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I'm absolutely hooked on the scoring system!

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I'm currently obsessed with the scoring system used in SGCG4AP. I won't rest until I've achieved maximum awesome in every episode.

My question: Will this be implemented in future Telltale Games? (Wallace and Gromit/Sam & Max) and (Dare I dream) is there any chance it could be retroactively added to existing games?
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  • Well, I started playing Sam & Max after already playing the first couple episodes of SBCG4AP, and they really seemed unbelievably short without it or any sort of post-ending bonus stuff, so I do hope it's implemented in other telltale games, but I doubt that they'll start implementing it in any preexisting series.
  • I'm not really that bothered about it to be honest, and it wouldn't matter to me if it wasn't used again. I think it's something that suits the Strong Bad series, and I'm not sure how well it'd stand up for Sam & Max or Wallace & Gromit.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    We try to do things that we think are a good fit for the game at hand. While I don't know if we'll be doing something with the exact features, or the same scope, as SBCG4AP, we like that sort of thing in general (see the season-wide DeSoto upgrades in Sam & Max Season Two, for instance). It really depends on the game! With Strong Bad, that universe is so filled with meta-references and video game stuff, it seemed appropriate to go for a crazy thing that sort of poked a bit of fun at modern "completionist" culture in games while also of course letting people go and find all of that hidden stuff. With Sam & Max they have that slightly hot-rodded up DeSoto, so it seemed like it would be cool to effectively let Sam & Max go and ruin it by covering it with ridiculous flames and hula girls and hood intakes, etc. I don't think Wallace & Gromit will be super heavy on that stuff, as that game is focusing more on the storytelling and cinematic experience than meta mini-game craziness, but most all of our games have some amount of content on the meta layer. It just depends on the game!
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