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In the preview episode 4 when Bloody Mary was talking, it shows the three animals(Bufkin, Colin, Toad)
Why? Is there anything going to happen to all three of them or one of them?


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    Since she can use any reflective surface to teleport, and since she also said, "Don't make me come down there to deal with you..." while showing them, I'd say she might go after one of them so Bigby doesn't go after the Crooked Man or her. Not sure if I should spoil this but, since Bufkin and Colin die in the comics (which are the sequel to The Wolf Among Us).

    I'd say she is going to kill Toad in Ep.4 or at least try to. I bet you'll get a choice to go save one of them, and if you chose Bufkin or Colin, well, Toad will get killed by Bloody Mary. Not sure if I'm 100% right but I believe he never shows up in the comics so I'd say he's very much dead. So, even if you chose Toad he will die anyway. Bummer, but what can you do? Killing off characters for drama is Telltale's trademark. And besides, I can't wait for her to give me one more reason to go all Wolf form and rip her arms off.

  • Don't expect everything that was shown in the preview to be present in the final product of episode 4, it could be completely different. Just like with the previous episodes.

  • Ehm dude I think you didnt read the comics correctly . Buffkin dies from long age , happily married and Colin is indeed killed in the first few issues by (well u know) . However , I guess you have not yet read the aftermath of the war with the Empire . You will see a picture with a grave and the name "Mr.Toad" writen upon it . That means neither 3 of them die in the TWAU . I doubt TT will put a choice between 3 characters that are in the comics just for comic readers to be worried as well as others .

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    The hell man. You say spoilers for TWAU, but you spoil the comics -_-

  • Actually, it's both. And I didn't force you to click on it. -.- Besides, if you didn't even play the game or read any of the comics yet, I dunno what you're even doing here. And also, there's always the chance Toad could have been dead way before the Empire hit. So, there you have it. Besides, they didn't really shy killing Snow, even if it was just Lily glamoured to look like her. Maybe the same thing will happen here. You never know. So yeah, there you go.

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    The comments are dark and full of spoilers

    -I had to say it :)

    EDIT- If you are refering to me , on my defence , I thought that because the OP from Malvus is marked as a spoiler , my reply would also be hidden . Sorry If I fucked it up . :(

  • You should have warned about Fables spoilers too. How could Tyranitar (or anyone else) have known you'd spoil comics if you only included TWAU in the spoiler tab? And are you saying no one who hasn't read the comics yet should be here discussing what may happen in the next episode? I've read almost 90 issues of Fables and you just partially spoiled Bufkin's fate for me, GG.

  • They would snap if they heard you calling them animals, you know. That's not nice.

  • Oh, boo-hoo, he dies of old age as mentioned, and besides, no one lives forever so who cares. And you knew yourself so whatever. You knew there would be spoilers and it's your own fault for clicking on it. The game is a prequel to the comics so it shouldn't be such a shock. When discussing about the game it's only natural some people will use the comics as a guideline for a few things as well. Seriously, grow up, if you didn't want spoilers you shouldn't have clicked on it. I only hope you remember next time and not blame it on other people. It was your own fault.

  • Damnit man, I may as well not even read the first few issues now. That's why I hate this game being a prequel, stuff like this.

  • Once again, I didn't know there would be comics spoilers, since you hadn't warned about it. Yes, I know people are going to reference the comics when discussing the game but you went out of your way and told people that two characters die in the comics without giving a warning first. It's good that you took my advice for it and included Fables spoilers in the tag too, but don't tell me to grow up since you couldn't even leave the "duh -_-" out, as if you've been insulted or something. Now who's the one being immature here? I don't blame people for spoilers if they've appropriately warned for them, but since you hadn't, I called you out on your mistake. I wasn't really even bothered about you telling that Bufkin dies in the comics, I was just trying to make you see that people who have read Fables may have not gotten that far, so a spoiler warning is pretty needed in this case.

  • The comics have been around since 2003 and Episode 3 has been out since 2 weeks, no one is going to wait for you to catch up to talk spoilers. And again, it was your own fault for clicking on it, there's inevitably going to be spoilers here. And I put the "duh" part because it is obvious enough. If you feel offended, frankly, you're free to leave and stop bothering me. Seriously, in the time it took you to write a response you could have finished the game and/or the comics. Some people...

  • You know, some people don't spend all their time here on the forums, so I didn't see your response immediately after you posted it. I'm not offended at all, and as it seems that you don't care if you spoil certain things of the comics for other people, then so be it, I'm going to stop bothering you since there's nothing I can do about it.

  • @Malvus At least half the players in the Wolf Among Us have learned about the comics by playing the game. Not everyone has read the comics yet, especially if you are like me and can't find a place to buy them due to your region.
    Just like you said, nobody forced him to open the spoiler tag, but nobody is forced to read the comics. You don't have to wait for the others to catch up to talk about spoilers just be compreesible about the people that are still planing on reading the comics and put a spoiler tag like everyone else.

  • So no one of the 3 (bufkin, mr toad and Colin) can die in the game?

  • Who is Colin killed by? Please tell me :)

  • Perhaps that's part of the reason why Crane smashed the mirror; mostly so that he could buy himself time from Bigby, but also so that Mary couldn't catch him very fast.

  • I think to allow him to be cleared of murder charges as to not be incarcerated by using the "Ring of Dispel".

  • Bufkin and Colin surely do not die, because they are in the comics. As for Toad, i am pretty sure he doesn't die, either. Not sure about TJ, though.

  • He is killed by his brothers . Some members of the farm plotted a revolution to free themselves and colin's brothers were its leaders (with some other folk) . Colin was part of the rebels and was sent off to missions to Fabletown to spy and find other fables that agree on their cause . However , Colin was neither too enthusiastic neither a rebel (perhaps because he saw the life in Fabletown) and was staying with Bigby . His brothers executed him as a traitor

  • He is killed by his brothers . Some members of the farm plotted a revolution to free themselves and colin's brothers were its leaders (with some other folk) . Colin was part of the rebels and was sent off to missions to Fabletown to spy and find other fables that agree on their cause . However , Colin was neither too enthusiastic neither a rebel (perhaps because he saw the life in Fabletown) and was staying with Bigby . His brothers executed him as a traitor

  • Game, not comics. This is a game discussion Ser

  • Not everyone is interested in the same stories when others are, not everyone knows about some stories when others do, and some people could not even have been old enough to know about them yet. It's not hard to not spoil things for people, the "You should've read it or seen it by now" argument is stupid, makes no sense ja

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    I just can't believe it! his brothers damn they realy hated the farm if I read it correctly

  • so i suppose they're having this discussion over on some star wars forum somewhere...

    "oh my god guys, did you hear that they're making the 7-9th movies now?"

    "hey, shut up! some of us haven't seen the first six yet."

  • That's just le number of movies :P That'd be hilarious

  • OMG I just said the same thing in another thread. Glad someone had the same thought as me:)

  • and what happened to mr toad? did he die in a glorious battle against the empire?

  • Mr Toad's first mention in the comics is a look at his gravestone . In other words , TT made the character . We dunno how he died but that he died :/

  • Actually he is seen during the fight riding on the cow that jumped over the moon in his noble attire (photo on the wall at his apartment).
  • When it's Wolf Among Us and no specific episode than it will have comic spoilers with an unknown time period in the game when it's revealed. However mentioning how characters seen die in the comics Malvus should mention the issues even if it's in the actual post.
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