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season 2 idea

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ok, heres my idea, instead of playing as strong bad in season 2 i think we should play as homestar :D
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  • DKW;109051 said:
    The most Homestar Runner would be able to carry is a quick scene or level, a la level 5 of Stinkoman 20X6.
    Reluctantly agreed. As much as I love Homestar (the character, not just the website :p), I'm having a really hard time seeing him as the playable character, or at least one that can hold up through a season's worth of episodes. Also, Strong Bad is just the most relatable of the whole gang—another reason why he works so well in the role, I think, along with the other things you mentioned.

    That said, I'm more than willing to be proven wrong on this count. As I said, I love Homestar, and enjoy seeing improbable things made not only workable but awesome. Who knows?
  • splash1;108412 said:
    Now I know there's some stress going on, but how bout this, Homsar and Strong Mad duo together in a random no understandable adventure that will make no sense at all!!!!!
    and the drive-thru-whale could be another main character in it!
  • Mouldcube;109113 said:
    and the drive-thru-whale could be another main character in it!
    Yeah yeah, And naturally, Ready-For-Primetime would HAVE to have a 3 hour long unskippable dance segment! /LiesOff
  • I would loovre to play as the Drive-Thru-Whale, because the possibilities would be endless: giving convoluted hints to Strong Bad, making people eat fast food, annoying people at BoTB, messing people up at sweetie sweetie puts, and just generally making people look at you funny.
  • I respectfully disagree about Homestar's unplayability as a major character. It's true that he often doesn't think things through: But HE doesn't need to. The PLAYER does. Think about how Homestar wrote Cool Tapes on the wall. Did he know it would lead to Marzipan creating a band? Homestar Runner Presents: Presents is another good example. He completely had no idea what he was doing and got Marzipan a great gift.
  • All his comments would be something stupid, I have a feeling it would get old pretty quickly. Strong Bad on the other hand is...... well clever is not the word. Devious, he's not really smart but he would be able to use what he has, a necessity for a point and click adventure.
  • Well the way the characters interact with their surrounding would obviously have to be modified somewhat to fit the video game format, even in a game starring Strong Bad, so the question really is if he can make a good video game without being killed and replaced with a zombie.
  • Good idea is a Sweet Cuppin' Cakes theme segiment
  • It would be okay if you play as the other characters in some scenes . For example SB accidentally leaves his favorite game at homestar's house but before going their you are introduced to an in game cut scene in which homestar is playing clapping party deluxe(playable during cut scene)after you stop playing it homestar says he needs to eat chocolate pudding. You then do a recipe mini game after completing it The Unguraits break through the window and battle scene music plays you can then either defeat The Unguraits if you do then you would get a mini game and return SB his game back if not then an extra side quest will happen in which you have to save homestar.
  • Maybye the season could be based on sbemail 144 with Factor Z, Lugnut & Squeak and all the rest.
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