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The new poll is.... interesting

posted by The Burninator on - last edited - Viewed by 668 users
The new poll is What do you prefer to play games on?

I voted for PC, but is Telltale gauging what consoles are the most popular for marketing reasons or for the sake of the poll? I don't see how this can be connected to the best of '08, as Telltale only have games on two of the systems listed.

So if you want a game on your favorite system, go vote!
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  • It's not related to the Best of 2008, that's done. ;) (Winners will be announced tomorrow!)

    I voted for the DS, myself. It's really spoiled me... I almost can't stand to sit in front of a PC screen to play a game anymore.
  • It's got to be the PC. There's no true gaming alternative, really. All genres work on the PC, as do all control schemes (controllers can be connected if you don't like keyboard and mouse)! However, I do love my DS, but that has specific titles suited to that system.
  • I voted for the wii, because that's my favorite, although the DS is very close behind. Too bad there wasn't a way to mark the second favorite on the poll
    (maybe do a second fall for 2nd favorites :) )
  • I voted for PC, I find game developers dumb games down for consoles.
  • Emily;111426 said:
    It's not related to the Best of 2008
    So it IS for marketing reasons.:eek:
  • Gman5852;111480 said:
    So it IS for marketing reasons.:eek:
    Well.... most of what I do around here is for marketing reasons. But I won't tell if you don't. ;)
    Sausy Gibbon;111469 said:
    I voted for PC, I find game developers dumb games down for consoles.
    How so? Do you mean like in the interface, or in the gameplay...?

    We happen to be making games for consoles these days, so this is valuable feedback!
  • Emily;111484 said:
    Well.... most of what I do around here is for marketing reasons.
    Gasp! Consumerism! CONSUMERISM! *flails arms wildly whilst running in circular patterns*

  • Ooh! Ooh! For marketing purposes I'd like to say I prefer PC, DS and Wii, in that order. Things are easier to see and prettier on PC, the DS is honestly the system I've bought the most games for in the last three years, and the Wii is the only other system I play on. Not a lot of Harvest Moon for the Xbox.
  • I voted for PC since it's the only one of those that I own.
  • For me, the answer is just "whatever has the game I'm playing on it." In cases where I have multiple options for the same game, I tend to rate features against prices. I'll usually go with the least expensive option, at least in the cases where the versions are identical. If a certain version is especially feature-rich or promising, I might get that version (for instance, I got Rock Band for the 360 rather than the Wii or PS2 version, because of downloadable content, even though the 360 version was more expensive).

    Also, I love the DS, but DS ports rarely work out, in my opinion, especially ports of PC games. Phoenix Wright comes to mind, but those were up-ports rather than down-ports, and of course the originals were designed for a handheld system as well, so that helps. Pacing and interface are huge deals on handheld systems, and a lot of developers seem to miss that.

    Then again, playing Day Of The Tentacle on my DS (that was how I first played it) was a great experience, so it's entirely possible for an epic, classic-style adventure to work in that format, even if it wasn't designed for it.
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