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Another preorder question

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So you said that the preorder option will available for some more time. Is it possible to purchase the first game and the upgrade to the preorder if you like it (so you only pay the difference between the amounts?). Sorry if this is already posted anywhere and I missed it.

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  • I think that it would be not unreasonable to offer this option as I would have preordered with paypal now if this were possible. As it is i've bought episode 1.

    Sure I could be patient and wait until the paypal preorder is up (if it is ever working) but I'm not sure when that'll be, and I'd rather not feel penalised.

    Besides, I'm ill and may have not been sound of mind when I bought the episode;)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    That offer will be starting soon. Anyone who have a purchased unlocked copy of Culture Shock will be able to upgrade to the season set at a reduced rate, regardless of whether they buy Culture Shock now or after that promo officially starts.

    So yeah, basically, yes you will be able to do that.
  • :D Excellent, I knew I could count on Telltale. Well, I was pretty sure.

    ... okay, I doubted you every step of the way!:o
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