out by that woman when she finds out I took you to see him.
  • Clementine: Well, you didn't have to come...
  • Francis: I'm at least doing what I can to protect you until we see the building.

They finally reach the road, next to the convenient store.

  • Francis: Do you see it?

Clementine squints and sees a far away building.

  • Clementine: Yeah.
  • Francis: Sorry to leave you, Clem. But this is as far as I can go.
  • Clementine: Thank you.
  • Francis: (puts hand on Clem's shoulder) I just hope that one gas can they gave to Greg will be enough to help us get there and get out fast. We'll get you as soon as possible.

Clementine proceeds to walk to the building while Francis rushes back to camp.


Clementine finally reaches the college campus. The building appears more wide than tall. The entrance is blocked off with buses that leave an open space for the doorway. The doorway has a large torch on each side, along with two watchmen. Clementine feels scared, but she draws in a deep breath.

  • Clementine: Don't be afraid...

She holds her head up high and proceeds to the campus. The watchmen spot her and aim their guns at her.

  • Watchmen 1: DON'T MOVE!!
  • Watchmen 2: (to W1) Wait. That's the kid!! (turns to the building) SHE'S HERE!!

The doorway slowly opens and reveals several men, none of them holding any firearms. They move out of the way and reveal a path to a bonfire. Clementine slowly walks towards it. She looks around and sees the men just looking at her. Outside, she retain's her confidence, but inside she feels uncomfortable.

Once she makes it to the fire, she sees a figure standing in the shadows away from the fire. The figure slowly walks to her.

As the light shines upon him, he reveals to be wear a most unusual mask. It bears a resemblance to old theatre masks. It shows a frowning emotion with openings in the facial features. The right side is white with a black eye, black side of the nose, and black side of the mouth. The other side is the complete opposite. The mask also features what look like lines of blood on the white cheek area.

The man carries a large curved sickle with him. He's around Francis' height, wearing a black hood, a white blood-stained coat, large boots, and black pants. He walks up to Clementine, leans down and looks at her. Clementine can see his eyes through the eyeholes.

  • Damien: Welcome.

His voice was chilling. Clementine still retains her confidence.

  • Clementine: Where's Donald?
  • Damien: No no, kid. You tell me your name first, then I tell you mine.
  • Clementine: ...Clementine....
  • Damien: Well, glad you can make it Clementine. The name is--
  • Clementine: Damien. I know.
  • Damien: Well, looks like they've told you about me.
  • Clementine: Where is he?
  • Damien: Relax. He's safe. For now. Besides, right now he's the least of your worries. I demanded you to be here, because one of my men told me about his latest raid...

Damien starts walking around, raising his voice.

  • Damien: ...Come on out!!

Clementine looks into the crowd and sees the Leader step out and walk towards Damien.

  • Damien: So (points with his sickle) this little girl just stood up to you, you said. Wasn't even afraid of you, you said. You and your group of pussies tucked in your tails and dipped, because Francis was coming in truck; and yet, this kid pretty much told you to fuck off while you were holding a gun to her head? Is that true, Bradley?
  • Bradley: (gulps) ...y-yes...
  • Damien: How disappointing...this little girls got more balls than you and your men combined.

Damien proceeds to slice and mutilate Bradley's groin with his sickle and pulls him down. Bradley falls to the ground, crying in agony.


Clementine starts shaking. Bradley's losing a lot of blood. Damien walks up to Clementine.

  • Damien: You see, Clementine?! I have no use for cowards! I don't care what you are now and I don't care what you were before!!

Damien walks up to Bradley and stabs his head with his sickle. He rips it out with chunks of brain and bone flying out. He gently paints a line on the white area of his mask with Bradley's blood. He raises his sickle and lets out a battle cry. Everyone else joins him. Clementine just stares at Damien. He notices and calms down before slowly walking to her.

  • Damien: With him dead, I need a new recruit. One that's not afraid to pull the trigger. And that's were you come in, Clementine. A cute little girl like you who's not afraid of looking into the barrel of a gun. I could show you how to use your full potential.
  • Clementine: I didn't come here to join you. I came to get my friend back, and I'm not leaving without him.

Damien starts pacing.

  • Damien: Friends hold you back. You have people back there waiting for you to come back. Well let me tell you something: I had friends. Francis, Greg, and my ex Natalie. Not only did they leave us, but they took most of our shit too! See those men near the entrance?! They're holding just a few of the only guns that we have left, thanks to those assholes!! Before all of this started, we were all college students, busting our asses working and studying just to barely make end's meet. Now, we have another chance to start fresh!! Those three never shared my vision...but you? You can help me, help all of us, rebuild this world as we see fit!! We're fighters!! We do what we must to survive!!

Everyone starts cheering Damien on. After they subside, Damien walks back to Clementine.

  • Damien: So, what do you say, Clem?
  • Clementine: They told me what you did to that've killed front of the parents before you killed them...
  • Damien: ...(leans over her) So.....what.....?
  • Clementine: You're a monster. I will never join you. I want you to give me Donald.
  • Damien: ...And there was me thinking, you'd be the one with real potential...

Damien stands up straight.

  • Damien: I could just kill you right now but out of my utmost respect for you, I'll give you three choices: One, I command one of my guys to drag that old fuck out here in front of you, cut off his head, and then cut off yours. Or two, I let you go. But I will send my men after you. I have no control over what they might do to you. They're sick fucks.

