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Your theories for Episode 4 and 5?

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These are the images of the select screens.
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In Episode 4, I feel that Clementine will be mindfucked by the loss of her comrades. I expect everyone close to her to have died already. Carver lives.

Episode 5, she runs away from Carver to Wellington alone where she is left in a helpless state. She eventually finds a way to hide from him and stay out of his reach. She has run so much that she is now left in a place where there is no one left. Carver continues on with his life while Clementine is trapped in Wellington waiting to die.

I don't want this to happen, but the darkness of it all makes me think so. If you search the music for the select screens, it used to be pretty eerie and creepy. I'll link it.

  • I believe I have an idea on what episode 4 is all about. Clem lets the walkers into Camp Carver, and uses her knowledge of masking her scent with infected blood to move freely throughout the place, probably to save everyone else. The blood on the face is like war paint while this all goes down. War against Camp Carver.

  • Episode 4- Amid means- in the middle of; surrounded by; among: to stand weeping amid the ruins.
    during; in or throughout the course of.

    So Clem will be surrounded by people, lakes, hills, etc. Clem will also be in fear and cry about everything that happened to her. This will be an episode to remember all those who died. Something that happens in episode 3 makes Clem realize her innocence is gone. Maybe she kills Carver. The achievement for episode 3 is- Gave what you got with a picture of a bloody wrench.

  • Maybe those shadows are meant to be dead people?

    Doug, Carley, Bandit member, does Kenny die too??

    Eddie is the clearest so maybe he doesn't die.

    • Yes as I stated above :). This will be an episode of remembrance and loss of innocence. Clem will not be the Clem we all knew after episode 3. something in episode 3 traumatizes Clem very much. She'll be like Russel not wanting to trust anyone that much anymore. Only person she'll trust is Christa

  • I agree with the theory that she will lose her hat and it will be symbolic of losing part of herself, but think that symbolism could go two ways.

    My first theory is similar to what others have mentioned, that Clem losing her hat will symbolize her losing the last of her innocence, and possibly a significant portion of her humanity. Whatever happened that made Clem lose her hat could traumatize her, or harden her so much that she becomes a different person. If this happens, we as the player could either let Clem succumb to these feelings, or struggle to find the choices that help her grasp to the last remnants of her humanity.

    The other thought I had was much less destitute. Losing the last relic of her past could symbolize Clem finding closure with her past and moving on. She would come to terms with any guilt she felt over Lee's death, what happened with Omid/Christa, what happened to her parents, and all the other events of season 1. Maybe someone asks her again how she was able to survive so long, and her response is more reflective and appreciative rather than riddled with guilt. Like, "My friend Lee found me and taught me how to survive. He's gone now, but thanks to him, I'm still here."

  • The skeleton on the episode 5 is Lee

  • When Season 3 comes out (I think it's safe to say that it will - they will continue making these games as long as TWD remains popular) I can't see them using Clementine again as a playable character, just for the sake of variety. So my guess is that in the remaining episodes we will see Clem undergo some drastic change and (maybe?) switch her alliances. This will lead to only one possible outcome - at the end of episode 5 she will join the 'bad' people and in Season 3 she will grow up to become the new antagonist (TWIST!). That would be a situation none of us will expect, and it will result from all the pain and suffering she endured.

    I'd also like to see a final scene of the episode 5 to be some sort of a 'test' for Clementine, where she will be told to execute someone close to her (there are a lot of people to pick from), but we WON'T be presented with actual choice - whether she shoots that person or not would be decided by the game from all of the previous choices from Season 1 and 2 (depending on what Lee used to say to Clementine and her own decisions from current season). That way we would be able to see how our choices affected her (and how valuable our decisions were).

  • I think Carver will die in episode 3 and his camp will get destroyed and overrun with zombies, Clementine and whoever is left alive will escape together and they will head North to Wellington. Some of these people will be from 400 days and I'm sure NATE will show up somewhere along the way!

  • Its a while ahead, but luke will either die or be the only one who survives with clementine. And she will find christa.

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    My Video Theory

  • If I had to guess I would say In episode 4 Carver chases your group down and kills a few people then in the end of the episode you get to Wellington. Only to find it full of bandits and walkers. Then Episode 5 is just trying to survive and escape Wellington.

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