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  • Awesome already so the ending is destined to be good as well. As your waiting for free time recommend reading my stories for inspiration lol

  • Thank you, you have no idea how much your review means to me ;_; And yep I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. I'm not sure if I'll post stories directly on here though. I prefer sometimes not to have too many copies of a fic out there in case I need to edit [otherwise I'd have to go through ALL the versions to correct them and deviantart has really tortured me for that.]

    But I got really sad writing about Nick's death and him getting bitten. Funny though that If I'd known Kenny was going to come back, it might've been him that I'd of written in Nick's place, with everything playing out much differently [oh hell yeah that would've been a boat put somewhere in there lol]. Regardless i'm glad I wrote Nick. After him becoming a determined character, I'm worried he'll get killed off in a really horrible way later down the road. And I'm at least glad I got to write something to say goodbye to that adorable dork.

    Nicky on the other't hate me now, but in the earlier versions I was really planning for that baby to get munched by walkers. It was to do with this whole thing where Clementine was going to trick Carver into thinking she'd run off with the baby when he showed up, but she was only holding blankets and had actually hidden the baby somewhere else, and it pissed Carver off [and again Luke came in to help her] but when they went back to where Clementine hid the baby, a walker was feasting on Nicky who was already long dead by then and Luke wouldn't let a distraught Clem see what was left of her o_o

    But yeah, I went through a couple versions before I finally settled on what I did. I just felt the baby's death needed to be something that they couldn't control, and sort of less gory in death and more in terms of natural causes. That's why the flashback thing was so long, I seperated all the themes instead of trying to cram them all into one crazy ass sequence that just really didn't work and felt rushed, especially when at one point i'd tried to include to Nick in the whole thing with Carver.

    Anyway thanks for all the kinds words and support. You've really made my week :P

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    Your review was like a big cookie! Thanks Mark.

  • No problem and no thank you for sharing such a quality story. Mean just leave a comment here just saying next part is done then I'll review it so I know anyway need read next part of this masterpiece so excited. This story deserved decent review thanks for sharing

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    I'm taking a break from writing for a while but have contributed 4 story's to the thread to read while your waiting lol

    The Last Of Us/The Walking Dead crossover in OP

    Clem Practice chapter top of page 3

    The Dark Knight/Walking Dead Cross over bottom of page 3

    The Wolf Among/ The Walking Dead Cross over middle of page 6

    If want read them any feedback will be appreciated thank you

    So over to the Users looking forward to lots of great stories coming up and as always anyone can write story here or share a link promise decent review and thumb thanks for reading

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    You'll come back and write me story one day on this thread Blades won't you your so talented and now you have your brilliant thread probably forgotten about it miss your awesome story's here we you return one day Blades?

  • One day. But this word explains it all soon.

    I'm so sorry bro! I'm trying my best :(.

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    Ok no concentrate on your awesome thread not in a bad way come back one day whenever month etc don't mind but one day if bored with freetime make a story know where to post it bro your doing brilliant job I'm a big fan of your thread btw also can just back every now and again and read the awesome new story's lol

  • Okay :). Would you like me to release all chapters at same time or one by one?

    It doesn't really matter to me but I prefer all at once so you can review.

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    Say wait for the full story so I can get the full experience all at once so won't forget parts helps also see how pacing is with the story helps with reviews thanks delighted no pressure btw take your time

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    I want to write a story too! I'm not that great though...
    What happened at Savannah (because I got dam lucky isn't a real explanation) warning, it's as told by Kenny.
    If you saved Ben (might write other version latter if I have time and if this one turns out ok.)

    And then I tried to save that shirt bird Ben. What a mistake that was. Walkers from every direction closing in on me, no way I was getting out of that ally, in ether direction, no way to climb up ether. the walkers behind me jumped on the kid, used my last bullet to shot him too. But at least he distracted them, guess he was finally useful for something.

    Clem: There's no way you could have gotten out of that/how did you get out?/you shouldn't talk about Ben that way/...

