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posted by WarpSpeed on - last edited - Viewed by 629 users
This thread says it has a page 19:

But every time I try to look at it, it shows me page 18 instead. This happens if I'm on page 18 and click on the 19 or "Next page" controls, or if I go from the message list and click on "Last Page".

Is there really nothing more to life after 18?
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  • I only have 18 pages.

    Chalk it up to forum weirdness.
  • I've seen this happen in another board software when somebody in the thread deleted a post and the thread was on the boundary. Granted, I have absolutely no idea if that has anything to do with this situation whatsoever, but...
  • It still shows me the Page 19 as of the morning. When I hover over the 19, a tool tip comes up saying "Show results 361 to 361 of 361", but it won't let me see what result 361 says. Guess I'll wait until someone makes a new post in that thread, and see if an old one suddenly shows up at the top of that last page.

  • Dunno. I'm an administrator so I can see deleted posts, but still, the last one I see is 360.

    It's a mystery! :D
  • Mine shows 19 (361 to 361) as well.
    Very peculiar...
  • Someone posted, so it's got a real post #361 and Page 19 now, and we should be all set until it reaches Page 20! ;)
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