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Who else has Surfin' the Highway?

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I don't know if there's already a thread about this. If so, sorry for reposting.
Who else got Surfin' the Highway? I got the softcover, because I can't really afford the hardcover right now, but I LOVE it.
What was your favorite story, favorite quote, and favorite activity page?
My favorite story was probably "Bad Day on the Moon". I liked the comic version better than the version in the animated series, personally.
My favorite quote...
Max: Sam, maybe something good will eventually come out of all this.
Sam: Besides a mouth-watering soup stock?
Max: Shut up, Sam!
I was laughing for a long time after that. XD
And my favorite activity page is definately the board game from "On the Road".
Well, discuss!
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  • I got the paperback aswell because I got the Sam and Max gift set. And yeah there is a similar thread but not the same.
    My favourite comic was The Beast From The Cereal Isle, because of the depth illustration. My favourite activitie page is Disguise-O-Rama (but I couldn't condem cutting up the comic).
    My favourite quotes are
    Unsavoury Pal #1:Heres Salmonax, or watever they are.
    Unsavoury Pal #2: I swear i'm gonna eat thatlittle guy some night.
    Sam: Say hello to yyour unsavoury pals, Max.
    Max:Hello unsavery pals! Whats new?
    Unsavory Pal #2: Were gonna eat you fuzzy.
    Max: Tee Hee
    Sam: Drugged and packed into meat pies.What kind of curdeled brain could think up such a thing.
    Max (pointing at brain stuck on the wall): This one!
  • I got my copy along with the dvds. The thing is, I also had the original print of Surfin' the Highway back when I discovered that Sam and Max was a comic book! as well as an awesome computer game. I also have VHS copies of the cartoon, too. :o
  • Favorite villains? Mine is definately Mack Salmon. He's fun to tease. XD
  • Maxilyah;112599 said:
    Favorite villains? Mine is definately Mack Salmon. He's fun to tease. XD
    Me to, he seems to be the only one to act like a traditional villian ( not that theres anything wrong with them being different).
  • It was worth the six weeks it took to get here, and I don't say that about much. There wasn't a problem, I just ordered the season two DVD at the same time, and it wasn't out yet.
    Maxilyah;112471 said:
    What was your favorite story
    Terror on the Tanbark. I have a thing for kid versions of characters.
    favorite quote
    Too many. Any line when Max takes the wheel, including the part where he just says "I can feel the warmth of its presence". I just thought it was funny that Sam had to direct him because he couldn't see over the wheel.
    favorite activity page?
    Our Bewildering Universe. It has many of my favourite quotes, and the poses, especially Sam's in the Baffling Animal Wonders panel, are just perfect.
    Sausy Gibbon said:
    (but I couldn't condem cutting up the comic)
    So does that mean you think it's a good idea? :)
  • Yeah, I enjoyed Terror on the Tanbark too, because I'm one of those girls who squeals when something's cute, and they certainly are adorable children. :)
  • I don't have it now, but soon, I WILL! Quick question: Is it just the hardcover that's special edition, or is it both?
  • They're both the anniversery edition, but the hardcover is autographed with some extra stuff, I believe.
  • Cooool. It sucks having parents monitoring your spending. Stupid economic crisis.... lemee buy my book.... that's $60. x_X
  • got the hardcover, number 1540
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