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The new poll is.... interesting

posted by The Burninator on - last edited - Viewed by 644 users
The new poll is What do you prefer to play games on?

I voted for PC, but is Telltale gauging what consoles are the most popular for marketing reasons or for the sake of the poll? I don't see how this can be connected to the best of '08, as Telltale only have games on two of the systems listed.

So if you want a game on your favorite system, go vote!
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  • I didn't really mean when they remake games (but there are instinces, same with remaking console games for PC). I just find that in console games the gameplay is remarkably simple, I often find I can finish a Xbox game much quicker than its PC counterpart.
  • Out of those I'd put it this way: DS, Wii, PS3, 360, PC.
  • LuigiHann;111509 said:
    Also, I love the DS, but DS ports rarely work out, in my opinion, especially ports of PC games.
    Just curious, which ports of PC games have you played on the DS?

    I recently played Ankh and CSI and both had some issues, but I think they would be easy enough to avoid during the porting process (stuff like simplifying the interface and making hotspots bigger). I've heard that the Runaway and Tunguska ports are pretty good, but they're not available in the US yet.
  • Just don't make any exclusives, ok? I don't want to have to buy an Xbox to play your next game, so make sure all your stuff is multi-platform.
  • Well quite simply, i vote PC, DS and then WII. All other consoles i'll never have because i frankly don't need anything more than the PC+Nintendo combo. I had a 360 ... but i got rid of it because it bored me out of my mind, and also, XboX live is a great concept, but it depresses me that most of it's users are retards.

    Even now, i am playing L4D...the amount of annoying, rude, bossy people.... issh. Funny how i don't meet these people in real life. Where do they live?

    On a sidenote, i'd never favor any telltale game on wiiware over pc. SB for example, would amount to like 50$+, and via the telltale site, 35$... + i favor the PC versions of such game. So non-pc releases from telltale. That would make us sad
  • I voted PC because, well, it's the truth. Although recently I've been playing more and more on my DS because my current PC is having trouble keeping pace with current games, and I'm down to fans so heating is becoming an issue.

    That being said, I would love to see Sam N Max come to the DS because even after I have finished the game I still like to go back and play through it, because the whole production is so great it's like watching a weekly TV series and it takes about the same amount of time. It actually replaced a few shows that quit watching after the writer's strike boned them.
  • Guybrush Threepwood;111432 said:
    It's got to be the PC. There's no true gaming alternative, really. All genres work on the PC, as do all control schemes (controllers can be connected if you don't like keyboard and mouse)! However, I do love my DS, but that has specific titles suited to that system.
    Platformers are CRAP on PC! (unless you have a control pad)
  • natlinxz;111552 said:
    Platformers are CRAP on PC! (unless you have a control pad)
    he did mention them, also its only 3d ones that are awkward
  • I voted PC, mostly because my 360 isn't hooked up to the internet and the games are more expensive, and the Wii seems to have a lack of good games(besides first-party ones).
  • Personally I perfer:

    Wii (or any game console really, but seeing as the only console that I have that still has games coming out for it is the Wii I chose that. :D)

    It's not that I dislike playing on the PC, but one reason it's so low on my list compared is because I share the computer with other people. Thus I can't play games on PC just anytime I want to, unlike w/ my Wii and DS.

    In addition to that is because if I see a game I'm intrested in for the Wii and DS, I know I can play it. And don't have to worry about the specifications. My current PC is getting long in the tooth, and while it plays City of Heroes, the TTG games and Team Fortress 2 well enough, I can't play the majority of the games that have come out in the last couple years/PC versions of 360 and PS3 games. Especially Left 4 Dead. God I wish I could play that. :/
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