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Sam and Max Freelance Police TAS

posted by davek on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users
Hi, can anyone give me some info about the DVD series please. I would love a copy to inflict upon my daughter but while the telltale site says its region free, all the other sites with copies (like amazon or ebay) claim its region 1.
Living in the UK this obviously is a bit of a bugger, but who do i believe? (a daft question to be asking on Telltales own forum methinks) The DVD machine and TV can handle NTSC with no probs but i don't have a multi region player soooooo if i fork out for a region 1 NTSC boxed set i'm screwed but if its region free NTSC all is good.

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  • It's region-free, promise. I just triple-checked my copy :)

    I don't think Shout! advertises that too loudly, so retailers just assume out of habit that it's region 1, since 99% of all US releases are.
  • Fantastic mate, cheers.

    My daughter (six) has taken such a shine to the game on Wii that I've got out my old copy of Surfin' the highway on the promise she is careful with it (no you can't colour Max in... hang on... how do you colour in a white rabbit on white paper?) and i was looking for a good reason to buy the DVD.
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