    Kenny: (Sorry Clem, I know you liked Ben but that kid brought us nothing but trouble, anyway) it's funny, you know what they say about your life flashing before your eyes? We'll for some darn reason all I could think about was the time lee got himself trapped in an ally with walkers, remember that? Then it hit me, couldn't go left, couldn't go right, sure as hell couldn't get back up, but what about down? Must have been dam lucky, if you can call anything lucky anymore, cause there was a grate right where I needed it to be. Didn't have much time but when a mans cornered like that, I tore that grate off like a wild man. Used one of the poles from the railing that had broken off, and leapt down. Managed to make my way to the edge of savannah through those sewers, took a while though, got completely lost. You don't know how many times I wished for that map of lees, hell I'd have appreciated Vernon by that point, after I'd whacked him a few times anyway. Don't get me wrong it was bad down there not nearly as bad as the streets but still, that pole came in handy more than once I can tell you. But the important part is that I made it out. The only thing I'm ashamed of is not going back for you darlin, but between the time It took me to get out and all I had seen... I just... I'm so sorry hon.
    Forgive Kenny/don't forgive Kenny.

  • This is very good use a title make couple of more chapters have excellent story there thanks for the share then give you a full review. Don't worry none of us are professional writers just for a bit of fun but you have talent there don't worry


    This isn't exactly a fan-fic, but a parody - a short animated gag I made based on my experience and scenes from S02E02. Check it out and enjoy...


  • Thank you, for the positive review! I'm going to try and get started on my next segment after I'm done with my next Battle Royale. One question though, should the name of this episode be "Memories" or "Burnin' and Lootin'"?

  • So, I see that a lot of Fan-fic people are making threads for their stories. Do you think I should make one for Insanity? I'd still post my stories on here, too, even if I had a thread.

  • No prob for sharing such quality story and maybe Memories just like it so deep lol

  • yes why hell not in my opinion it's a quality story that should be shared love the ambition go for it

  • I copied it so I can read it when not so busy. :)

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    Tobi reading my story ^

    No prob Tobi whenever not busy read it you'll enjoy it's as insane as my usually stories but you will love it lol

  • lol slightly disturbing but funny want stories but that was funny thanks for share



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    Welcome Azlyn first visit to my story thread nice lol

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    Recommend reading on thread when your not busy not copy and paste might sound stupid but I think the visual of the pictures sets the tone for each chapter and adds to the overall experience plus get to see awesome picture at the end of each chapter lol

  • Adored this crossover such exciting read and well written good job

  • Thanks very much glad you enjoyed it MrT

  • Matt I demand you finish this masterpiece whenever you have the time of course

  • Just found this story and I just have to say, I'm honored to have helped a talented writer as yourself. Great fucking story man!

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  • He wrote the sequel on pg8 I recommend reading it's class as well

  • Is this the first part or am I missing more quality stories?

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    This thread I made packed full of quality stories but if mean Clay pg 8

    But next part of Clay on p8 one of the best or Blades or myself(lol I try)(but to many to chose)

    But most recently probably one of the best ever read on this thread(just perfection)

    Ps: Always welcome to write story here anytime you want seen your drawings your so talented be cool to have story by you here.

  • I can't write a story to save my own life lol.

  • Yeah sorry mate, i've been super busy the last couple of days and i've been getting next to no sleep and working almost non stop, a lot of stress. This is my lazy catching up on sleep day, i'm going to pick up where I left off tomorrow.

    I apologised to SaltLick, I don't know if he read it or not but I explained to him that I was under a lot of stress working too much and not getting enough sleep. I actually felt really bad about the stuff I said once I had got some sleep and was no longer borderline delirious.

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    lol ok take your time as for other issue you apologized and it's resolved respect you for that like me a lot every now and again say something random and get myself in trouble which don't mean believe me I've said much worse stuff here lol but thanks can't wait for the story

  • Ah come on your very talented look I'm not that great myself yet I have 4 stories on this thread it's more about trying something creative come on be fun and I'll review and thumb it

  • Wow 10 likes and 3.2K views just take the time to thank all the storytellers for making this thread what is it and can't wait for more story's in the future Thank you

  • It's ok Mark, likes don't matter, nobody likes me :)

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    lol know but nothing to do with the fact I can't just say bump so always say something that looks good

    Matt thats not true what I learned since joining this forum is they learn to hate you less each day believe me lol

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