Some of the men start laughing. Clementine gets scared.

  • Damien: I, for one, would prefer you to NOT do that. So your third option. Join me. This is the only way your life will be spared so if I were you, I'd take it--

A truck crashes into the gate. Francis gets out of the window and opens fire at the men. Francis has managed to demolish more then half of Damien's group. The others go for their guns, but Greg pops out of the other side window and shoots down most of them, leaving only three left. The three grab guns and take cover behind a flipped table, starting a shoot off.

Clementine sees this as an opportunity to run past Damien and into the building to find Donald. Damien is furious and runs after her. Francis catches this and fires at his feet. Clementine manages to get away from Damien while he focuses his attention to Francis and Greg.

Clementine enters the building. She sees a large, long hallway that runs down to what looks like the other end of the building. She runs down and checks some of the doors, looking for Donald. She looks in the men's washroom. It's barely lit up with some windows and all of the stalls are closed. Before she has the chance to check the stalls, she hears coughing coming out of one of them. She opens the door, and finds a bloodied and bruised Donald sitting on the floor with his hand tied to the bar on the stall.

  • Donald: ...Clementine...
  • Clementine: Donald!! I found you!
  • Donald: shouldn't have come here...

Clementine uses her knife to free Donald. He falls to floor, looking weak. Clementine pulls on his arms.

  • Clementine: Come on!! We need to get out of here!!
  • Donald: did you...

Suddenly, echoed footsteps are heard. Clementine closes the stall and crouches down next to Donald.

  • Damien: Clementine? Come on. We can work this out...

Clementine can hear Damien dragging his sickle on the wall. Then, he starts singing.

  • Damien: "Oh my darling, Clementine..."

He sounds like he's getting closer.

  • Damien: "Oh my darling, Clementine..."

Clementine looks at the door through the underside of the stall. Donald takes Clementines knife.

  • Clementine: What..?
  • Donald: ...Just get ready...

  • Damien: "You are lost and gone forever, Dreadful sorry..."

Damien kicks the door open, scaring Clementine. Donald moves in front of her. Damien drags his sickle along the wall once again.

  • Damien: Clementine...I guess you found him.

Damien walks to stall and just before he's about to open it, Donald stands and slams into the door, knocking Damien onto the ground and making him drop his sickle. Donald attempts to stab Damien, but he grabs his arm to stop him. Clementine gets out of the stall and watches the two fighting.

  • Clementine: ...I can't--

Clementine walks backwards and starts running to the exit once she leaves the washroom. She hears the sound of blades, followed by Donald screaming.

Clementine makes it outside and sees Francis shooting and killing the last of Damien's men. Greg comes out of the other side of the building with two gas cans. Clementine runs to Francis.

  • Francis: Thank God you're safe! Where's your friend

Clementine starts tearing up.

  • Francis: ...fuck...
  • Greg: I found them! Let's go!

The three get into the truck. Clementine can see Damien walking out of the building with his blood-covered sickle as Francis steps on the pedal and speeds out of Damien's territory and into the field and back to camp.

They make it back to camp, where Christa, Eliza, and Natalie are waiting for them. Clementine steps out of the truck and walks to them. Christa runs up and hugs her.

  • Christa: I told you to stay here! Fuck...I thought we lost you...
  • Eliza: Clementine, where is he?
  • Clementine: (closes her teary eyes and shakes her head)
  • Eliza: You couldn't save him...
  • Clementine: He saved me...
  • Christa: ...Jesus...

Francis and Greg step out of the truck. Natalie gets up to hug the both of them.

  • Natalie: Thank God you're safe.
  • Francis: We have to go. Now.
  • Greg: Damien could be on his way here any minute. We got the gas cans back. We can finally get out of here.
  • Christa: Give me those...
  • Greg: What?

Christa gets up and walks to them.

  • Christa: Donald died trying to get those back, and you let Clementine nearly get herself killed!! You fucking used us!!
  • Francis: Hold it, lady. We were gonna let you keep one while we take the other. Besides, I think you owe us after we saved your asses.
  • Clementine: It's true, Christa. They could've--
  • Christa: Clementine, not another word!

Christa draws her gun and aims it at Greg. Francis aims his gun at Christa.

  • Francis: Have you lost your fuckin' mind?
  • Christa: Give me those. Now!!
  • Eliza: NO!!
  • Greg: Lady, don't do this!
  • Francis: Christa, just drop the gun and we can all walk away from this.
  • Clementine: NO!

BANG! Natalie is shot in the head. Everyone looks to see where the bullet came from and see that it came from Eliza, who used Clementine's gun.

  • Francis: What the fuck?!

Francis prepares to shoot Christa, but she shoots first. Greg drops the gas cans and surrenders.

  • Greg: Oh God!! No! Please! Stop!

Nonetheless, Christa aims her gun at Greg's head and shoots him. Eliza's still holding the gun in the direction she shot Natalie. Clementine slowly walks up to her and carefully takes the gun out of her hands.

  • Eliza: I meant to shoot that man with the gun...
  • Clementine: It's okay...take it easy.

Eliza falls to her knees and cries. Clementine goes in to comfort her.

  • Eliza: He's really gone...


The story continues in God Help Us.



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