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Sam & Max theme park ride ideas

posted by Guy in a Box on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
I know, this is a pretty far-out idea, but if it ever occurs, has anyone else thought about a Sam & Max theme park ride? It probably will never happen, but it's just fun to speculate. My idea would be sort of like a mixture of the Jimmy Neutron ride at Universal and the MuppetVision 3D ride at Disney World. It'd be one of those moving seats/cars ride, and it'd kind of fit. Think about it: Sam & Max usually drive around recklessly leaving a trail of destruction behind them. They'd be perfect for these kinds of things. Anyone else have any ideas?
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  • Sam and Max Theme Park: Now with brand new attractions such as the Computer Obselescence Protection Society stalls, Bagpipe Obliteration, Car Uprgrades, Stuttgart Online and MORE.

    Come check out our food bistros, run competitively by Bosco's: Home of the 1000 year old Weenie, Stinky's, specialists in basalt sandwiches and Goolashes Tar Cake. And if your lucky, maybe the Hosts of Cooking without Looking will entice you with they're world famous Ketchup Cake.

    Don't forget to try the rides; a 10 Minute Demo of Reality 2.0 costs your close friend's career, A round trip on the Soul Train costs One Soul Token, A Trip through time will cost you five Mariachi song hearings and a trip to the moon will cost all feasability and understanding you have of physics.

    And be sure to take some photos with the Severed re-animated granite head of former U.S President Abraham Lincoln. Romour is it that with every 10 photo's taken, he spouts out a Gun upgrade Voucher.

    Sam and Max Theme Park, The only area on earth where the Law doesnt apply.
  • That...sounded...AWESOME.
  • Maybe like that Men in Black ride at Universal Studios where you shoot all sorts of crap!
  • Three words The Birth Canal.
  • yoshimickster;112389 said:
    Maybe like that Men in Black ride at Universal Studios where you shoot all sorts of crap!
    That could work. That'd actually work quite well. I still like my 3D movie idea, though.
  • Guy in a Box;112384 said:
    Thanks, for a second I began to believe it was a possiblity, I had a bit more but was afraid Id be banned for forum clogging or something

    The only problem is that it had virtually no mention of sam and max, lol
  • That's it, screw the Harry Potter island, I'm going to Florida and forcing Universal to make a Sam & Max island!
  • jmm;112083 said:
    Don't forget good'ol Cone of Tragedy.

    I volunteer as the Lost & Found guy.
    Have you found my toliet plunger? It fell out of my never ending adventure game pocket.
  • I would love to see this made a reality, it would be awesome. It could be a 3d shooter where we ride along with sam and max (kinda like the spiderman ride lol) and everyone is divided into teams, whoever shoots the most stuff gets something cool.... the theme park sounds cool too!
  • How about a ride similar to the one at the amusement park in "The Friend for Life"? I might hesitate before I ride that one, though just the thought that it's Sam and Max related would make me want to ride it. XD
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