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Original Sam and Max Comic Art on eBay!!!

posted by ZeroSA on - last edited - Viewed by 953 users
So I was browsing through eBay for the heck of it and found this auction:

It is for an orignal page from the "Bad Day on the Moon" comic and comes with a paperback
version of the new Sam and Max Collection. It starts at $100 so it is out of my price range. I'm
guessing that Fishbones is Steve's eBay id. Anyway, here is the page for sale.

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  • Thats cool stuff. I've seen some other peoples Surfin' the Highways art on I think that soft cover you have is cooler than my hardcover. I'd love to have some art by him, be it Sam & Max or Toybox or anything else... I really love his art style.
  • I had the option of buying this at comic con from steve himself, sad that I didn't have the monies for that at the time :(
  • Don't you people know how to save or be economic about money? Gzzzzzzs! No wonder we're up in our asses in debts... Plus this crap on the stock market and the whole goddamn crisis? Merry Christmas indeed! :rolleyes:
  • ahhhwwww i already bought 5 original sam and max drawings signed by steve purcell at comic con 08. i spent like 600.00 dollars at the telltalegames booth and steves booth i have so much sam and max stuff i love them the only thing i really want is the action figures i will hecka buy one if anyone nows were i can buy one please tell.
  • droool... i never get to go to the cons... always seem to work or get deathly ill..

    action figures.. droolll
  • Where exactly is this "comic con" located, and when?
    I've heard of previous comic cons before, but I've never actually BEEN to one. Doubt I'll be able to go this year, since I can't DRIVE yet. Maybe next year, huh?
    Hopefully Steve Purcell will be there next year...

    For more info, basically Comic-Con is the Convention of all Conventions, held at the end of July in San Diego. I travelled across from the UK to visit 08 convention.

    Met Steve after his career talk that he held, also bought some original sketches from him. Also met a whole host of other crazy and famous people. Ended up in a free showing of the latest Futurama movie showing, out of pure chance and met the cast and creators.

    Also stopped by the Telltale Booth quite a few times.

    Basically Comic Con is a must if you can get to it!
  • Dang... I really want to go to comic con now, but im too poor :( one of the main reasons of why I hate living in the middle of nowhere.
  • And why I hate living on the other side of the US as San Diego.
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